What’s in my bag?

Hey Y’all!
I am pretty sick with the flu, but I had edited this video before I went out of town and got sick last Wednesday. Please pray for me if you’re prayin’ folk…

I got my bag off amazon on sale but I can’t seem to find the color on Amazon, BUT here it is straight from the fossil online store and is a decent price too!


Pocket Zip Printer:

Chic Sparrow Traveler’s Notebooks:

My pink stencil:

Dolce Gabana Roller from Ulta:

Thanks so much for watchin’!!!

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Nicole H says:

“A hug for your lips” hahaha

Linda Rivera says:

Hope you realize that most people can’t afford a fossil bag. Especially people in need of prayer that Live in two rooms without running water in a church

MsHenna1968 says:


Pamela Newman says:

Hi Ali. I love this bag. I love it so much that I got it in camel, brown, black and cream polka dot and tomato red. I loveeeeee them all. Great video.

Mary says:

Just what I need one more video to tell me I need this bag! haha.

Theresa Ricciuto says:

You can use almost any regular USB charger for the Polaroid zip. They use any samsung charger or blackberry charger. We have a ton of those cords because, again they are standard USB chargers. BTW…I love my Polaroid Zip. Got it on Amazon Prime day for a steal.

Lory Vuletich says:

You have me needing a Mr Darcy now!!! I love your videos

Dominique Forever says:

Girl I have that bag in three colors but I need to get this color it’s beautiful ❤️

Chantal Turcotte says:

That’s the What’s in my bag I disliked the most! Painful to watch actually. The papers in there my god. So disorganized boy oh boy

dave1097 flamura says:

love ya Sword . much needed in this day and time

mrslaura6615 says:

Omgosh! That’s like me and my purse! I’ve actually gotten better because I down sized to a smaller one, but now I feel like I can’t fit everything I NEED in there! Hubby always makes fun of me because I lose stuff in there ALL. THE. TIME. But I tell him that if he needs something, chances are I am going to have it!!

Erin Farrell says:

I’m crazy late, but watching your videos today. Love you. Anyhow I thought all this time you were talking about burpees in your pocket. I was all set to google it, like maybe it’s burp cloths? I don’t know. Then in this video I SEE it’s Burts Bees. 🙂 LOVE this bag. I never carry a bag or if I do it’s just a Kavu bag or my book bag to school. But I fantasize about being the type of girl who carries a bag just like this. 🙂

Kathryn Sargent says:

Nope, you’re not the only one with a bag full of receipts! They drive me crazy!

Sues Shaw says:

I need that bag!

mnrmeyers says:

You officially are the cutest thing ever! I love your videos!

I would love to see how you did you wallet setup!

Jenny Q says:

Of course I’ll pray for you hon! I hope you feel better soon. Sorry to hear that you get migraines, I get them too 🙁

amandamp2009 says:

for the photo printer just get an android phone charger from the drug store

Cathy Davies says:

OMG did I hear you Omi? that is what my kids call my parents. Love love the purse, just like you I have tons of receipts stuffed in my bag LOL so don’t feel alone

Christina Preston says:

Oh my goodness my purse and wallet is always full of receipts too, ha ha.

Jessica Collins says:

I love the bag. I cant seem to find it anywhere. I hope you feel better. I get migraines too, so i feel your pain

Boston girl313 says:

Cute video! Love the bag and the TNs. Yes can you do a wallet set up video? I’m so curious to learn how that looks like as I’m typically carrying a real wallet. Thanks! You are fun to watch!

Karen-Oliva Solheimslid says:

The polaroid zip uses a micro USB, you can get that kind of cord pretty much anywhere 🙂

Mary Ramos says:

You got a new subscriber! God bless you!

MsPopRouge says:

Love the scary music when you open your bag.  LOL  super cute video.  thanks for showing us all.

Tiaesha Nicole says:

hope ya fell better

Stormy says:

can i just tell you how much i love this bag?!?! i just ordered one, but am pissed i didn’t get it in the camel color. had to get black. i should keep up with how much time i spend per year digging through my different purses and bags for things. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how this opens up all around so you can SEE WHAT’S IN YOUR BAG. thanks more than you know for sharing. oh, and i got the stencil.

LadyKrimsonDeath says:

Be nice if I could really see this vid but your bags handle covered most of what you was showing smh and the bag kept leaving towards you and could not see the inside of the bag and I wanted to see if I should buy this bag shopping for the right bag is hard already

NG B says:

Just checked, so if you’ve not found your Polaroid Zip cable … Amazon has them and a few other places. 🙂

Manullla says:

wonderful bag,I like it!

Focus says:

WOW! That bag is Loaded!

Suzy Doss says:

I so love how real you are!! Enjoy your videos very much!

Tiffany Liu says:

I got a camel one on posh mark used. It’s so cute. Too bad they are seriously discontinuing the bag for real this time on Fossil. I think brown ones are available on Amazon.

No Sacrifice® Bags says:

Love the tan color of your bag. It’s the perfect size for an everyday bag!

Prettiieedarlingg says:

Which video is your what’s in my purse in?

M Leys says:

Even though I love your bag, it is waaaaaay to big for me. Bags are like time. The more you have of it, the more you use it. So I have a little purse (equivalent of setting a time limit for a task) that crosses my body and weighs virtually nothing, and that is it
🙂 .

Rhiannon Nicks says:

Hi Ali… I’m a new subbie.. I luv watching what’s in my bag vids.i also noticed u have a tattoo on your right arm..do u have any more tattoos?..if so, can u do a video on your tattoos?..luv your southern accent..by the way.. thanks for sharing…

LouisVuittonCoffeeLver says:

I love your happy personality

Tammy Tucker says:

Wondering what size bible that is ? What type .?

M M says:

I want your bag.

mfs hope says:

I am the praying type and it did my heart good to see you pull out the sword…a BIBLE! I know we have the app on our phones but I been in a pinch and needed the real thing. Prayers for a healthy remainder of your summer!

Kathryn Sargent says:

Every stinkin’ time I go out, my bag fills up with a wild tangle of receipts! I really identified with this video. And I keep losing the charger cord for my pocket printer, too. I’m going to start keeping them together in one of those mesh zip bags. If I kept my Burt’s Bees loose in my bag like that, the cap would come off and goo would be on everything. I’m a big believer in little bags inside the big bag, for that reason, plus it helps me find stuff.

Jennifer Wilson says:

Great video! It is deceiving how much the Sydney Satchel holds. I am definitely on the hunt. Any suggestions where to look? 😉

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