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Hi guys! Let me tell you a STORY……

No no not here hehe (watch the video to find out what happened)
To be updated…..
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and here http://bit.ly/2u9v9s8
Earrings: Chanel options here: http://bit.ly/2ua8dc0
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Amy Kuegler says:

Mel, do you use a purse insert for your Diorever?

Daniel Hammond says:

Beautiful bag. By all means, buy the other bags you want, but I would encourage you to keep this one because it is so beautiful. I am so glad it turned out well.

K Wagner says:

They did do a pretty good job, but for a bag that cost so much, isn’t even a year old, that’s unacceptable. You paid for perfection and deserve nothing less.

Isabelle K says:

If they couldn’t fix it, according to the EU  law you should get a new bag to replace it or a refund. So if you would have bought it in Europe, they should have offered it immediately. Just so you know 🙂

Barbara B says:

I like your presentation and enthusiasm. But use your observations to purchase below luxury goods price points and buy conservatively from living wage brands. My last name bag was a coveted Coach in 2007 that fell apart immediately. My first Coach purchased in 1994 still looks new.

Lisa Dem says:

Hi Mel love your blouse where’s it from ?

Patt Mayer says:

I was hoping you’d choose the  blue one! I have had a metallic Chanel bag for 20 years and it’s still fine-I think it could be the humidity/temperature causing problem.

lilalila6 says:

Now I’m scared, I have the mirror lady doir, I hope this doesn’t happen to mine!

Lenie Naguit says:

i love the new bag color.. but i love your cloths more 🙂 you look gorgeous.

AK K says:

Gorgeous Blue!!! Great choice and definitely better than the silver!!!

Illy Ooi says:

Yes the same thing happened to me on my silver microcanage Diorama! I was devastated! But Dior gave me full store credit and I exchanged it for My lady Dior in pink with 3 badges. Highly recommended- I love metallic as well but just like you said I’m too scared to get anything in a metallic patent leather. I love diorama, so thinking of getting another one with my remaining credit but in pebbled calf leather instead this time. Thanks for posting this as I thought I was the only one having a bad experience with metallic leather 🙁

GorgeousGabbe says:

You know HRHCollection had you exact silver metallic Diorever bag, and she had issues with it too! Glad to hear Dior’s customer service is so great! xoxo from San Francisco

Allan Vince says:

Hi Mel how are you? Can you please do a how do you display your bags and your collection

Barb B. says:

Love your blouse, what brand is it, and is it still available?

Valerie Villa says:

love the blue

farrah khan says:

hiya. I am a new subscriber and I just want to say hi and I am super happy I subscribed as u are so wonderful and sweet. I am honered that I am a part of the yt fam yay. happy to be supporting u throughout BTW sweetie u deserve so much more subs

2dosth2 says:

You’re so cute. I’m a new fan of you. Really really nice to meet you. ❤️

Kim Stephens says:

I like hearing you chat on your videos! You’re so nice and positive! I’m happy you were able to exchange your Diorever for the navy blue. I have the other blue and my experience with Dior has been fantastic. I had to exchange mine once because it had this weird mark on the side and they were so friendly. Good luck with your sale or if you decide to keep her!

Qui Qui says:

I’m so glad you chose another bag, I’ve had a metallic Fendi bag, and it didn’t do well either, it did the same thing yours did. I believe it was simply from rubbing against me. Metallic is extremely delicate!


love happy ending. Diorever is such a pretty and cool bag i love it

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