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Ale MPolanco says:

preciosa **,

T Rose says:

Bought mine preloved, like new condition, and it’s great. I wear it crossbody with a wider longer strap ( I’m 5’9 so the size is fine) and love it. But I agree, the opening is annoyingly small. I hope it doesn’t drive me as crazy as the Speedy 25 opening!

Chicprofessor says:

Love this! I just bought a vintage lady dior and it’s great! I haven’t quite decided when/how I’ll use it. Mine does not have the feet and I think you might be right about the structure. I may eventually upgrade it to the newer vintage model. It’s nice to know that the newer vintage model also doesn’t have a long enough strap for Crossbody. My handles do fall all the way down (I think because it’s the first edition and some I’d the structure has been lost) but it does cover up the Dior charm, so I think that’s why they designed the newer versions to not have the handles fall all the way down. I can understand the opening and Crossbody issue, those are my issues as well! Do you like the chain strap on the mini/small lady dior? In the US that’s the only one with the flap closure. I prefer a leather strap and love the classic medium size because it’s more timeless but the mini is super cute as a Crossbody!

Cheryl Lynette Goh says:

I tried on this bag at the dior boutique in black silver hardware and lambskin, medium size too! I’m going to Paris this year in July and I felt like it wasn’t for me. Of course to each their own, but with my style I felt like it didn’t blend. I intend to purchase the Hermes garden party 36 in leather in Paris. As in Singapore it retails for over 5K, in Paris the garden party retails for SGD 3K, a saving of 2k!! Insane’ and the garden party is so discrete as it doesn’t have the Hermes logo, possibly considering getting a chanel wallet too in Paris.

Chiq Blend says:

I really want the my lady dior! I want to purchase new because it will be a forever bag for me!

Yazni B says:

Ummm where have you been!!! Miss vids girl! 🙂

aokiQ says:

Hi June~:)
I just want to say I finally found my perfect Lady Dior bag from pre-loved market last month. For great price with pretty good condition. I have to say you are my inspiration for finding this bag, after I watched your first review on this bag, when you put that water bottle in the bag,I was sold. ( be able to put water bottle in my bag is very important to me lol ) I have to agree with you, I love Lady Dior but not as much as my Chanel flaps, I can’t adjust to pay that much for this bag, when the resale value are much lower.
Anyways,Just want to say Thank you so so so much.
I love ALL your handbag reviews.xoxo

walid barash says:

I love your videos you look so beautiful love your hair color

Andrea DeLuca says:

Love what a beautiful bag

ZJane L says:

so nice to see u back in action june!

sk says:

Sooooo thhhaaatttt’s how you store them.  Pretty sweet space, lady.

Suzanne Hall says:

It’s such a beautiful bag. I like the boxier style of the vintage one much better than the new ones.

Maria S says:

Beautiful bag all your videos and how you style your clothes 🙂 …also where is the cream/white turtleneck from in the pics you styled with the Lady door bag cheers

Amelia Ellington says:

Its such a beautiful and classy bag! What lip are you wearing!? I love it! XOXO

Laura Baker says:

YAY a new video! We’ve missed you, June!

Laura Hills says:

Excellent review. I have the Lady Dior in the large size in beige patent leather with gold hardware, and like you, I bought it for a steal pre-loved (about 1/3 of the current retail). This is my #1 favorite bag ever. It’s a showstopper.

MaggyP Lukmanjaya says:

Beautiful bag hun, I have white vintage, it looks just like brand new. I think it’s really good to buy preloved for this very expensive bag

Niel Wong says:

For Dior, its all about preloved market. No value

Christine Madrazo says:

Brava June, enjoy.

Samadhi Herath says:

I love the review June! I love the lady Dior bag but I don’t think it’s in my ear future! I would definitely go pre loved route for the lady Dior but I would love to go brand new for the diorama bag!

MsJustice007 says:

hi June!!! I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE that bag!!! # bagenvy 🙂 lol <3

BStrong says:

You have me hooked on vintage bags. I also bought a pre loved lady Dior in lamb skin and it is one of my absolute favourites. It is an awesome bag! I love the gold on yours too!

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