Lady Dior Bag Review and What I Got For Christmas

So I’ve finally got round to reviewing this gorgeous bag.
And I want to show you my Christmas present from my husband. Sadly no Christmas haul this year…..unless you count an inhumane amount of chocolate….


ItsOnlyWarPaint says:

I tried wiping the dot away, I did think it was a mole on your head, that I hadn’t noticed before lol

Lachrechia M Johnson says:

Your hair looks great at it’s current length. It’s only hair lol. By the first of March it’ll probably be back.

ItsOnlyWarPaint says:

Love that colour

misslori66 says:

I really don’t understand how people can afford so many of these designer bags let alone one. I would like to know what their secret is.

distressink says:

your bag is insanely beautiful!!!!!! I have purchased quite a few bags in the last few years and now there are just a few classic’s that I want to have and the Dior is high on my list
something that is a piece of art that I wear for special occasions Thanks for such a detailed video


Love the bag, I have the same size and pearlescent color but I hardly use it. Im thinking of selling it in case someone interested

ItsOnlyWarPaint says:

I would be interested in your spot the fake

ItsOnlyWarPaint says:

Kicking off lol

VJ Loves says:

Your hair looks fab! Really ❤ your scarf too x

MissCielle101 says:

I absolutely loved your review. Your Lady Dior is so beautiful, and the grey stole is perfection! I hope you will do the how to spot a fake video. Happy New year Emma! xx

iplay2win12 says:

Beautiful present, great hubby! I agree about spending…it can be such a fun, dangerous (financially) addiction lol

Nyc D says:

Those charms are meant for your Christmas tree I believe. Another lovely video!

Laura says:

I just recently purchased a cannage stole from Dior – the quality is AMAZING! Especially compared to the LV shawls… mine look like rags after a few wears.

EddaElid says:

Great review. If I remember correctly my SA mentioned that the flaps are to be pushed inward when putting items INTO the bag and pulled outward when retracting items from the bag. She did mention that the purpose of this procedure is to protect your hands from getting scratched by the zipper. I really liked my SA at the time (she was actually the manager of the store). She has since then moved to a new company and I do admit I miss her. Like you I do enjoy seeing other ladies carry this bag especially when it is in a different color other than black. It always brings a smile to my face. Thank you for another entertaining video. Happy New Year!

Lana Banana says:

I love love love your bag it’s so beautiful ❄️

Max W says:

The bag looks beautiful and I love the colour but the mouth of the bag would drive me INSANE.

Bakhtawar Sidhwa says:

I think those are suppose to be Dior tree decorations

A Scented Soul says:

Gorgeous bag and stole!

Wayne Reid says:

Christmas tree decorations.

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