MY NEW FOSSIL PURSE! – April, 2016

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Thank you, so much, for watching! I really do appreciate it!
Xoxo – Traci


4956 W 6200 S
Box 255
Kearns, UT 84118


My 2 Special Angel's says:

So cute love it

Deb Storybags says:

I hope you love it as much as I do. I have had more compliments on this purse than any other purse in my entire life. I’m 49 btw. LOL! I love your tiny green scissors!

Betsy Wetsy says:

I have the same pocket planner! Love it! I have mine filled with stickers that mark special dates/birthdays. Too adorable! <3

Pamela Newman says:

Si have the same purse and I loveeeee it. I am so in love with the size and shape that I bought the same purse in brown and camel. Now I wish I had a red one.

Jodi Saladino says:

Cute purse! I have a new one arriving today that I ordered from Kohl’s online. tfs xoxox

Roxxy681 Roxxy681 says:

Thank you!

Stacy Sligh says:

So cute!!!! I love those Mary Kay wipes. Have a fun day!

kay Stevens says:

Love your new bag, Traci!  It really holds alot of stuff. tfs

chavira256 says:

Traci~Cute handbag!! ROFLOL!! Until the invention of the poo-pourri, I would carry the tiny perfume samples.
I was surprised that you didn’t have a Bath & Body Works pocket hand sanitizer.
I need that lil flat container you carry the salt & pepper for my Truvia and True lemon packets.
Don’t you wonder how our hubby’s travel about without all these important necessities, when we’re not around to supply them.
XO Sara

Hunnie B says:

Hey Traci…….love that purse, such a gorgeous shape and style 🙂 It’s so roomy… have everything so organized……I gotta get me some of that Poo-Pourri, cause you never know !! Thanks for sharing girl, wishing you a great day XO

Roxxy681 Roxxy681 says:

Hello, do you mind sharing the cost of your bag from TJMAXX?

pokk70 says:

That’s such a nice purse. I really like those scissors and the toothpick case thingy. Cool flashlight! 🙂

GlitterDIY Diva says:

OMG, that’s great you have a travel size poopouri , i bought two regular size ones from my husband last year for father’s day. and he wasn’t using it so finally i put them above the toilet on our shelf, and now he will use it and i will too. i need to get a travel size one too!

Sarah Hodge says:

My mom uses poo pourri and she got me some!! It is wonderful!!! I’m glad we aren’t the only ones!

Jenny Q says:

Mortuary tissues! I have never seen those in anyone’s “What’s In My Bag” before lol!

Dianne Wassa says:

Very nice purse!!! 🙂 I like it! Thanks for sharing! happy Saturday! have a good day…. Hugs

debbie malina says:

Wow you get a lot of stuff in that little purse!!!.

Leslie F says:

This was a fun video to watch. Love your new purse.

MrsFayyad1979 says:

TFS Traci! I ♥ seeing “what’s in my purse?” videos! ♥x

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