Mini Lady Dior Bag Review – Current Favorite Bag

Here’s kind of my take and review on the Dior bag. I tried to go in as much detail as I can. Hopefully you guys like the video. If you have anything to share, please leave a comment below & remember to subscribe and follow me on instagram.

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C W says:

Is this bag considered very seasonal and has low resale value?

EddaElid says:

Gorgeous little bag. Perfect for special evenings. I don’t know how old your bag is but Christian Dior has a one year warranty and all repairs/maintenance are free. Take it to a Dior boutique and see if they will touch up the corners for you. They will also inspect the crystals/beading to make sure they are still secured in place. After the one year there will be a charge but it is very reasonable /affordable. Bring your receipt.

All medium size Lady Dior sold today have feet on the bottom of the bag. This was not always the case. The concaving you noticed on your Dior has also happened to my medium Dior and I’ve only used the bag 5 times (my bag will be one year old in May). So I think it’s something that eventually happens. Can you tell me if the iPhone 6+ or 7 PLUS fits in your tiny bag? Excellent review.

C W says:

Is it the same size as the usual mini lady Dior?

Alma Y says:


Cherry Tung says:

I love the setup of the video! Soo bright and pretty. I like how convenient the flap is, but do you think it makes the bag less secure? I’m super paranoid about people reaching into my bag especially in crowded places 😛

Jennifer Von Hofmann says:

Love the tip about clipping the strap on the outside to keep the handles up. I was starting to think mine was defective. Love life changing.

Queenie Chan says:

Like ur color eyeconatct. where you get it? what brand is that?

FashionablyAMY says:

I love your Mini Lady hun! I am going to Europe this summer and I’m so overwhelmed with all the research and planning but so excited to see what to find in the luxury stores!! xoxo

curmeow says:

how heavy is it

MAG-nifique lee says:

hello i was wondering if you had asked your SA how to clean satin handbags from dior i have one satin bag and was wondering how to clean it since it’s ivory white @heychenny

littlegrasper says:

Oh my gosh where is your top from??

Fashion Maven says:

Hi Doll. One correction. The patent medium Dior is not flat. The center of the canage is puffy. I have one. Beautiful bag.

Shirley Tan says:

Just rewatched this again. I just bought the same bag and I love it. How do you get rid of the dust on the bag ? I notice the same on the display units.

Bea B says:

could you do a ‘what fits in my bag’ with the mini lady dior? that would be awesome:)

Gechmuoy Chea says:

Would you like to sell it though? 😀 contact me if you are: cgechmuoy@yahoo.con

江少峰 says:


techibabe says:

would you know how much cheaper to buy in france vu usa so I can decide if I should wait to buy in france

MSpanders10 says:

Such a cute mini bag, I have the medium Lady Dior and love it so much.  Enjoyed your video.  🙂

N P says:

Gorgeous!! Could you please share the product code for this product?

Caitlin Pawlowski says:

This bag is absolutely gorgeous! Just found your channel and I am so happy I did 🙂

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