Hi guys!!! Hope you guys enjoy watching this vid and helped you to decide which bag is better fit for your life style! Xoxo cc

—What I am wearing —————————————

Lipstick (rouge effrontee)

Lipgloss (tease me pink)

Top (xs)

Watch (rose blush)

Bracelet heart and flowers (pink)
(15%off entire order code : LVLOVERCC15OFF)

Foundation (104)

Necklace same look with $55 here
(mine is from Tiffany and co and I got it many years ago, paid $1250 . Elsa by the yard with 0.17 size diamond)


nail (organdi)

—Bags mentioned that sell online—————————————

Gucci velvet bag (cobalt) at Gucci
At Saks

Gucci super mini (dusty pink)
At Saks (antique rose)

My diaper bag long champ(small, black)

—–Items In my bag——————————————————

Lipstick (rouge effrontee)

Lipgloss (tease me pink)

Hair brush

Chanel mirror

Girl’s hair pin (my fav set)

Phone case (iPhone plus)
(iPhone X)

Baby wipe, diaper

———VIDEOS to watch——————————————————

*Shop and eat VLOG (LV, Chanel,Gucci)

*MINI flap comparison


*Gucci Super mini


***Bag Charms i love and have a promo code for you guys!
(15% off of your entire order code LVLOVERCC15OFF)

**Filming equipments**



-Background of this vid——————————–

Loveseat (velvet, dusty pink)

Fiddle leaf fig plant

light stand (gold brass)


Furry pillow (rosette, 16×16)
Two cash back websites that I love and use every time I online shop!

Mr. Rebates


Instagram lvlovercc

email address

Disclaimer – not sponsored to make this vid or asked to show the items, all my own opinions shared, some links are affiliate. 

Thank you so much for watching my vids and your sweet support on my channel!!! Really appreciate your feedback with likes and comments on each vid! Xoxo cc


Nora LG says:

Thank you for being so thorough

Cher's life says:

Wow you can really fit quit a bit in the Gucci mini. You did a great job with the comparisons.

Kloves3lvandcc Kelli says:

Oh boy I really do need the super mini marmont! I keep thinking I would love to have the dior mini, but I’m not 100%

Jbv65 says:

I am looking for a medium lady dior. They appear to be mostly Lambskin and was told their Lambskin is more durable than Chanel’s. What do you think???

Jane lee says:

Nice vid. Waiting for yr lipsticks collection vid comparison

Mousumi Chakraborty says:

i have been debating between the gucci one handle in marmont and pochette metis. I know they are very different bags and I ultimately want to get both..which one do you recommend first.

Calviny T says:

Hi, do u match ur jewellery with the hardwares?

adncn76 says:

I like your videos sooooo much its good your voice also good to listen and best part is that you show the bag also with stuff in it some people only show one time and after that they show only what stuff in it but we are watching to see the both and you understand that so well please keep up the good work and make more videos .

Be HoungHeuang says:

so beautyful all

Victoria KY Li says:

Absolutely love, luvluvluv ❤️

Coffee lovercc says:

wow I love the mini pink lady Dior <3 definitely in my wishlist <3

thelma johnson says:

The mini Dior is darling! ! Great video, tfs

Jennifer Xiong says:

love your comparison video Charis. That Dior bag is gorgeous!

Trace Trace says:

Thanks for the comparison! It’s really helpful. Mini lady Dior is so pretty but yes I agree it’s not the most convenient.

Yana Bazel says:

omg I love these purses, sooooo cute <3

Yin Xiong says:

Thank you for the review! Love Gucci marmont bag! Also love your top, very cute!

KatbTV says:

keep ’em coming with the videos, unnie!

Jessica BG says:

Nice infoo

samuel abasto says:

Hi!!!! I love it!!!!
How can I turn my GG marmout mini into a fanny pack?

Pinky Okamoto says:

Hello! Love it…

kayla haliqa says:

Your bracelet soooo pretty. Where did you get it? I need to get it

Coffee lovercc says:

will you do a sephora VIP haul? <3 love you <3

Kim July says:

Lusting over the Marmont!! Thanks for the video, Charis!!❤️❤️

She'sa Jordan says:

key holder twins

sweetivorypearls says:

The Gucci bag is beautiful!! How is the wear and tear on your Rosalie? I’ve been eyeing it for a while but I’m scared about the glaze over time and the button.

yasmine hamid says:

I always love your videos and vlogs you are very detailed. I am not into designer things but you peak my interest to try them.

Luz Cruz says:

Yes another video! from my favorite

erin_aloha says:

Your Dior bag is such a cute color! Thanks for sharing! The Gucci bag can fit so much!

Mrs K Coy says:

Love the Dior bag….Awesome reviews of both …

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