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Welcome back to another handbag of the week video! This week we’re highlighting the Lady Dior! This beauty has been on my radar for years…will it ever make it into the collection?!? Remember, we are just touching on the surface of this bag and I’d love to hear your thoughts on it, whether you have it or not 🙂 The more information that is out there, the better! Thank you so much for watching! Please don’t forget to LIKE, comment and SUBSCRIBE!!! Stay Fabulous!! Xoxoxo


Makeup in Video:
Foundation: Estee Lauder Double Wear
Eyes: Hourglass Smoke / Too Faced Semi- Sweet Chocolate Palette
Eyeliner: Marc Jacobs Eyeliner Black
Mascara: YSL The Shock
Brows: Anastasia Dip Brow Pomade in Dark Brown
Highlighter: Tom Ford 001 Moodlight & Dior Nude Air Luminizer #04
Lips: Marc Jacobs Ch-Ch-Changes Gloss
Nails: Kiko Milano



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Leo Lion LV says:

I have lo the Lady for over 20 years!! Such a beautiful bag ♥ Thank you for sharing!

Dawn says:

I absolutely love my Lady Dior. I have the classic in medium in Navy. I ended up buying in store, but have been looking at other ones pre-loved. I was worried about the access with the zipper but it hasn’t been a bother at all. I do wish the long strap was a bit wider, but I mostly hand/arm carry anyway. I am usually “kitchen sink” kind of person when I carry a bigger bag and everything I need fits well. I will probably end up getting a mini as well. But only after I get a Diorama (can you tell I’m totally crushing on Dior right now?). I hope you find one that you love.

Jbv65 says:

Forgot to say Happy Halloween to Edward from my Vinnie – he is going as a UPS carrier ( he goes nuts when the guy comes to our door or even sees his truck) We hope Edward is ok.

Samadhi Herath says:

Love these new series you have started! I definitely agree with everything you said! Personally I think I would go with the zipper one though :!

Jasminka D. says:

Hello Minnie, did you know that there is now the Lady Dior Tote Bag? It’s slightly bigger as the original, but has the flap closure

Louise Medin says:

Hi Minnie! Thank you for making “Handbag of the week”, I love this series! I recently added the My Lady Dior to my collection, because I wasn’t a fan of either the zip closure nor the Supple version (yet). I am so very happy with the flap design and with a bag the size of the My Lady Dior, it doesn’t feel too insecure since it is small enough for me to keep tabs on it when I’m out and about in a crowd. I did try it on in store and between the two classic design bags with a flap (MLD and mini), I felt the MLD was a better choice for me size wise than the mini. It still feels like a small bag, but it does fit a good amount of stuff. The mini only fit my phone, six ring key holder and card holder, so very small for me to use for everyday.

I went the pre-loved route and got really lucky doing so, got a beautiful bag and saved tons, and I went for a gorgeous brown pink colour “Pink noisette”, the same pink as the mini Saddle bag. They have the most gorgeous colours for this bag (the reds are gorgeous), and since I now know I wouldn’t be selling it, I am thinking of getting a grey one (same size) down the line from the boutique. I also want to go in and buy different badges for my strap, your are not able to do so online. I also bought a chain strap for it on eBay, to resemble the Mini. I really love mine so very much, and it is not as delicate as I though before. You should totally go for it! I love the black and gold version too, but this might be the one bag I prefer in colour since there are sooo many gorgeous ones! And grey, love the greys. Good luck and thank you for another awesome video <3

El3yon El7azeneh says:

Yes yes yes I have the grey medium in Lambskin and couldn’t be happier , come on Mini pull the trigger but yes the opening is. pain on the neck and I saved 1300 dollar by buying it preloved although stickers are still there( like new condition)

4nikkimay says:

It’s adorable

kamyoke chan says:

Hi Minnie, agreed to every point that you mentioned that stops me from buying it. It had been in my wishlist for a year and I keep comparing whether should I buy chanel mini square as the resale price is still better than lady Dior

MsSince93 says:

A few years ago I really hated the Lady Dior now I’m obsessed with it. I definitely like the smaller sizes and I am really loving the supple version

nals7amari says:

I have my lady Dior in medium size I love the bag but what I really hate the wide shoulder strap. the strap slip over my shoulder this what make me not to use the bag very often. I am looking to get the mini bag Dior love how it look, the size and the chain.

neshanta1 says:

I love the Lady Dior, it’s one I’ve been eyeing for years but just keep pushing it to the back burner. I actually like the original with the zipper; however, I can see it being bothersome. I worry if I’ll scratch the leather with my rings. I love the black but the colored ones look so so good in that lambskin!

Lux Purse Love says:

The zipper is fussy for sure! This is not a bag for all day shopping where you need to get your wallet in and out several times. I love the small size so much but wish it came in lamb without the badges. They are too busy for me. If you go for it preloved and a color for sure! But the black is gorgeous! Xoxo

TiffanyS says:

I was considering this bag also, but have been trying to decide between the lady Dior and the fendi peekaboo mini size in a neutral color. What do you think of the fendi peekaboo?

Estrella Perez says:

I think it’s a pretty bag but so hard to get into – not for me.

Tippytoe says:

I have the classic medium in Navy blue and I love it. It’s a beautiful bag. You will get use to the opening. A lot of time I live it unzip.

lamarocaine75 says:

I just got a My Lady dior bag in black lambskin et gold hardware, it has personalizable badges and I really really love it but I don’t agree with you about the price and resale value.
The bag is timeless and the price of the bag increase every year and resale value is good as Chanel or Hermes , I live In Paris France and the bag still fashion we really love it and the price on Vestiaire collective for example is not as far as the boutique when the bag is on good condition.

Xo from Paris

xsakisaki says:

Hi Minnie! I have a pink Lambskin lady Dior in the medium size and I absolutely LOVE it! I was thinking all the same things as you were and this has been my experience- I was too, hesitant about buying the bag brand new because it is so expensive so I am very glad I went the preloved route. Not only did I get the bag for almost 50% off, but because it was a bit older the zip opening was much softer than on the new bags! So getting things in and out is so much easier than on the new bags. Another thing is mine is almost vintage from the early 2000s and like I said, it’s Lambskin, but the shape is still amazing and it still has it’s gorgeous box-like structure!! Overall i highly recommend getting a preloved one because they are so worth it especially at the preloved price point!! Hope this info helps! ❤️

Marisa Spina says:

I bought the small classic in Paris this year and I absolutely love it. It has the chanel type flap as the opening and it doesn’t bother me at all.

Jill Maurer says:

I’ve had all of the same struggles running through my mind and have never pulled the trigger on this bag. Not only is it hard to get into, but I’m concerned that the zipper may even scratch my SLGs as I’m pulling them out of the bag. I will be very interested to see what you decide! xoxo

Lynwen10 says:

The Lady Dior is the epitome of ladylike elegance. I think it is perfect for special occasions.

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