I’m loving sharing my recent purchases and amazing gifts with you recently, as I feel thats what you guys love to watch the most, SO, here is a new luxury handbag haul. One of the pieces was a huge splurge after thinking about it for around a year, whilst the other three are stunning new pieces in my collection! I really hope you enjoy and thankyou for watching!

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Handbags ❤

Rebecca Minkoff Clutch:

Bulgari Serpenti Forever:
Bulgari bag in larger size in blue:
Other colours:

Launer Bag in this colour:
Other Launer Bags:

Dior Diorama in Bourguignon:
Second hand Dioramas:

What I’m wearing ❤
Black body:

Whats in the background? ❤

White Bed:
Gold pineapple and palm tree cushions:
Bedside tables:
All Bedding:
Flowers (use itf20off for 20% off):

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FAQ’s ❤

Q: How do you dye your hair that colour? What shade is it?
A: I have my hair dyed at the George Northwood Salon in London ( It is bleached at the roots and toned to a platinum or grey! I have a haircare routine video here:
And a blog post about my hair here:

Q: Where is your accent from?
A: I am from the North West of England, currently living in London!

Q: Do you work? What do you work as?
A: I was a PhD student and then a University Lecturer in Fashion Retail at the University of Manchester for a few years, but as of 2015 I am a full time blogger and Youtuber 🙂

Q: What does Inthefrow mean?
A: Inthefrow is a shortening of ‘In the Front Row’

Q: What camera do you use to film?
A: I film my videos with the Canon 70D ( and my vlogs and outfit shots with the Olympus Pen EPL7 (

Q: What lighting do you use?
A: I use natural lighting and a softbox light:

Q: How did you design your video intro?
A: I had my intro custom designed by Alex: Give him an email if youre interested in an intro for your channel!

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Thankyou so much for watching and for the support always! Love you guys ❤


Natasha L. v. B. says:

You got the bag!!! The Diorama bag is just amazing. It’s just so amazing. I love it so much. If you ever decide to give it away, I will take it without hesitation.

Jennifer Boyle says:

I don’t think the Dior bag is worth £2500, I think the shield clasp makes it look cheap. Give me a Chanel Boy any day.

The Best Version Of Kelly says:

I love them all. I wish I could afford just one, you’re so lucky to have to so many.

Shannon Beer says:

You look so stunning in this video & I am in awe over your designer collection- that diorama bag is a dream!

Shopstara says:

Wow !!! such a lovely bags.. nice collection…

heartsmelody189 says:

could you please do an updated review of these bags? update us on the wear and tear and all that? (:

Marta Canga says:

The Dior bag is the best one by far for me! 😀

Jackie P says:

Does anyone know the actual name of the colour of this bag? I’ve only heard of Dior in the colour “Bordeaux” which is basically burgundy, where this bag has more of a purple undertone – I know she said she thinks it may be “bourguignon” but I’ve not come across that colour?

aurélie says:

that dior bag is beautiful!

Karen Upton says:

Swoon …….. Fabulous bags! LOVING the Dior bag, amazing colour x

Holly Fenton says:

OMG the Dior and Bulgari~ I am in love with them!

Jamie Lewis Artistry says:

I just got my diorama in medium, too! Mine is in the sapphire blue, and I’m obsessed already. It’s much more durable than my lady Dior bags and so fun! Just subscribed!

Nekochan737 says:

hello! i really love your channel. all of your outfits and accessories are always so stylish! I’ve been wanting to level up the style on my own wardrobe, but i’m not sure how-the things you wear are all of course gorgeous, but incredibly expensive! i’ve been wondering how you afford it all XD. anyway, what advice can you give for leveling up one’s style on a budget?

Kelli'sKorner says:

Damn girl! You spend a freaking fortune on fashion and accessories. How in the world do you do it? Between the splurges and amazing travels…I am one jealous lady!

Eva Petricko says:

The Dior bag is in such a unique color, at least on camera it looks so cool and beautiful! Nice choice darling! 🙂

Mich Mash says:

Wow that oxblood and blue colour combo is stunning!!

Paula Vezzulla says:

You remind me of Abigail Spencer

selena riyan dubai says:

i loved all of them…but fav is bulgari hand bag that was amazing…i wish i could get it

CharliMarieTV says:

Beautiful bags!

Aisha Saddiqa says:

OMG can I just have your bags. They’re all very nice. Good video also you look lovely. Love you Victoria. Xxx

Aroosah1 says:

That dior bag is stunning! Absolutely love the colour Xxx

Emily Steele says:

Ohmygosh so many lovely bags <3 xx

Noura Alaboudi says:

Is the Diorama color seasonal or permanent? ugh I want it so bad 🙁

Sarah Allison says:

I love the Dior bag! It is so beautiful!! I’m so tempted to get my own now! xx

theo says:

oh, the Dior bag is sooo gorgeous! I’m not big on handbags, but that is just. gorgeous

KSBM A says:

Hi! I move around frequently and I was wondering if you have any tips on how to pack/ travel with your handbags? Do you put them in boxes and fold some one to make them fit? Or do you pack all your bags fully stuffed and neatly arranged in a box? Thank you for ready my comment!

Monde Muse says:

lusting over these bags

Diamondding says:

Which eyeshadow combo r u wearing??? Looks amazing!

Laura CYMFT says:

That colour on the Dior bag is gorgeous! So unusual. x

Jasminka Dundovic says:

My favourite is definitively the DIORAMA

tabcat100 says:

Love them all but I think my favorite is the Launer bag for sure. Simple stunning. Thanks for sharing!

xxmakeupmexx1 says:

The dior bag is gorgeeous !! ❣

Tashi T says:

Love the Dior!!!

Leah Lu says:

the Bulgari and Dior ones are just out of the world!!!

Megan Jackson says:

You’re so lucky, those bags are gorgeous! I love the diorama bag, that’s definitely my favourite but the Bulgari one was such a stunning colour too!

Lindsey Lee says:

Finally see someone introduce launer bag

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