Comparison between the original Fossil Sydney Satchel & the new one.

Hope y’all enjoy:) A comparison between these 2 Fossil Sydney satchel bags. There are some differences.


Heather Thomas says:

I have the original Sydney Satchel in what I like to call the “orla kiely” Print. I also have the gray one that I recentlybought at T.J. Maxx. Love both, but my gray is such a squishy leather and I love it. You did a great comparison. Thank you!!

Kim Kat says:

I have to say I like the original one better I feel like the quality is better on that one.

Linda Gardellini says:

Ohhhhhhhhhh!! I didn’t know there was a new one!! And it comes in PINK!!!! 😀
I’m off to do some online shopping…..Zoom!! 🙂

Laurie’s Harp says:

I like the older style better

Carilyn Jurgeson says:

Nice comparison. I own the original in black and brown and still haven’t used them since I am on the fence about keeping these vs. Michael Kors Grayson. I like the feet on the original, but I think most people would do okay without the credit card pockets if they carry a wallet.

Melshanik Taylor says:

Also i was wonder if the outlet bags interior fabric different from the original. I have some original fossil bags and the lining mainly are the same color as the bag and the fabric is a thicker better quality than my outlet Sydney satchel.

Whilma Thompson says:

I prefer the original bag but unable to find one anymore

lee36xo says:

Thank you very much for this video, very informative. I live in the UK and I have a black Sydney from about 3 or 4 years ago and really want a brown one. They had some in brown, blue and printed ones on the British version of TJ Maxx website, but I was hesitant to purchase because they had the differences you talk about in your video, and I was so worried they were inferior or even fake that I didn’t purchase one and now they are out of stock. Your video has reassured me, thank you, and I keep checking back in case they restock as I’m so desperate for a brown one.

The Mississippi Music Project says:

This video will really be helpful for people to understand and see the differences.
Great video.

Corrina Corrina says:

TJ Maxx and Marshall’s have the wallet color to match!!!

Tiffany Liu says:

I have the original one on black. It’s stunning but I’m afraid to use it bc it’s not replaceable.

C Mitchell says:

I just went to a fossil outlet and spoke the guy there in great length. He explained that fossil made the sydneys, really any of their bags with no feet, no key, and different color lining for the outlet stores. I asked him specifically about the tag that says “like style” and he says those are the bags made for the outlet stores. The outlet store offered it as 40% off plus an additional 20% off. They didn’t have any sydneys but I bought a dusty rose Jori that is pretty similar with just a few differences. I had my eye on a navy blue one too but that it’ll have to be for later in the fall.

cara0402 says:

I feel like they cheapened up the newer one. I hate that they don’t come with the key or feet!! Though I love the color! I have the original brown one!!

Dottie Jo says:

I never cared for the Sydney until i saw the pink one. I love it. May i ask, what was Marshalls price on it?

Mary Walker says:

I love the pink bag !!! I have the same Sydney in sea glass. I wish they would put feet on all their bags. I recently bought a Fiona. I don’t know what the difference is between it and the Rachel. But I love them all. Thanks for the video.

Cindy Skimmyhorn says:

I just found a dusty rose at Marshall’s today and I love it. I had a camel one before and didn’t care for all those card slots. I love this rose one, and like that my phone goes all the way down in the front pocket. Thanks for the video.

Threejjj says:

I just love your video and purses. I live in Georgia and I’m going to the outlet store today to look for one. I will be glad finding either one finger cross.

JustCallMeCole !! says:

Very good comparison video! Is the rose one actually called Sydney?

myPursesuitOfHappiness says:

Great comparison! Thanks for sharing. xoxo 🙂

Penny Specktor says:

I just found the Dusty Rose today, just like yours! Thank you so much for the comparison! I am a new Fossil lover and appreciate all the info! xo

Marie with an E says:

They come with the key, yours just didn’t have one. The updated ones are sold at Macy’s. Fossil just changed it up because if you want to keep the bag affordable, you remove some the features and change the place where they are made. For eample, no feet and card slots are made, and some bags have pleather handles and trim. I also noticed the leathers are slightly different too. The changes are made to keep the price down. They just cut corners. You have to know how marketing and retail works. I returned my last fossil bag, because the bag was leather, but the handles and trim were pleather.

Sonia Posadas says:

One question about the logo there both original I notice the difference

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