MISS DIOR vs. CHANEL MINI // What Fits + Prices

A comparison and review of the Miss Dior Promenade and the Chanel Classic Flap in patent leather. Includes a ‘what’s in my bag’ for each (to demontrate space), pros and cons of each and prices. Both are excellent luxury handbags, and one isn’t better than the other imo – both beautiful and stylish. If you are looking at either of these bags, I hope this video helps you to decide which might be best for you!

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MStyle says:

You never mentioned, the chain length difference. Do you mind letting me know which one is longer and how long they are. Thank you.

heyho502 says:

Do these bags fit iphone6 plus?

ellie guest says:

Could you do a video on Britain leaving the EU? Love you videos ❤️

FCappy loves... says:

I have both Chanel and Dior bags and the quality of the Dior bags is second only to Hermes if we are talking about customer service and the quality of the leather. I do have the small Dior bag and it fits every thing my evening bag should. I also am a collector of the BeDior bags which is another conversation for another day. Between the two bags you are comparing, colors are gorgeous but the Dior wins for me. Enjoy them both in good health.

Vicky Andrea says:

Love the video and I must say you have the absolute best taste for choosing classic bags in the prettiest colours! I always adore your choices. Not sure if someone mentioned this yet but actually all 3 sizes of the mini (rectangle, square, extra mini) are seasonal even in black. However they come out with pretty much every collection just black will switch it up- rectangle caviar gold hardware one collection, square lambskin silver hardware the next for example and in addition there will also be the fun colours 🙂

Mazly Ika says:

Classics are not patent and calfskin.. Patent is actually calf skin.. the other is lamb skin..

Kajsa B says:

Can you make a video of you’re top ten first bags?
And is Stella McCartney/Balenciaga worth the price?

CallingKaterina says:

Your makeup always looks amazing!! So beautiful!

Chanella says:

I just stumbled across your videos a few days ago and I LOVE your channel so much!! And even though I’m a medical student, you’re so inspiring and motivating. One wouldn’t think it but you really motivate me to work hard to be able to live the life I want to. Thanks Sophie x

Clare Xiang says:

Chanel mini is now £1,790

Jenny Rose says:

I love the Dior bag!!

beregomez8 says:

Hi Sophie! Would you be able to do a video on how you store your bags? Thank you!

陈文发 says:


Snowflake Zebra says:

Love your videos, please make a luxury beauty must haves or faves xo

Lisa Lovatt says:

the miss dior seems better too hold things. i love the colour

Cindy Santoso says:

I really love the Miss Dior bag, it dies brong chic and edgy look at the same time, and about you’re thinking to get another color, i’d say get it! I got few of them with different colors and I don’t regret a thing because I feel like Dior is a quite good investment product, I love you

Caitlyn Moor says:

Why don’t you buy a Louis Vuitton wallet

Barbara Grant says:

I am dreading of buying Chanel bag one day, but I can’t afford it at the moment. Would you have some tips how to save money. I am working mum of 2 kids and I still think l can do it. and also where is the best place to buy Chanel.

a sprinkle of diva says:

can you do a video about Valentino bags/shoes and would you recommend them ? thankyou xxxx

JulJulLondon says:

not sure what you have done with your hair – but I like it 🙂 x

Karen Paine says:

Great video Sophie! I like the look of that Dior bag. Superb colour.
Also want to say your makeup and hair look really on point in this video x

Worood Ak says:

Sophie! I hope you read my comment, I just wanna say that I always enjoy watching your videos and you’re such an inspiration! Keep it up xoxo

Allison says:

I hope I am not too forward but how old are you, Sophie? I have been hooked on your videos and am just curious!

Monica Hrubcin says:

Both of these are just gorgeous! I know you’ve said previously you aren’t a Gucci fan, but they’ve got some beautiful very classic bags, like the Soho Disco bag, would you recommend investing in one of those? Thanks xx

Natalie Privett says:

Please please make a video about how u make and create videos (using an iPhone? Need hellp) xx

Trini Bui says:

You’re so pretty :)Love both of them!

mycoolrunnnings says:

I love those colors!

MissSilk says:

I quite like the Miss Dior and that same color! Very eye catching and unique! Favorite selling point of that bag for me, would be the card section against the back of the purse. Sometimes I feel that a wallet takes up more space than it should be haha, also since a wallet is so compact, it feels kind of heavy. Thank you for this! I’m definitely going to save for the Miss Dior~!

Rina Yu says:

Love your gold necklace. Where did you get it

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