Here is the long-awaited DIOR handbag unboxing/reveal video! You guys guessed it – I bought a Dior bag and I’m totally in love with it! I’m excited to reveal it to you guys – I hope you like it. But if not, that’s ok because I do! 🙂 Although I do still love Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci, etc – I’m excited to expand my collection to a different luxury fashion house.

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DIOR WEBSITE (my bag combo is not on the website unfortunately): http://www.dior.com/couture/en_us/womens-fashion/leather-goods/diorama
Price=3300 USD
DIOR BAG (preloved version): http://bit.ly/2pyXBxr
DIOR BAG (preloved version): http://bit.ly/2owvVvw


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Vanessa Angelina says:

Was not a massive fan of the shape and design even though my mom has one of her own. I just don’t find it that unique for the price tag and the structure makes it look like the boy bag which I’m not that very fond of either. But this colour actually looks so good and it’s absolutely amazing on you! I love that you didn’t go the mainstream way of silver or black and this color option does not make it look tacky but very luxurious looking. Didn’t mean to offend anyone who owns the bag though.

Mybagoftheday says:

The bag is gorgeous! And I love your eyeshadow and lipgloss the shades are as beautiful as the shade of the bag

EH says:

Beautiful bag! Congrats. I’d love to hear about the bags you saw in Vegas that you DIDN’T like and why.

Sarah Kathleen says:

Love your hair!! Please do a tutorial!!!

Trisha C says:


Andrea Barley says:

nice bag

S Tanza says:

OMG. This is the exact combination bag I tried on last week and want it sooooo much. When you revealed it I just gasped. I have told myself I can have it if I am still thinking about it in 2 months. It is gorgeous and you’ve made me want it even more. Thanks for sharing, I have major bag envy. Please can you do a review on how it wears etc when you’ve had it a few weeks. Thanks so much.

Rubi Borrero says:

love your bag new to your channel I like it

Rich Lux says:

cool eyes

No Sacrifice® Bags says:

Love the color of that Diorama! Gorgeous!

Love.Heart.Life says:

Love this bag for you Shea. I would love to see a ‘what’s in my Dior bag?’, next please gorgeous woman.

Anya's Beautychannel says:

in love with this bag!

shalini kumar says:

Hey Shea. I’m a new subscriber from India. Ur hair looks beautiful. Love the color of ur Diorama.

coquetteloves says:

Congrats! I think you picked the best bag. I never really looked at it before but I think your color is so special, it’s making me love it more. You are right, Dior is on the rise!

Qui Qui says:

Hi Shea just wondering because they shipped it to you did you have to pay taxes on your bag?

Mazly Ika says:

I can’t believe they used the wrong box and wrong ribbon for a Diorama bag.. hahahhha

C A R O L S U M M E R says:

Yaaayyyyy !!! Such a great choice !!! I bought a black one in lambskin back in December and I decided to have it replace my boy-bag want: it’s so much more elegant and…the customer service !! Amen !!! Can’t praise them enough. Enjoy that beauty ! Oh and didn’t even know the history of the bag, thanks for letting us know ! xxx

Sidney Su says:

Could you please let me know what color is it. It is beautiful…

Karen Chui says:

Your bag is gorgeous! Is it medium size?

Shell 28 says:

Such beautiful colour choice!!!

Mocha 12 says:

Love your lip color and eye color, can you let me know your makeup pallet in this video. Great choice in handbag, enjoy it!

Tina Lottis says:

Shea, what is the actual color of your bag? I can’t find it online.


Love this bag and above all your elegance! I am your italian follower!

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