SIZE: Medium 24 X 20 11cm
LEATHER: Lambskin
FEATURES: Gold Hardware, Detatchable strap
INSIDE: Zip closure and inside zip pocket
MADE IN: Italy
FAQ: Made from over 140 pieces, Takes 8 hours to make, a favourite of Princess Diana


Tonia Richardson says:

Lovely review…I especially enjoyed the details about the handles and hardware. Is this gold plated?

Andri says:

I now have the bag and still watching your very informative and interesting video … BRILLIANT .. xx

jehan vazifdar says:

thank you so much for knowing about the brand, the designer, the history of the brand and the bag itself. so many other YouTubers never talk about this and therefore, the viewers who are not super into fashion have massive misconceptions about the bags. the fact that you told people what the inspiration for the stitching on the quilting is so refreshing.
Subscribing right away. Love your video

Jennifer Blue says:

Thanks so much for the thorough review. Would you say that you prefer the Lady Dior over a Chanel Flap in medium? I have been considering both but can’t decide on one!

Lu Lu says:

I would like for you to do a review for my bag.

bosslady james says:

amazing review had lots of information that i never knew about the bag. well done

Nadia Bennett says:

Best review on YouTube, perfectly executed! What a fantastic piece! Hopefully I’ll be adding this to my collection 😀 xx

jessca moate says:

if you open the handles and lay them flat theyr made to say C D with the shape of the hand handles. Everything Dior makes is all about Aesthetics… This bag ONLY increases in prices.. So its a great investment piece also as long as u take propper care of the bag..

lisadaniels123 says:

Excellent review.I am torn between purchasing medium or large.

Chen Min says:

i love your style how you dress yourself, the accessories how you do your make up, everything is just so beautiful and elegant. totally a celebrity !!!! great, fancy, elegant,charming

Aston x says:

Hi , i have 2 lady diors but one of mine is white and i have started to pick up a few marks can you advise how you care for your bag?

Lena Kurz says:

This Video is so great!
Thanks for the resarch!

Jennifer Martinez says:

Hi, love! I haven’t seen you in awhile; I hope all is well!
So glad you got the bag :)))

EduK8Beauty says:

How are you enjoying the bag, now that you’ve had some time with it?

ME netpayer says:

Your such an inspiration amazing collection

Savannah Grey says:

Ih dear, You made me want this bag 🙂 lol

tingnachen518 says:

Hi!I’m selling the same bag on etsy

chadalaem sigumza says:

wow, i just know that also C and D at straps, bag so stunning as you are <3

Victoria Dee says:

Love love your review and history of this bag, makes me want it even more! Thank you for putting in so much effort and making this a great video <3 xx

julia caruso says:

I have and adore this exact bag! It has been a top three favorite since winter 2013, when I purchased it 🙂 Truly one of the most elegant bags around. You are stunning by the way! Who makes your right hand ring?

Kale SwissChard says:

What a Beauty! Such a feminine elegant purse !

yo yoli says:

Really enjoyed your review, Rachiella! I just subscribed and am looking forward to watching your other videos. 🙂 xx

emmy 595 says:

This bag also came in a nylon version.

Joey Cuskaden says:

I love that u included a history of Dior before the review. I didn’t even consider a Dior bag until your video.

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