How to Spot a Fake Lady Dior Handbag Review My Christian Dior Bag

In this video you will find a lot of tipps helping you to identify an Authentic Christian Dior Handbag. Lady Dior is a Timeless Classic and a must have for all the fashionistas.
In this video we will compare two Lady Dior Handbags: Authentic One from Last Christian Dior Collection and a used Fake one.

Dont become a victim of buying a fake bag which would be a garbage after a couple of month!


Deana K says:

I will purchase this bag if it is for sale. TY

Jo C says:

U have to handle both the same way to compare. But u were gentle with the “real” and was rough with the other. Naturally the results are different

bamsalinas says:

thank u! very helpful

аминат батчаева says:

So you said you ve got this amasing bag with a lower price when a boutique price,is that a secret place?

The Neon Factor says:

Fabulous job!

Amuun Ahmed says:

can i know the fake one have card or no plz

Diana FromCanada says:

Thank you so much for that helpful video.

Jolene Rader says:

really the fake is affordable & the real is unaffordable. if you have to buy a fake until you can get a real one very few ppl will know the difference. I’ll be going for a fake one I’m not spending excessive amount of money in a purse.

Vicky Daza Butler says:

Great video. I feel like having a Dior handbag. By the way, your bracelet is beautiful.

BubblegumPOPOPOP says:

but i think u can only do this comparison with poorly made fake bags. There’s really good quality fake bags sold nowadays that even the people at the authentic store can’t tell the difference between that and a real one.

katty ruan says:


listentonothing says:

Hi Luzia can I please ask for your help if you can determine if this purse is real?

I’m trying so hard to follow your advice via your video but I’m really scared.

Thank you,

Quyen Nguyen says:

Thanks so much for your video! I’ve just purchased a Lady Dior from Reebonz, they’re a Singapore-based consignment store that also sells brand new, occasionally they have 1 or 2 Lady Dior bags. I posted photos of mine on the purseforum and was told the bag is a fake but a very accurate fake 🙁 However, as my bag’s strap has a crooked end, I sent it (only the strap) to the Dior boutique (before learning it could be fake), with the authenticity card included. They took it in for repair and said it looks fine to i’m so confused..

Anya says:

The handle does move around on the smaller one. I know bcs mine is real from the boutique

Дарья Новоселова says:

also the hardware on Dior says “dior” and fake says “doir”))))) helpful video, very proper description

intu1t1on says:

for a fake, the quality isn’t bad. it seems better then those 40-60 dollars handbags you find in normal stores. if they didn’t charge you over the top prices and state clearly that they are fake then I wouldn’t mind buying it. but of course i would not pay full price for them.

Alina Mazlan says:

Thanks for sharing!

UptownStatement says:

I would like to purchase the real one in black and silver

Gayla Aucoin says:

I don’t need a high priced purse just one I can enjoy  I have a bunch now.

Luxury Lover says:

Please do more comparison videos! Very informative and helpful. Thanks you!

Beth North says:

love this now I know what to look for when I get my fake one 🙂

huyen anh pizzabella says:

Are you sure about what u said about this stamp leather round piece near the keyrings have to be stamp “Christian Dior”? I have exactly same bags as u original (same size colour even pathern leather) bought in 2002 in Paris with boutique stamp, and my stamp is “Christian Dior paris made in Italy”. With year you bought ur bag? I bought my preloved from my very rich boss so Im not 100% sure, but now wonder did they changed keyrings print, or ur bag is fake or mine.

Mar says:

i can tell u, so far yours is the best video for fake vs original among all.. good jobs ! it helps a lot


Total bullshit. Both bag are Authentic, the “fake” one is just an old model (Before 2010 I suppose) and the other is New. I sell Dior from 2006 just someone never saw a real one can believe in this bullshit

Wraithin Hades says:

I was faked buying this item from Ebay shit i paid a lot

586Rexford says:

Wow, what a precise and informative video! Thank-you so much for taking the time to share this!

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