Fossil Sydney Satchel vs. Target Black Satchel

Here’s a quick look at how the Target Black Satchel by A New Day compares to my beloved Fossil Sydney Satchel. What do you think?

– Fossil Sydney Satchel:
– Black Satchel from Target:

– What’s in my Fossil Handbag:…

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Cherryblossom1973 says:

My target had one but after having a Fossil bag I just didn’t care for the cheap version. But if you can’t get one it would be great alternative.

Sue Barr says:

Just ordered the Sydney in black from the Fossil website. It is on sale for $124.00 until Mon. Can you tell me the name of that Beautiful Coach bag??? It is lovely!!! The leather always gets better with age!!! Love my Leather bags!!!! I’m your new subbie Thanx for the videos. Love them!!!

marbhurd says:

thank you so much for sharing this! The fossil one is a bit out of my budget currently so the target version is a great alternative. I bought it today! Its definitely not premium quality, but for the price and what I need it for, I think its totally worth it.  Thanks again for the comparison video! =)

cinnamon toast says:

Thank you so much for doing this review video! I have been totally eyeing the Sydney bag from Fossil and was hemming and hawing about the price of it. I just saw the target “copy cat” the other week and thought it might be a good alternative. However, after seeing your video with the side by side, I don’t think the quality of the Fossil bag can be beat! It just looks SO gorgeous! You really get what you pay for. The Sydney bag is currently on sale right now, it’s an omen! I’m def gonna get it. Thank you!!

Deborah Rines says:

Yes, please on the desk tour.

hipretty says:

I am really grateful for this review. I am looking for a nicely styled bag (very much like a saffiano or even in the style of the sydney) but one that is non leather. Avoiding the leather but also not wanting the plastic-y look many faux’s have! Thanks so much!

Val Vino says:

I didn’t see this bag at my local target so I’ll have to check the other surrounding targets when I get the chance target rearranged their layout of the store so the purse are mixed in with the accessories and I don’t like it my gripe but they do have a lot to choose from so I’m definitely going back

EC R. says:

So glad you are enjoying your handbags. TFS, 🙂

Mai Her says:

I just got mine yesterday for $10..

Noh Raw says:

you sound so nice & humble. (:

Yoly says:

I ordered the Target bag after seeing this video. I’ve always loved the Fossil one but it is way out of my budget.

redpanda girlie says:

I totally got my mom the satchel bag from Fossil. She adores it, and I need to get myself one aswell.

Kimberli Greene says:

I bought the target version and I love it! I am cruelty free and this purse is wonderful for being faux leather and it’s big enough for me to carry everything. I am a law student so I need to carry around a lot of note cards, pens, highlighters etc on top of the every day stuff and this purse carries it all! I love it! Thanks!

keonda atkins says:

Seaweed Kisses have you looked into the Rachel by Fossil? I find that it is a wonderful substitute for the Sydney. The Rachel is a little bigger and has 2 outside pockets on both sides of the bag.

tiapia1 says:

I bought the Fossil bag after seeing your video and I love it!

Liza Garibaldi says:

I bought that bag while I was watching your last video. So cute! I love how much it holds! Wish they had it in brown ;(

Hillary Smith says:

I got my sydney satchel at a thrift store in perfect condition for $17. I feel like i won the lottery. Its the brown color but it reminds of the color of an ochre malden filofax. Im so in love

Sharon N says:

Great find! The Fossil is not in my budget, but absolutely will get the bag at Target! Thanks for sharing!

Kristen Hogan says:

Yes! Desk tour please! I’d love to see it! 🙂

Deborah K says:

The Target bag is nice, but you can’t beat the quality and look of the Fossil and Coach leather bags. I have two Sydneys, and the leather is wonderful and so are the bags themselves. As for price point, of course a leather bag will cost more, but it will last much longer and usually get better with wear, so the difference in price is worth it in the long run.

Pretty W!ngs says:

I have the same key chain got it from H&M

cindy b says:

just ordered the target bag! Glad I watched this video. I like you, love the wide zipper detail. When I access my purse I want to be able to open it wide! Thanks for the video

Jaylina R says:

That target bag would be great to use on rainy or snowy days while my beloved Sydney sits at home warm and dry.

Melody Steinbaugh says:

I bought the black Fossil after seeing your video because I wanted just one bag that would be good quality and able to hold a book and journal. I love the style of the bag, but it’s weird, I think the leather had been changed when I got mine in May…it is not like yours at all. Mine is very thin, looks more like plastic, and is very flat…it was on sale for 120$ so I think I got the new version of leather…aside from that, I’m loving it and hope it holds up for years to come! Love your purse reviews Michelle:)

Mossy Oak says:

I bought the target bag but I took it back. It felt very cheap. I really prefer a quality leather purse to a cheap plastic.

april boyles says:

I need to go buy this bag! I wanted the Sydney satchel for so long but never got to get it. I was so bummed. Thanks for sharing!

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