Unbelievable vintage Christian Dior SADDLE bag review

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LunaSalvatore26 says:

i am more obsessed with Dior perfume got Miss Dior and J’adore Dior and i am interested in the new perfume too also got a Rasta Dior wallet that i have not used yet

emotion engine says:

loved all the variations of the saddle bag. to my knowledge its the last time Dior had an ~it~ bag. i don’t think anyone cares about the lady dior and their other bags have no appeal whatsoever. im not sure if these were ever as popular as, say, a lariat or an alma, because i feel like they would still retain their value. but they go for dirt cheap, they’re practically a steal, so i’m not complaining! but i agree that the velcro really cheapens it.

Elle says:

Hey Dacob, in which site did you find these bags? Thx xx

Ps. How is the Chanel debacle going?

After A Fashion ASMR says:

You Sir, are my new favorite! 😀
I love love LOVE Dior saddle bags and collect them, and I have quite a few of them now. They are so wonderful – the quality and design are beautiful! And you really can pick them up for a song when you think of what they retailed for back in the day. I can remember going to Saks on rare occasions with my family when I was younger and longingly wishing for one – never thought they would get so inexpensive that I could fill my closet with them now … although I am not complaining!
I have talked to some of my friends about the huge drop in price over the years, not just for Dior saddle bags but for a lot of the bags Dior produced during the early to mid 2000s – I attribute a lot of it to just the shift from the opulence and ornate offerings of the early 00s to a more minimal esthetic and a boxier bag trend that was so popular for a while. I do unfortunately also think it was in part too because of what happened to John though – Arnault & LVMH really had him ostracized from the fashion community, and treated him horribly in my opinion. I will never forgive them for stealing John’s own label from him – I to this day have not bought a new piece from any Dior boutique since everything with John went down; and although I do think Raf ended up doing interesting things while he was there, I think it is very telling too that he did not stay long.
Anyway – they surely are little gems, and I am so happy to see someone else appreciating them 🙂

Ricardo Martinez says:

Thanks for this video cutie! I JUST purchased one for myself.

Thushara Vithanage says:

Yaass mama… first comment 🙂

Lanier Smith says:

At first I didn’t like the black bag …but as you went along …heck if it didn’t grow on me. Now I am going to look for one. So unusual and fun. Cheers and Coco Coco Coco.

The Neon Factor says:


Thushara Vithanage says:

for some reason I kinda like the ostrich one over the black saddle… 🙂

Adam Yves says:

I still LIVE for these bags. I would love to know where you purchase your preloved from… If you don’t want to here, maybe over Facebook? I have MUCH to discuss on the Galliano era of CD. I could talk about it for hours! Love x

emilio says:

Looks like something Madonna would wear in her music videos during Music era

Gauthier F says:

I find it very surprising for the House of Dior to have designed a bag inspired by the equestrian theme, which is clearly not in the DNA of the brand. It is even more surprising considering that the equestrian lifestyle is the source of inspiration of one of their main competitors, the House of Hermès. Do you know if there is a story behind this bag ? I’m very curious to hear your opinion about this… Love your videos as always ! X

Jake Vuitton says:

Those bags are giving me such a Carrie Bradshaw SATC vibe and they have grown on me!

Xyzlmnop says:

I always loved these bags. I remember when everyone was wearing one in the early 2000s. Bags are not made how they use too. Everyone is just slapping a huge logo on everything these days :/

ForeverFragrantKid says:

These bags are so cool!

Kevin G Lobos says:

I would really like if you could make a video how you style them? I see possibilities since I also like the shape of this bag, but I dont own one to make the styling come true. Do it so we can see! 🙂

R A S H I D A N A S says:

maybe you should showcase Dior gaucho bag its quite interesting on the bag.Its been release on 2006.Design by John galliano.Hope you can find and give some review on the bag.I prefer vintage bag then the lates one..since i was born in 80’s & 90’s.Hope to see your video soon.

Zaida Rivera says:

Love that black saddle bag! They are soooo well made ❤️. I agree with the Velcro on the bag p, everything is perfection except that Velcro lol but nonetheless it’s a beautiful bag but not for everyone. I’m not digging the ostrich maybe it’s the color? I’m sure you can rock it! Xoxo

ru davidson says:

I think Dior did something remarkable in that they have a distinct style that hasn’t been lost, I still see many bags in similar shapes from the early 2000s and you can just tell a Dior from the rest which is a challenge for many brands.

Stanleydragonjr says:

working with horses my whole life i have been gifted a few of these ,love them ,have to pull them out of the back of the closet now,just reminded me i had these,woo hoo shopping in my closet time
love your hair
take care

Valerie says:

I told you in another video, I was obsessed with these bags when I was younger. Of course there was no way my parents would ever get me such an expensive bag. lol I often look for them on various second-hand sites but haven’t really found the one I liked back then. I am glad you found another “obsession”. 🙂

Handbag Parfait says:

Thank you for a factual, very detailed video. Very informative, I really enjoyed it.

I am loving this bag! During the time it was popular, I thought it was too small… these days everyone is carrying totes and I am loving these small bags! I guess I am 20 years behind in fashion.

$us says:


Valentina Beniquez says:

I’ll buy the green one from youuuuuu

alice p says:

nah better the new ones

Narelle Ravesi says:

Dacob,such a unique bag and a lot of craftsmanship,Never Give Up On Love,Xoxoxo.

Hoopi says:

What is that jacket you are wearing? very cool

Georgina Mondshine says:

I love the Gaucho Saddle Bag. These look more stylish!!

N li says:

I have the saddle bag but it’s the Remove before flight version(denim and orange). i don’t use it much anymore but I will still keep it in my collection since it’s so unique.
love your black saddle bag!

I Juju says:

Wow, you got me interested in this distinctive bag. 🙂

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