LADY DIOR: WHICH ONE SHOULD YOU GET? | Sizes, Price, Lady Dior Supple | Sophie Shohet

LADY DIOR SIZES, WEAR & TEAR, REVIEW AND TIMELESS vs THE NEW ‘SUPPLE’ STUDDED EDITION. In this video I review the Lady Dior Classic/Timeless handbag and I recap on the 4 sizes that this bag is available in (Mini, Small (My Lady Dior), Medium & Large). I talk about wear and tear, as well as whether the bag is worth it from a return on investment point of view. I then move onto my newest Lady Dior, the Lady Dior ‘Supple’ in patent black leather with aged gold studs and wide strap. This version takes the classic Lady Dior and makes a conservative and ladylike bag very edgy. I also discuss the openings of both bags (flap vs zip). Ultimately, I hope that if you’re watching this because you are wanting input on your thoughts to purchase, I hope this helps!

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Tisiphone2 says:

I love the studded version, the classic Lady Dior is really lovely but a bit too classic for me? lol Or I just love studded things but I actually have very few because sometimes they can look cheap or too trendy and you have to put them away. oh well!

Rusafa H says:

I love watching your videos! I just bought a lady dior in powder pink lamb skin just yesterday as Im vacationing in Vegas,and now im thinking I should get it in patent leather Medium for durability.

Robyn J says:

so jealous! a patent pink med lady dior is my dream bag

Karen Laux says:

Timing! I was searching for videos like this last night before I clicked “buy” on a large pre-owned Lady Dior!

Gunther says:

The black studs is so cute

Mrs. Milton says:

Hello beauty!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im glad to see the cover of the video with two LD bags! I need a Colorful LD like red or purple! I agree with your perfect review!!!!!! Dior has no reselling value but they are prettier and classier for events. People know whoever wear Dior is not to resell them for profit. Love all the sizes and styles from Dior!!!!!! Hun, I have the small with the flap and the strap is too heavy for that small bag and my bag fell off to the floor many times. The medium with flap is better and so edgy in black! Love the conclusion of the video! Very true!!!!! I agree!

Becca Bradley says:

That black one! OMG I love it so much!!!

Lisa Lovatt says:

Can you get the larger strap for the other bags if you pay the extra

Kym Wood says:

I love watching your videos & your collection grow. I also love the Lady Dior but would never be able to afford one. It would be lovely if you were able to make a video on affordable alternatives xx

Curls & Bags says:

I’d rather get a Chanel 🙂 Or a Diorama bag!

Suzanne Hall says:

This is a great review. I love the black one. It’s a little different but still unmistakably a classic lady dior.

Prada Skv says:

got the blue one after watching your video. love it! now thinking about the black one

Friday Maureen Odipo says:

Sophie l love you but l really don’t like Dior bags l prefer chanel

Adelina D. says:

I have always been more of s Chanel fan, but now I am craving for a Dior bag too! <3

aokiQ says:

I enjoy your bag review so much! Thank you Sophie ❤️

MSpanders10 says:

I enjoyed your video. I love my Lady Dior I have the classic med in black lambskin leather and silver hardware and it is such a great bag. I am use to the zipper opening and it does not bother me.

B Barr says:

Fantastic video, super helpful. The Dior Supple is drop dead gorgeous!!! It’s different and the detailing is out of this world. Excellent choice!!!!

astra holmes says:

I cannot get onboard with this bag. It looks exactly like it was designed in the 90’s. The handles look uncomfortable and clunky, it’s big but looks tight to get your stuff in to. I’m so not a dior girl.

JessieBanana says:

While I do get annoyed with the Chanel bag worship sometimes, I will admit the classic flap is more “classic” and universally appealing. I think the reason the Dior bags don’t do as well is because they just don’t have the same appeal. For me, personally, I find the Lady Dior to be really granny and a little tacky at the same time. I don’t like that much hardware and the quilting isn’t as neutral as the Chanel. I don’t know as many people who would like the Dior design.

In terms of trend bags, I think the point is to buy something you really like. I think as long as something is your style and you like it, it won’t be dated. In fact I think once a trend is over, it can feel a bit more unique. I would pick a bag in a style that I know I have liked for a while and will continue to like, rather than one that is universally “classic”, unless I liked the classic bag of course. I think people’s obsession over whether other people like and approve of their choices is what creates this homogeneity. Of course if you’re going to be re-selling your bags, keep that in mind, but the average person is buying one nice handbag for themselves at a time.

krystal2188 says:

Hey Sophie! You should do an updated what I do in a day! 🙂

Liza Loiacono says:

Could you let me no were you sell your items ???

Tessa Lovejoy says:

This is a great video – thank you sharing so much of your experiences, as you always do!  I popped over to see the photos on your IG and they appear to have gone missing, so I was extra-glad you showed some of them in this video.

Pan Ruby says:

Sophie, please help me. I am considering among my lady dior with the badges, Chanel Le boy and classic cf. which one would you recommend? I have a Chanel mini cf and woc, consider what is the best purchase among those three? Thank you.

Anna H says:

Lovely bags! Are my eyes deceiving me, or is the Timeless blue version just slightly bigger than the New studded black?
Totally agree that the bags become more appealing over time! When I first saw Lady Dior, I remember hating the patent finish–but now that’s my favorite feature! Also, the flap opening was a big improvement imo.

Evita Girsang says:

Wishlist for bag, shoes , clothes for 2018 pleaseeeeee

astra holmes says:

I cannot get onboard with this bag. It looks exactly like it was designed in the 90’s. The handles look uncomfortable and clunky, it’s big but looks tight to get your stuff in to. I’m so not a dior girl.

Hiinndd says:

I wonder if Dior will remove the zipper cause it’s really annoying I remember I shoved my hand in and the zipper ruined my nail and scratched my hand… which is why I didn’t buy it. I’ll wait and see if they’re gonna change that cause I will be so annoyed if they removed the zipper and changed it into a flap after I buy it…

Kimmy Queen says:

I feel like I’ve seen this video before…

Andrea K says:

Hey Sophie, I just came on here to let you know that about 8 months ago I was in debt, didn’t know what to do with my life (I’m now 33) you inspired me to look into digital marketing. I knew I wanted to work a in a well paid career but also have the option of being able to go freelance/self employed when I want to have children. I started a new job in an agency on the 2nd of jan and today I have just qualified with a professional diploma in digital marketing. Thank you for the inspo xxxxx

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