My DIOR Collection | Jewellery, Shoes, Bags and Clothing

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My DIOR Collection | Jewellery, Shoes, Bags and Clothing

For any of you Dior fans, which I know there are a lot of you, I thought I’d round up all of my favourite Dior bags, shoes, boots, jewellery and clothing items I’ve bought and collected over the last few years! Hope you enjoy a closer look at my collection and the memories behind them 🙂

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I receive a small % of commission from some of the items bought via the product links below. It doesn’t cost you any more and is a little thank you to me, I guess, for inspiring a possible purchase 🙂

Dior Collection ❤

Montaigne VIII Watch: (Similar)
Rose De Vents Watch: (Similar)
Rose De Vents Necklace: (In Boutiques)
Diorama Medium Bag: (Diorama Collection)
Diorever Mini Bag: (Diorever Collection)*
Dioraddict Bag: (Dioraddict Collection)
Book Tote: (Tote Collection)
Saddle Small Bag: (Saddle Collection)*
Strap: (Similar)*
Lady Dior Mini: (Similar)
Cruise 2016 Boots: No Longer Available
Lucite Heel Boots: No Longer Available
Perforated Ankle Boots: No Longer Available
Diamante Ankle Boots: No Longer Available
J’Adior It Flats: (Similar)
Cut Out Boots: No Longer Available
D Stiletto Heels: No Longer Available
J’Adior Slingbacks: (J’Adior Collection)
Spectadior Heels: (Similar)
J’Adior Tee:
C’est Non Tee: No Longer Available*

*As mentioned in the video these 4 items were kindly gifted 🙂

What I’m Wearing ❤

Striped Knit:

My Makeup ❤

Foundation: (24)
Concealer: (Cannelle)
Eyes: (Mohave)
Lips: (Alexander)
Bronzer: (01)


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Thank you so much for watching and for the support always! Love you guys so much ❤


Logan Mullins says:

Dior forever and ever!

Gabrielle Ether says:

New Dior fan now..those first boots were amazing..what does that NON mean on that shirt? I’m not that familiar with Dior things .

Louise A says:

Such an amazing collection. Also thanks for the jelly pad tip! Direct Ltd says:

Love all the bags!!! ❤❤❤

Tune Candles says:

I loved for ever Dior … love your collection for Dior

Aleisha Tanner says:

I love your Dior collection! Sad about the saddle bag though but its still so beautiful 🙂

Kristýna Koutná says:

love this video.
love dior

Melanie Straw says:

loved this, and now signed up on depop 🙂 x

The Woo Club says:

Lovely collection of Dior goodies and you worked so hard for them.

Sarah Cummings says:

My grandmother felt the same way about Carter … she has only a few pieces, but they are brilliant! And of course they were milestone purchases, college, wedding, my mothers birth, her 30th and 50th wedding anniversaries, her 85th birthday. She also collected the Swarovski crystal creatures, and has one from every country she and my grandfather visited, he was a pilot, so there were quite a few. My point is, if you love it, and it brings you joy, there’s no reason you should feel silly, or “geeky”, about it. You love it, that all there is too it!

Woo Market says:

Love this video

angeleyn says:

I love your Dior collection. There is such a good mix of everything in there 🙂

Gilly Worthington says:

Just love Dior and your collection is amazing.

Hope Moon says:

wow, i actually impressed with the dior quality

Jennifer Knickerbocker says:

Your nails are stunning!

LadyH Bar-B says:

You are just so elegant, thanks for sharing

colisa7 says:

What about your Dior jewelries? Lovedddd this video!!

Vicky Garcia says:

Love this collection, every item is so perfect xx
kinda made me love Dior

Bombshell Beauty says:

You work so hard and put your heart and soul into everything.You deserve as much Dior as you want.I love all those lovely shoes.x

Just M says:

Those jacquard boots are to die for! go Victoria. 🙂

blingbom says:

LOVE LOVE LOVE that pink lady dior mini adorable gem!!!

Lola W says:

Hello. New subbie here. Do you own Rose de Vents bracelet? If so, please review as there are no reviews on YT. I’ve been lusting over lapis with yellow gold. Thanks

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