Diorama – Bag Review & Comparison with Chanel Bags

Hi everyone! Hope you’re having a fantastic week 🙂

Here’s my Diorama review and comparison to my other Chanel Bags – i did a “what fits” in each bag, so that you can see the storage 🙂

Let me know your comments or questions if you have any ! I’ll do my best to reply asap!

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Bags Featured:
Diorama with Micro-Cannage Motif and Metallic Calfskin (Pink)
Chanel Jumbo with Silver Hardware (Black Caviar Leather)
Chanel Medium / Large with Gold Hardware (Black Caviar Leather)
Chanel Boy Old Medium with Gold Hardware


Anamarie Ha says:

Wow your review is amazing!

silverdc5 says:

How much are the diorama and the Chanel boy?

girlabee says:

I love the way you make and edit your videos! So creative and informative 🙂

Tammy Shops says:

Amazing comparison. Thank you so much!!

DaynaChristinex3 says:

Excellent, excellent review!! Your comparison techniques are ideal for handbag comparisons. Love the review!

TheLuxeLover says:

Greattttt review. Thank you so much.

stella santoso says:

Love the review!!

Ann Elisabeth says:

Weighing the bags is what’s missing in most reviews!

mademoiselle says:

This was such a great review and so helpful too! Thanks Kat x

missmys says:

I totally understand what you’re saying about the straps. It’s kinda annoying. Also the strap is kinda stiff and when u adjust the straps to make it double there’s a weird bump in the straps.

BenedictBima wicaksono says:

this is a great awesome review

Cashmere Daydreams says:

Love this video, so helpful. Thanks 🙂

Najwa Salem says:

Hi do you have any color transfer in diorama

Liz Egan says:

Gorgeous bag. Love the color.

julia2303 says:

LOVED this video 🙂 Please could you tell me where you got the hello kitty phone case from? So cure :’)

Domovenok Domovenok says:

I’m thinking of getting the smallest diorama!!! It’s so cute!!!

Rachel Ward says:

Really want the Dior one next xx

Maple Tse says:

I love your personality and the way you are in your videos! Relly enjoyed your video

Osiris Wocky says:

I’m a guy trying to look for a present for a special someone and your video is VERY HELPFUL. I have watched other videos but they don’t really make an in-depth review but your video is very informative. Dimensions, material, space, etc. Great job 🙂

Georgina Russell says:

Love the Diorama and the comparison with the other bags is really well done.

justa9url says:

Great review and comparison!

Najwa Salem says:

I want to buy diorama bag or chanel bag but l don’t know witch one is perfect can you help me to chose ☺️if you can make a deep review between this two page thanks

No Sacrifice® Bags says:

Diorama is gorgeous but chanel is a classic! Thanks for the great review!

meiltoo says:

U make one of the best bag reviews

Gulna says:

Great video! Thank you

Ashlee Ang says:

This would be the best comparison video!! Thumbs up babe! 😉

kris g says:

Thank you very much for this comparison! Great advice 🙂 I AM GOING TO GO IN THIS WEEK into DIOR !! I hope I walk out with one…

Amanda Williamson says:

This was so helpful, thank you for being so thorough, new subbie here!!

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