What’s in my purse?? New Fossil Sydney Satchel!!

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Eugenia Dougherty says:

I got it!!! I love it too!! Same color you have!!! Do use a specific cleaner??

Bernadette Mcmahon says:

Love the wide mouth on that bag! I might even look for!
You are not the only dork and I love the tip about not keeping your keys in your bag.

Lu G says:

I’m the dork who has a purse full of pens (I love PaperMate InkJoy and Sharpies!) and I love the idea of keeping them in one little bag of their own! Going to Target today to see if I can find a pen case! Your new purse is gorgeous, I hope you have many months of enjoyment from it! Thanks for sharing!

Betty Fellows says:

Loved your purse. You are so much fun! I really enjoyed watching and will watch your next one. Never thought about not having my car keys in my purse! Great advice. Thank you.

Nita2670 says:

Love this purse!


I have four pink, red, raisin and turquoise… love them all x

Kaylee Davis says:

great review!!!

Debbie VanHorn says:

OMG, Fossil has brought back the Sidney satchel, just this past week! Needless to say, I’ve already ordered one! Lol…

dolphin58603 says:

I have got one in red my husband brought me and I love it you can’t get fossil in NZ so he ordered it on eBay I also love Kipling bags as they nice and light to carry because ì suffer from a sore back and you can’t even get nice Kipling bags in NZ so it’s eBay for these as well I hope you enjoy your fossil

Marilyn Capehart says:

Well what about your Driver License’s

Debbie VanHorn says:

Love this bag but unfortunately it has been discontinued! I just ordered the Fiona bag from Gossil which is a little smaller than The Sydney….hoping that I like it. Happy that you could pick one up!

Just Ann says:

I have two! I have one in black and one in sea glass green. I love mine as well. Great review.

aleth anne Solis says:

Love your review of fossil bag. I am buying this one .

Sandy Marie says:

I love that bag!

Linda Gardellini says:

I have the Fossil Sydney Satchel in the color ‘sea glass’ I love it, but would have liked a different color. I am in Australia, and when they were discontinued, they sold out fast and sea glass was the only color left. But I do love the bag and especially the zips on the side that go all the way down! I have anxiety as well and could relate to so much of what you were saying! 🙂

Nicki RED says:

I’ve searched high and low and cannot find that purse I’m heartbroken…she’s beautiful TFS

Naivi Rosete says:

Yay merry Christmas to you!!! Love your handbag and the color is stunning. I overall love the fossil brand and the quality and feel of the leather is amazing. Enjoy it, well deserved.

Lisbeth says:

Loved the review tfs 🙂

ssamorgan2044 says:

Very nice bag. I love getting new purses. I will just look and admire my new purse, too. Good tip about the keys. What do you do? Always wear something with pockets?

Marie Matthews says:

Great video! Love your makeup and that bag!

Eugenia Dougherty says:

Order mine on Wednesday !!!
Brown- looking forward to it!!

Daniella Steel says:

Awesome purse and the wallet!!

busymommat says:

The keeping the keys in the pocket is also what I do when out in public.

Susan Fitzpatrick says:

That bag is so beautiful! I love bags that you can keep forever and they never go out of style! Your bag is perfect.. thanks for sharing

Cynthia Rivera says:

Thanks for sharing! I love your purse.

TvNetJunkie says:

I’ve had the speedy 30 bandouleire and sold it. The fossil Sydney satchel is better in my book, solely because of the way it opens. The speedy zipper was so tight it drove me crazy I couldn’t get into my bag easily. And the Sydney satchel is of excellent quality

Carime Catton says:

U R Halarious! Loved, loved, loved this video! Very interesting. Everything u got in that purse is awesome. Keep up the vibrant spirit. U made my day.

beautyplayground says:

The bag is gorgeous <3

Chotski Belle says:

I loved watching this video! And I really love your sense of humour. (╹◡╹)

Kimberly Pilkington says:

Omg!! That’s a gorgeous purse!!

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