How to spot a fake lady dior bags

So I recently offered to do a ‘how to spot Lady Dior fakes’ and you guys seemed keen so here it is.
I really think that the Lady Dior can be one of the hardest bags to fake spot online and I don’t think it is always entirely possible- but here’s my best shot!

Video of Lady Dior Bag being made:

Lady Dior Bag review including history of the bag:

Mini Lady Dior unboxing

I am not an official authenticator and this video is for guidance only.


Mark Forrest says:

I had no idea they contained so much detail. Thank you for yet another super video Emma xx

Wealthy Penny says:

I love lux handbags but I have never cared for this particular style. It always looked way too structured for my taste and the handles just seemed so rigid and uncomfortable BUT I did watch this entire video and the craftsmanship is remarkable. Thank you for the closeups, I do appreciate fine craftsmanship and that pink color is beautiful.

Nicole says:

Dear if you check the real real site most of there lady Dior bags are bulging, please check for your self

Pippa Peak says:

Wonderfully informative video Thankyou x

Meeloy Blogs says:

this should have been the title to your TB video… “How to spot a fake birkin”

Chicprofessor says:

Thanks for sharing! I recently bought a first edition vintage Lady Dior and I love it! I couldn’t tell at first if ti was fake since I had only done some research on the newer versions. I had ti authenticated twice and it is real so if anyone has a first edition and are not sure if it’s real you can check out my channel 🙂 There were some things on your video that I hadn’t picked up on like the figure 8 on the Dior charms, turns out the first edition has those as well!

ItsOnlyWarPaint says:

Another fab vid

Ella G. says:

IT’S NOT TRUE!!! It can be written Christian Dior Paris Made in Italy on the round fog, it all depends on the year the bag was made! This topic was discussed in the Dior Authentic Facebook group. In regard to material inside of the bag, there are different variations including the Dior monogram print. While the most copied actually not monogram print but cannage print!

Hourii Bunga says:

And the LV dustbags are Made in India! At least a couple of mine says that on the tab

Lena Larsson says:

Thank you for this! I am so in love with the Dior mini, so stinkin’ cute 🙂

Rachelle Kebaili says:

Yeah I actually saw an unboxing of a fake Lady Dior on YouTube and I felt bad for the girl cuz she was so excited about it. I didn’t say anything. If she thinks it’s real I guess that’s fine. But she got it for a cheap price on eBay which is a dead giveaway usually but the bag itself was fake. Sad. People who sell fakes should be thrown in jail.

SonR R says:

Hi, can you please reconfirm which sizes this bag is available in. Thanks x

Logan Mullins says:

Lady Dior’s prior to 2000 had Christian Dior made wherever on the tab behind the O charm. My nylon Lady Dior from 1997 has Christian Dior Paris Made in Italy on it 🙂

Angela Skirving says:

This video came at the right time for me. I’ve been looking at a lady dior for a while and have been searching you tube for the past couple of weeks on how to spot a fake. Thanks so much Emma xx

chateau_chic_ says:

Thoroughly enjoyed this one Emma. Ok my next bag shall officially be Dior and a Lady at that…and I’ll be nosy enough to ask for all the bits and pieces! Mimi, Xxx

Lux Purse Love says:

Great review, both your bags are so gorgeous!!!

Ruby Twenty28 says:

Just to let you know that the lady Dior are made in France now as I purchased mine from harrods and mine is made in France. I double checked this with the Dior manager there and she confirmed this. They’ve also changed the serial numbers now.

Jerrine Stanbury says:

Beautiful bags and very helpful information. Just a word of caution about leaving the plastic film on the hardware. The film is there to protect the metal work from scratching during shipment and should be removed, especially if you live in a humid climate and get lots of rain. Moisture can get under the film and cause discoloration. I don’t own a Dior bag (tempted though!) but was told this by Hermes. They were adamant that I remove the plastic!

Deborah Wild says:

Great video with useful information. My lady Dior did not come with a swan dust bag. I remember being a tad disappointed when I unboxed at home. Mainly because I assumed all Lady Dior’s would come with one but also I worried in case it would deem to be fake if I ever did want to sell. It is highly unlikely that I would ever sell but you have put my mind at rest now that they don’t always come with the swan dust bag and mine wasn’t just an oversight.

Ella G. says:

People please don’t watch these kind of videos if they are not shown by professional authenticators!!!

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