What’s in my new pink Fossil Sydney Satchel

Hope y’all enjoy 🙂 What’s in my Fossil Sydney Satchel in Dusty Rose (pink) I forgot to mention in the video that it does have a crossbody strap but I don’t use it. I also found my glitter purse bible information that I included. Thanks so much for watching!!!!!!


S LEW says:

The babies are too adorable. I have the Sydney in black, but I’m debating getting this color…so pretty for spring and summer. I looked on the Lifeway website and couldn’t find the glitter bible. However, I did find it for $6.99 on the christianbook.com website. Thank you for sharing always your fun WIMB videos.

Pamela Newman says:

Love the Sydney’s. I loveeeee the pink. Tfs

Life with Wendy says:

Love your video’s and love that bag you did good girl! 🙂 I love the pink and gray!

Funsizebeauty Dotmom says:

I truly love the color pink. I hope I can find this bag.

Sissy Esters says:

Great ideal to use a separate pouch for cards. Tfs

Carol Derby says:

I feel so at home in your vids. We have 3 tiny pups who will always be up in my business, and 1 large lap dog who frequently rummages through my purse for his “treats”. Your babies are adorable!

Susan Lag lame says:

Love your videos I’m thinking of getting the pink one I have the color camel and Lucy is adorable in her pink dress❤️

Ursula Harris says:

Love the bible do you know if it comes in regular king james version?? Love the bag also keep doing videos..

L C says:

Love the color. Haven’t seen it in pink.

meladramatic says:

Do you have a po box?

Cindy Skimmyhorn says:

Do you remember what the green card wallet is called? Love this purse!

terrie davis says:

Look so forward to your videos with my morning coffee and enjoy your two little fur babies but what happened to that beautiful big puppy that you had on a few weeks ago? Keep up the good work

Dasy Strass says:

I bought this same bag the other day here in Germany in TKMaxx,love how much stuff you can fit in it!!!Perfect bag for work and the pink is so cute.New subscriber here.

Linda Gardellini says:

Lucy always loves a good bag video! 🙂
The coin purse is so cute! Thanks so much for showing the box your Bible came in! I checked and our Christian store here in Australia has it!! Yay!!
And use your Steakhouse gift card, woman!! Are you saving it for when I come for dinner?? LOL

Vicki Watkins says:

Ohh…..I love this one!

Joannica Britannica says:

What brand is the sea glass wallet please?

Debbie Norred-Vaughn says:

Since you have a beautiful collection of purses i was wondering how often do you change your bags?? I just recently bought 2 Betsy Johnson bags and im like which one do i use first ??!!LOL .. Also I adore your fur babies . i cant help but sit here and laugh their too sweet :))

Jenn Piach says:

Do they sell it in KJV?

Debbie VanHorn says:

I finally found a Sidney bag! Disappointed that I could not get my “stuff” into it! (and I do not have a lot of “stuff), so I have rewatched all of your What’s In My Sidney Bag & decided not to return my bag…just need to pack it correctly. TFS, this Dusty Rose bag is beautiful. Love all of your purses…I am a purse-aholic.

Robin Lemoine says:

Can you do a video on your planner.

Christine Lamshed says:

OMG, your dog is SO cute, adorable, love the bag as well so pretty in that colour, I have the same but in black, I love the smell of the leather…

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