Lady Dior Blue Patent Unboxing || Nano Comparison

Unboxing and review of this baby blue patent Lady Dior, in the size Medium.

I was very tempted by the Lady Dior Nano / Mini size – but as you’ll see in this video, it was SO small it was pretty impossibe to fit anything in it!

PRICES (as of August 2015, London)

Lady Dior Medium – £2,450
Lady Dior Nano / Mini / Micro – £1,750

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E B A Y :

B L O G :

F A C E B O O K :

T W I T T E R :

I N S T A G R A M :

T U M B L R :

Any questions – write to me in the comments below, and I will get back to you 🙂

Hope you enjoy! xoxox


Sayeeda Huq says:

Fantastic review ! Thank you

DoDo96 says:

Actually it’s nano then mini then medium 🙂

N P says:

Im in the same spot… deciding between the LV Capucines MM and the Lady Dior Medium. Augh!
Been wanting the LD for a while but something always drags me away.
Great vid! xx

Kayleigh Dematos says:

Love this can’t wait to get mine xxx

Jimi Lim says:

its sooooo beautiful!

Linda Kim says:

Great video Sophie! As a Dior fan myself, I was able to get an executive tour of the flagship store and cafe in Seoul. If you would like to check out the blog post, its on ~ Thanks!

W Lenard says:

british accent is wonderful !!

OSheaPunk says:

That is BEAUTIFUL…but wow it looks like a hassle to get stuff in/out of it

SC says:

Where did u get the ice cream hair brush ?

Dom Tamu says:

Loved the colour

Karen Le says:

the color is pretty <3. nice bag

Junior Sodi says:

I can’t thank you enough for your bag reviews! -Thanks you!!!!

Royal Navarre says:

It’s my dream to own a Lady Dior handbag. I have a picture of it on my dream board next to a picture of a Vespa. Perhaps one day I will be as fortunate as you and proudly stroll down the street with it clutched in my hand. How beautiful!

Wen Chen says:

omg i love this color!

Jamie Lewis Artistry says:

I don’t know why I’m watching this video. I have two Lady Diors : one in patent, one in lambskin. I love them both and am obsessed with all things Lady Dior, so I don’t need any more information, but I just love them. Good choice! My only recommendation (being that I’ve had my patent black one for 7 years and it still looks brand new) is to change the way you clip the straps, which being that you posted this so long ago you may have already done. Snap the straps on the outside of the handles, that way when you carry it on the strap it automatically puts the handles up. I think I may need another LD in a fun color now! XOXO Jamie

Anonymous Lurker says:


ab c says:

I like your ice cream hairbrush where can I buy it?

Dido K says:

The opening would drive me crazy. Are you still using it or moved on to something else.

saschadegroot says:

im obsessed!! soooo jelly, its kinda like a light denim blue

Joanne EnnaJo kimChi says:

you purchased the right bag. nano is too small for ur height and build. medium is small yet more convenient to use. and the color? waaay better than the pink one. Great choice! I have large and I think my bag is perfect for office 🙂

Diana Sanchez says:

I am unsure whether to get a lady Dior or diorama bag. Which one would you suggest as a first CD bag purchase?

norina.f m says:

So its 2 am where i live and i have got this sudden urge to get out of my comfort zone and work hard just so that i can afford these expensive things i adore! Like i’ve always wanted to own such bags, but you’ve just given me the motivation to actually do something to get them! Loved the video! Love this bag. I’ve always wanted this in the color black. Thank you for the review xxx

Racketson Racho says:

Love the bag, the color us so cute but the zipper is not so functional, i think it will get damage first.

Cheeara says:

I just got a Lady Dior in the same size but in pink! I think it’s a different shade than the one you saw then because mine is more baby pink and it looks the same in different sorts of lighting. I love the patent it’s super resilient and nice to the touch 🙂

patati82 says:

Please do an updated review of this bag!

K Lu says:

The bag doesn’t look very functional.

theysee metrolling says:

I have the same case as you! 😡

Ariel Zhu says:

this bag look gorcious by itself. but i think it will be hard to go with various outfits

Sam says:

so gorgeous omg! you’re so lucky! def saving for this one 😀

dearmatt says:

Gorgeous bag! I love the colour. I actually liked all 3 of those kind of pastel pops but sheesh this is beautiful. I have a thing for dior in patent too. Enjoy!

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