A look at my new purse I bought in Rome, Italy from Dior! Sharing everything I keep inside! If you enjoyed the video please give it a thumbs up and subscribe if you are new!

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raspberry cashmere says:

If you don’t mind me asking how much did you end up spending including VAT in american dollars. I would like to purchase one to from europe. Thanks.

Alinwater says:

Love the video. I’m a new subbie to your channel. I am hoping you can share the eact color of your bag? As I don’t see a biege color on Dior’s website. Thanks – have a great weekend.

Abby Knight says:

17 min video oh heccckkkkkkk yeesssssssss

Karla Keunecke says:

What filter did you use do edit this video? It looks is so beautiful!!! LOVED IT!

Lindsay Poirier says:

Love the bag in that colour! Did you know there is also a hidden compartment where the flap attaches to the bag? I don’t think I saw you mention that when you showed the inside of the bag…

Kristin Favaloro says:

I am obsessed with the Dove deodorant! Try the scent Clear Finish it is so good

Erica Goen says:

Alex, girl, get the AirPods!! They’re awesome. I wouldn’t steer you wrong!!

Julia D says:

Alex, I have been following you for 2 years now and I love your channel. You are my favorite youtuber. And I love your vlog channel too. So No hate when I say this, but you have been doing more fashion videos than makeup and skincare… So this is a request for updated skincare routine and a review of products you have been loving. Just some updates please. Lol You do cover this on your vlog channel and snapchat more, but it’s hard to remember what video you mention things in for me to go back and reference. Keep up the awesome work, you are killing it!

Tessa Guerrero says:

Where is your A necklace from? I love it

Maria Coa says:

Was I the only one having a heart attack when she applied the little shimmery oil from Italy and shortly after touched her purse? Alex you are awesome I love that you enjoy all of your pieces. Always keeping it real! Xo

sezzyjuli10 says:

Still wondering how all those items fit into the purse :)))))

Ashley Tullos says:

What is the name of the song at the end of the video? You have used it on a couple of other videos but I can’t find the song, and I’m in love with it.

lori Trevino says:

Your bag is so adorable!!!❤❤❤

Jenna Varghese says:

I saw Alex raving about that deodorant but I never knew which one to get LOL!! I will def try the coconut scent!!!

Kim O says:

Hi Alex – where is your notebook from it is so cute I need to have it ???

Emily Leah says:

Her style is perfect! So girly-chic! Want!!!

eden depekary says:

do a house tour!!

Patti Kelemenis says:

Hi Alex, your bag is gorgeous! I think I will have to put it in my wishlist! Question abt your LV Victorine wallet, how is your glazing holding up? Mine has already cracked in under only 2 months of use. :'(

Lauren says:

Please research about deodorants and why you should only use organic ones. Big brands like dove use chemicals and aluminum in it which can lead to awful diseases like breast cancer. Organic face and body products are the way to go in all aspects of life. And please research more if you are recommending dove to thousands of young girls.

Chelsea Wilkins says:

Glad you like it but I will never understand the hype with bags that cost more than $100. They go out of style so quickly, usually have cruelty-derived ingredients, and then they’re useless when they’re decided to be not “in” anymore. To each her own i guess 🙂

Keri Smith says:

I use that deodorant too!❤️

Claire Parkin says:

Hi! Nuxe is a lovely European skincare brand, they do much more than just the oil if you want to check them out.x

Selma C says:

I just love love love this bag! It looks so chic and clean

Sarah Brusseau says:

Alex! Please do a handbag/accessories collection video (or even put it in a vlog)! ❤️❤️

Kelly Barracca says:

Chloe has a beautiful Cashmere grey color for their handbags. Love their Marcie satchel bag too, I have it in tan.

Abby Knight says:


Lana Ori says:

I really understand you, because I also have allergy all year round!
Video is great!

alejandra jacinto says:

You should do a video on reliable websites to order used designer items, and what to know when ordering from them! ☺️

Kimberly V. says:

Girl! I can totally relate with the allergies. I thought it was just me. I go to Costco and stock up on tissues there lol I go through SO many! Tissues are my BFFL then my husband comes in 2nd lol 🙂 congrats on the new purse it’s beautiful! Thank you for uploading videos always look forward to watching them 🙂 have fun in France!

AlexaCoco_ says:

What’s the name of the lv wallet?

nstith612 says:

Hi!…Where did you get the mini Flonase spray?..I need one for my bag as well.. I have really bad allergies…I just have the huge prescription one

sharne bruggen says:

Love your videos and love the bag it beautiful just like you❤

Lauren DeBolt says:

Instead of having two pairs of headphones you can buy an adaptor for your iPhone headphones to fit regular headphone jacks!

Brittney Char says:

That bag would be perfect for my mom!

Sarah T says:

Omg love to see you still use hellow flawless! One of your OG makeup products

Vasy Dragun Peddycoart says:

Where is the bedding from though??

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