“Review”: The Fossil Sydney Satchel vs The Fossil Rachel Satchel | Battle of the Planner Girl Bags!

Hi y’all! This is a “review is the Fossil Sydney Satchel in black versus the Fossil Rachel Satchel in Fig! I am horrible at reviews, but I did want to put this video out and if you have any questions just let me know!

The sizes of the bags are as follows:

Sydney Satchel: 10.5″L x 5.5″W x 8″H
Rachel Satchel: 10″L x 5.75″W x 8″H

One other major thing I forgot to say about this bag is that the Fossil stamps are completely different. The stamp on the Sydney is embossed with gold foil while the Rachel has a blind embossing! I prefer the gold embossing, of course! 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️

I hope you guys find this helpful! Thanks for watching! 🖤🖤


L. E. M. says:

P.S. way to go on getting the your tripod to work for you!!!

Suz What says:

I need a tripod now!

ABeautyandHerBooks_ says:

I ordered a Rachel bag in Brown/Cream, I’m so excited!

Lynda Morrill says:

I totally agree about the products not being the same anymore. Too much overseas stuff flooding the market and all the good stuff we have here left by the wayside. We need a return to our local artesian’s to get the quality. I would have no trouble paying for a quality product. Keep up the good work.

Ruth Ann Triplett says:

Love the video. I really want a Rachel Satchel but I need my A5 Malden Filofax to fit. Do your have any A5 ring planners you could try in it? Thanks!

Kathy Fabriga says:

Thanks for your comparison! I have a quick question. Do you think the fig Rachel would match with lots of outfits? I want to get one for my mom for an everyday bag but I’m torn between the black with brown vs the fig. I really want to get the OG Sydney Cabernet but I can’t find it online anywhere and the ones I do see I’m scared might be fake. Lol thanks in advance for your input. 🙂

Jules Robinson says:

I have the store version of the Sydney in black. Yours does look better and mine doesn’t have feet but my oh my I love this bag so much! My son bought it for me! It is getting softer and softer the more I use it. Love your videos by the way. Really look forward to them. Love from London xx

Mspigglywiggly09 says:

What would be considered a “nice price” for an original?? I mean, I’ve seen so many “ORIGINALS” being sold USED for as much as $260!!

L. E. M. says:

Hi Beautiful! Thank you sooooo much for doing this excellent comparison for us! I would have loved to have gotten the OG Fossil Sydney purely for the quality of leather and I thought about getting some on Poshmark but ultimately decided to go with brand new. I got a Rachel in the dark brown (same color as the handles on your “raisin” Rachel) and the leather is wonderful. The Sydney’s I bought today from the Fossil Outlet today satisfies my Sydney desires but I’m glad I don’t have an OG to compare and be disappointed by. These two styles are the same length as a LV Speedy 25, but not quite as deep. Personally, since it’s not quite as wide, the Fossil’s lay nicer against the body. Thanks, again, for this video and I look forward to all your future content! Hugs from Chicago!

Simply Silent says:

Beautiful bags! Great comparison. Thanks for sharing.

symmetricalastic says:

Girl go on the Macy’s website right now. They are selling the fossil Rachel satchel with the floral print for $54. They were yesterday. I don’t know if they still are and the matching wallet is $33. I don’t think it’s plastic leather. It’s saffiano

L. E. M. says:

You’re so right on the lowering of the quality of leathers from so many brands! LV and Chanel, too!

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