WHAT’S IN MY BAG? – Fossil Sydney Satchel

Wanna know what’s in my bag? Watch this video to find out!


-Fossil Sydney Satchel

-USB key chain

– Michelle’s YouTube Channel:

– My August Planner Setup Video:


RelentlessGemini says:

i love watching whats in my purse videos, and i really enjoyed this one love your channel, also it would mean alot if you head over to me and my twin sisters channel for a good laugh and hopefully subscribe ☄

suga_leaf.handong says:

I love being organize too.. I seldom see people with a more organizing bag on youtube

Olivia Aimes says:

awesome vid! check out mine too https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jO7GRjaBEL4

Sweet Tea says:

Greetings from Bolingbrook, Kristina! Very nice bag. It’s too bad this style was discontinued. I think Fossil should bring them back. The maroon is a very pretty color. Very nice video. Thank you for sharing! Take care 🙂

AN khan says:

this color makes me want one!! I already have it in camel 🙂

selahstar says:

you’re like me. I clean out my purse frequently. I sometimes wonder how women carry so much stuff and not know it’s in there. lol. it’s like, are you actually using your purse?

JBryant Concierge says:

Great use of the inside space. Love the bags within the bag to keep everything organized and accessible.

Artist Celeste says:

Yes I’m nosy LOL and I love all your treasures inside :-). I am currently using a Tory Burch black satchel but it is so heavy. I am thinking of getting the Fossil Camel color. Is it very light? Thanks for your vid!

Kay Dawidowicz says:

Such a nice bag and I love all the little pouches! Thanks for sharing! I wish I could use this bag, all the videos on YouTube make it look amazing, but I would so kill my shoulder with it….!

Aubree Shannon says:

I bought this bag in maroon after watching Michelle’s video too! I’ve had it for 6 ish months now and I LOVE it!! I loved watching your video!

Ailin Garcia says:

just came across your video and it’s like looking into my bag! i organize it the same way and yes ppl never believe my bag stays that way, loved your video on this bag, you got a subscriber!

Nickie O'Hara says:

Love your tour of your bag – and I think it was via Seaweed Kisses that I discovered the Fossil too!! I couldn’t remember in my own video when I filmed it over the weekend so thank you for that!

PS – come and have a look at mine if you want too 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kYlR3Ek49SI

Skipper Green says:

shouldn’t you keep your epi pen like…right out in the open where you can grab it? so if there’s an emergency you don’t have to dig into the bottom of a bag at the bottom of your bag to get it. also what if you’re incapacitated and someone else needs to administer your epi pen and they don’t know where it is in your bag?

Planners & Polish says:

I’ve had this bag on my wish list then take it off the list thinking it’s too small, but you really can fit a lot in there! Back on it goes, thanks for sharing!

Hanan Yasmina Zah says:

Where can I have the princess little bag?

erickus36 says:

And we men only have a wallet! As a man I am always amazed at all you women can carry in a purse/bag!

MommyReporter says:

I have the same bag!! LOL Don’t you just love it??? I did a video on mine yesterday as well… Love how you stuff yours!!! 🙂

Tauhid First says:

hii do you mind to sell your fossil purse ? i really want it.. i am willing to pay about $120 please email me at yasminkece01@gmail.com , thx 🙂

Plannergurlzrock says:

Love it! This would be the perfect fall bag

c warrior says:

You have inspired me to me more organize.

dikshya chapagain says:

This bag is always out of stock is there any way that I can get my hand on this bag

Natasha Dube says:

Great video, interesting and right to the point. I’m very motivated to organize my bag now. Thanks!

Счастливые Люди HAPPY PEOPLE says:


UNik S2 says:

Nice bag. I love it.

VK Grace says:

Some should start a campaign to bring it back!

Ka Lae Love says:

Is the maroon color the same as the wine color? Love your video and this bag ❤️

VK Grace says:

Do know they retired this bag!!! I so bummed !

redpanda girlie says:

They don’t have all the colors but Fossil seems to have unretired the black and brown version of this bag on their website!!

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