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my dao says:

omg what a beautiful bag!

D W says:

Its such an easy bag to duplicate…

Nora H says:

What are you planning to do for the diaper bag?

Be ne ya da says:

When I first saw this Dior bag I thought of Moschino.

AltagraciaAlexandra says:

Mel you look fabulous you don’t look like a whale love the new bag btw so classic and feminine

SoSoSteph says:

it makes me sad to hear pregnant women refer to themselves as a whale or speak so negatively about their bodies. I encourage all women to be more gentle with themselves. you are giving birth to a human. and it takes a full year to recover from delivering a baby… mentally and physically.

Celita Guia Whittington says:

First, you look great! Second, the bag is so pretty. Congratulations on this cutie.

Roberto Solis says:

Aw youre so happy with it! #PregnancyGlow ! It makes me smile just watching you be excited about it, congrats

Iveta says:

Great bag! I was never about small bags, but since I got kids, I love them! The small one is kind of “mine”, while the diaper bag is “theirs” 🙂
What is the giant ring you are wearing? 🙂

ThePersianbabe says:

aww mel 🙂 you’re beautifulllll as if and it looks beautiful on you xxxxxx now on to the bag reveal 😀 xxx

Rachel Withlow says:

I am sure you will rock that bag but honestly I’m kinda disappointed this season with Dior since they got their new creative director, I like the kitten flats but I don’t feel like she did anything super original and beautiful for Dior . I don’t know just not super into them this season but I’m sure the bag will look really nice on you X

Kira Kozachenko says:

went from 100 pounds to 165 by the end of my pregnancy lost it all in a month so don’t worry you will be back to normal soon!!

kim kelly says:

That bag is SO cute and I’ve never seen it on anyone! Can’t wait to see what fab diaper bag you pick!

Nicole Novo says:


Dwightinho56 says:

Very cute. I would have chosen the white too. What’s with all the whale comments? I am 156 cm tall and at 8 month pregnant I felt as I was 156 wide as well. Totally get how it feels.

KarenBritChick says:

I could so see Carrie from SATC rocking this bag with one of her belted off the shoulder dresses and click clacking through Manhattan in her kitten heel mules.

Simi The chow says:

Love the bag good choice

Mike Chaar says:

I absolutely love the bag! I always make sure to stock up on luxury goods whenever I’m in Europe, as I hate having to pay Quebec’s sales tax! Even after the currency exchange and VAT tax refund, you save so much money! It makes going to Europe just to purchase certain items so worth it.

Sky Tip says:

I’ve been using a small clutch in combination with my baby’s diaper bag which is a full sized backpack and I’ve found it really convenient. It’s easy to throw it into the backpack but take it out when I leave the backpack in the car.

Mybagoftheday says:

Hi Mel, I think you look very pretty with your pregnancy, not at all fat like you keep saying. Could it be you feel this way because of your weight history and weight watchers experiences?

claciver0925 says:

Anyone knows how much this bag retails for?

Kenya sanchez says:

Are you even enjoying your pregnancy? All you do in all your videos is complain about how fat you are and how you look like a whale. I have a feeling once you give birth you’re going to start drinking those detox teas you so love to get skinny right away.

labrumm says:

Do you have a second channel named What’s In My Work Bag?


Such a beautiful bag, I just ordered this in black.

missKasandraD says:

I am so in love the J’ADIAR bags, and your white bag is sooo beautiful! It def. gives me vintage Dior feels!

jenr0x says:

have you decided on a diaper bag Mel?

Gloria Cheng says:

You’re stunning Mel! Love ur top!!! Congrats on this Dior bag/WOC!

Melissa C. says:

Love the bag…the design is so fresh!

Connie Smith says:

It’s so beautiful! Love how chic the white color looks.

Cory90bsr says:

mel, I agree with some comments here. Ever since you started to show your belly I feel like you been referring to yourself in a negative way. Dont do it girl! You look so beautiful and your belly is adorable. Dont be mad about my comment, I just wanted you to know I love your videos and love fallowing your pregnancy.

ruchi nanavaty says:

beautiful love it:-)) enjoy it babe!!

mimi apple says:

are you going to do vlogs with the baby?

lizzie Mac21 says:

Hi Mel! I love the bag. Thank you for sharing. As for your pregnancy, I think it is great that you express your feeling about it. I am definitely one of those women who did not like the weight gain. I did carry small and was a bit worried about it. I was also high-risk because of of my heart valve issue. During pregnancy I had Mitral valve stenosis and also at the time I was 37 yrs. But I stayed healthy and excercised during pregnancy. I know women has different ways of embracing pregnancy but the most important thing is keeping yourself healthy physically and emotionally for the baby as I did. Sorry I didn’t mean to comment only about pregnancy but I wanted to support you.. I enjoy your videos and looking for forward to the next one.

heyyyjune says:

omg, dior in the 90’s. yes. SATC. YES! You make me want to rewatch the whole series again!! oh and PS love the bag <33

Helen S says:

omg you’re so cute when you couldn’t stop smiling about the bag and how much you love it! you’re absolutely glowing!

Linda Klinton says:

Awww, Such a Cute bag. Congrats huni. Xx Linda

Nina Roy says:

You look amazing!!!! Don’t feel bad or “fat”


love your bag!!!! Im a hugh fan of your channel.

Carlos Evangelista says:

Mmmmmmm NOT!

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