Quick Luxury Haul- Balenciaga, Dior and Sandro

Hope you guys enjoy!

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*Dior Book Tote- $1900.00 Call Boutique for info. I pre-ordered this from the Diot Boutique in Beverly Hills

Balenciaga Denim Jacket – http://bit.ly/2JX4fIy

Sandro Coat – Out of Stock


KarenBritChick says:

Great haul but then I love all your hauls. I would love to see you try on pieces when you show them just to see it on YouTube vs a pic (even though I love your pics!!!). Fingers crossed : ))) Perleeasseee??? I know I know….

jaye28 says:

Love the Dior Book Tote!

Harriet Shearsmith says:

Hauls are my faves!

Norah Ismail says:

Pretty bag & Yes pretty coat but you can find the same in thrift shop for..not 300, guysss <3 also, *everyone* Stop following Kylie Jenner. (for G-d's sake) #PapaBless

Teddy the tiny terrier TM says:

Gosh I wish I had gotten this back then! Just ordered this and it’s 2700 now! Curious to know how it’s held up.

Marla Robinson says:

I love that green coat.

ruchi nanavaty says:

Beautiful picks Jenn love your effortlessly chic style♥️♥️

YLV says:

Can you please do a wear & tear of your red chanel new medium bag? ☺ it will really help me decide if i should plunge in & purchase it

HandbagGirl1 Silva says:

Great taste.

Heather P says:

Jenn, j’adore you and your line! Such great quality! Happy to see another vlog so soon! <3

CelesteLoveHeart says:

Gorgeous Xoxoxoxs ✨⭐️✨⭐️⭐️⭐️♥️

Prese Jay says:

Love the haul! Such great designer pieces! Jenn…how can I get my hands on more of those cute pink pens that were sent with my recent order?

SOPHIA says:

You made me buy the Sandro coat Jen! love your style!!

Fashion 4 Elle says:

Hi does anyone know if she has a coupon code out for her site? I would like to place an order & a coupon code would be great 🙂

aysha Al-Doghaji says:

Pleeeeeeease film a whats in my bag video !!!!


How’s your book tote? I just took mine out the box and used yesterday to carry my electronics. It got pretty heavy but the bag is gorge. I have the burgundy one.

mary draper says:

Great pieces!

Coffee lovercc says:

love the dior bag <3

LilMark978 says:

Wow what a great looking bag.

Wendy OG says:

I would be worried the tote handles will unravel easily.

Melissa Anderson says:

I know your currently renovating your new house, and probably supper busy. I would love a vlog about that or when your done a before and after. #ImASuckerForInteriorDesign

Monette Athlete says:

The book tote is completely sold out and they refuse to entertain the “list”. Wish I had one. I so so so covet

Alex Kinok says:

Love the Dior bag! Chic! I also hauled a green long coat from Sandro!

Fatimah Brown says:

When will the cigar cuff become available again on ur site. It’s always sold out

fashion junky says:

Love all of the items, especially that Dior tote!!

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