Lady Dior Unboxing 2016 | + What fits inside

Hey guys! Welcome back to my channel. This video is an unboxing of my new Lady Dior handbag and also a quick “what fits inside”. For those that follow me on IG you would know I am currently on my European holiday. I pre-recorded this a few weeks back knowing I wouldn’t be able to upload any videos for about 1 month. I thought I had lost this footage and had to film it all again but lo and behold it somehow reappeared! Yay!!!! 🙂 I hope you all enjoy and it helps those that may be considering purchasing this bag! Pls don’t forget to comment, like and subscribe to my channel. Thank you! xx Mel

14:52 – What fits Inside

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Lady Dior – Black with Silver hardware and crystal strap
Size Medium, price approx $6K AUD
Dimensions: 24 x 20 x 11 cm

Youtuber mentioned: Minks4all


Jessie Wang says:

where did you get the jacket that you worn in this video,sweetie?

missfrasier1 says:

best dior bag review on YouTube

Chee Lovell says:

This Dior bag so stunning love it 🙂

Azei Alaiiya says:

aaahhhhhh gorgeousssssssss

MissElena says:

Mel, this is a gorgeous bag! I hope to add it to my collection one day! What happened to your Lady Dior that went to spa?

Ze Ying Lam says:

Lovely choice and the Lady Dior is indeed a quality piece. I think it’s not about what it fits in, but quite a pain to get the things out when you need them.. :p

No Sacrifice® Bags says:

Love the gorgeous strap!! Such a great addition to the bag!

Poppy Chan says:

I have been loving Dior a lot more these days! Dior is just so elegant. I just bought my fist Dior item, the diorama. I have been loving it.

Slow Wardrobe says:

As a former employee of Dior. I have to say this is a very good pick. Classic with a nice twist on the strap. Only buying Lady Dior would come with this new way of packaging, and the details would vary according to the boutique you buy it from.

EduK8Beauty says:

Mel- @hrhcollection Alex- sells beautiful chain straps that you can purchase and looks darling with this bag!

Kkhuu87 says:

Dior leathers feel alot more durable than chanel, I have 5 LD all in different finishes from Patent to boxed calf to lamb skin. The limited editions hand leather interior whereas the classic and seasonal colours have a fabric lining. Love love love the strap!!!

Lori Frank says:

Love your bag stunning I also love your jacket can you please tell us where it’s from. Who’s the designer it looks gorgeous on you

Thuy lan huynh says:

Gorgeous bag. You got me hooked on Dior
Recently scored a LD in microcannage design in blue azzure
It’s like love at first sight
Love your vids

prashant agrawal says:

Is this bag more expensive than usual with this stap?

Serena Wang says:

The bag is gorgeous! So is the strap!!!! Thanks for sharing… I am completely falling in love!

meiltoo says:

awwww…. they should sell the plain strap separately!!!
How is the bag, esp the leather holding up?
I’m more into the mini, without the zip because i’m more petite and the smaller size suits me better.

Serena b says:

Hi Mel yes you can purchase a strap separate, but only you tell them that you lost it because they don’t sell it. You will then have to leave your bag and the shop will send it to Paris and 4-6 weeks later “Voila” your bag return with a strap and it cost £180 in the UK for classic strap. Your LD is stunning xx


your lady Dior is to die! I’m more of a diorama person but I’m seriously thinking of purchasing a lady d next time!very nice review as always Mel!

Lemonmon says:

Don’t like the tight zip opening

Luna Manee says:

Where did you get your hair done? So pretty!

Brisa Mo. says:

Mel you are so so sweet! I have been binge watching all of your vieos! I love your taste in luxury products, even though you buy a lot of them, you buy the real amazing ones! which sometimes people just loose it and buy everything, I love your taste 🙂

Janice Mendonça says:

Loved your very elegant jacket.
Very nice!

dinavienna says:

The strap!!! So beautiful! Don’t Worry about it being seasonal as some comments say – it s Special and Different

Regina F. says:

First of all, I would like to say to you thank you for your video. It is very professional and for me it is a pleasure to view it. I have one question, as far I understood you said what you bought this beautiful bag in Europe. Sorry for a question, how much it cost with this beautiful strap, as price has not shown on the website of CD?

Thank you very much,

Nadia Masood says:

Hi I love your bag i am also thinking of buying the lady Dior lambskin leather with sliver hardware very pretty bag yea you can buy a separate shoulder strap in black with sliver hardware from louis Vuitton but anyways congratulate you and have enjoy it xx

Jane Cook says:

it is a stunning bag …enjoy!!

Sunrays _001 says:

I love your new bag and videos! Pls talk about your beautiful hair.

millybells says:

its beautiful suites you

Poppy Chan says:

I like the new lady Dior with flap on top instead of the zipper. It is a lot easier to get things in and out with the flap on top

Georgina Russell says:

I have this bag in the nude lamb skin with the champagne gold which is a softer gold colour, it’s beautiful and I love it.

mcgbelles says:

Congratulations, is a very nice bag, enjoy!

Mena Short says:

So beautiful bag perfect for you!! Dreaming bag ☺️

Quyen Nguyen says:

Such a gorgeous bag! Im getting mine for Christmas! Im debating between the champagne gold vs silver. Can I ask why you chose silver over gold? And how often do you find yourself wear it?
Thanks so much!

Lilly says:

hey Mel I was able to get a new plain strap in London store. I think you have to tell them you lost the original and i paid around £150.

Luna042682 says:

i am bidding on a preloved one now not gonna tell my dad though because he absolutly hates my bag addiction but come on it’s better to spend it on preloved bags than lets say cigarettes (i don’t smoke just a example)

Prasheela Manoharan says:

Great unboxing video. You are always so helpful. Great choice Mel. 🙂 Such a beautiful bag and it suits you so much. Im eyeing one in Pale Pink. Before i have bought bags and got bored or it goes out of style. What are your thoughts on how long will this bag stay in fashion. It’s pretty pricey too. xx 🙂

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