What’s in my Purse?? | Fossil Sydney Satchel in Brown

Hi Everyone!!

This is just an update video showing what’s in my fossil Sydney satchel!! Enjoy! Thanks for watching!! 😘😘

Link to my unboxing::

Link to planner set up video::


busymommat says:

I’m really liking the fossil Sydney AND the fossil card wallet

The Single Moms Coffee Shop says:

Hey girl! Just subbed I think I follow u on FB on the fossil group :)..just bought my first Sydney yesterday! Its coming in the mail! Its the same color as its…this is my utube channel will be doing reviews, VLOGS and coffee chats

Jennifer Keller says:

What’s travelos?

Boho Mom says:

LOVE LOVE LOVE your bag!!! I have one in the tomato color with gold hardware that I bought from the Fossil store but the brown with silver hardware is the one I’m in love with and have been trying to buy for a long time now. Let me know if you ever get tired of your bag – maybe we can trade or I can buy it from you! lol
New subscriber btw from New Orleans.

coline the one who motivates says:

Great video

Prettypolkadots says:

I have one just like yours and I absolutely LOVE i!!!!!! I didn’t realize that much could fit in the back pocket!!!

Angie Frick says:

Great video. What size makeup pouch did you get from Chic Sparrow? I want one but not sure what size. Thanks.

Sissi says:

i Love that mini tab wallet!! thanks for sharing it

MzKitty2013 says:

I really enjoy watching your video great job ❤❤

Lisa Bowie says:

loved your video

Rhiannon Nicks says:

Hi there.. I’m a new subbie.. luv watching these type of videos. Thanks for sharing Hun

Jovana Maniaci says:

Thank you for posting this video. I have just purchased a Sydney for myself!

Shelley Meyers says:

I just started following you with your 2018 planner video. Now I see that we both love Chic Sparrow. (Pemberly is my favorite). I’m using a B6 Oddessey in Hera (turquoise) this year. I also have the Sydney in black. Because the zipper opens all the way on both sides it is amazing how much you can fit inside! I will be catching up on your previous videos. Talk Chic Sparrow to me any time!

tmac827 says:

Love the video…all the different bags are nice and that purse is stuffed to the max…tfs

Sue Warner says:

Well if you ever feel like sharing it, my bestie and I would love to send you some friend mail!

biracial beauty says:


Sue Warner says:

I just love your videos! Do you have a p.o box for friend mail?

bwashing33 says:

Why do I love this bag so much!? Thanks for doing this video. Your oil slick pouch is cute.

Purse Queen 76 says:

She packs a lot! I enjoyed your video, thanks for sharing.

Aaliyah Jade King says:

Amazing bag))))

ABeautyandHerBooks_ says:

I’m binge watching your videos this morning while my daughter is still asleep, I love this bag and I keep a lot of pouches in my handbag as well, that paper clip at the end was adorable.

Cathy Davies says:

I love your video! I’m a pen nut myself I love all pens and highlighters LOL. When you pull out your little gold bag you pull out two things and say some travel O’s? I think! What are they?

Terri Burns says:

Excellent! I find it very difficult to find purse videos THAT SHOWS THE BAG! !! Love this

Linda Gardellini says:

I love pens too! I’m a pen addict! 🙂

Janie Melgoza says:

oh love your stuff.

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