Dior Unboxing | REVIEW + PRICES

Unboxing of Miss Dior clutch in iridescent blue. I also unbox and show a Dior silk scarf that I purchased at the same time, to protect the bag. This is a really fun way of jazzing-up bags you may have; adding a scarf can give them a new lease of life 🙂 I also compare the Miss Dior to the Chanel WOC, which is more expensive and isn’t as big. FOR MORE VIDEOS LIKE THIS, HEAD HERE:


Miss Dior in iridescent blue – £1,250
Dior silk scarf – £160
Chanel WOC -£1,380
(Prices correct as of June 2016)

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Purse Buff says:

Beautiful bag and beautiful review. Thank you!

Deborah Gibson says:

Beautiful bag! Wear in the best of health!!

Di says:

that’s what it’s all about, enjoying what you love 😀

yan Loewe says:

I bought the iridescent pink one before watching this video,but I exchanged blue one since I watched your showing! I really like you and your video

Kay T says:

Absolutely beautiful bag! I love irredesent bags. that bag is great value for the price, especially since its such a beautiful finish of leather xx

Emme Chatterton says:

The sparkle on that bag is absolutely beautiful… it is a show stopper for sure!

Leticia Marquez says:

I’m so inspire every time I see your videos idk something about you makes me want to pursue my dream & I’m 15 years old in high school about to be sophomore & you make me want to do better and just live my dream and complete my goals even though people thing I can’t but I don’t let it affect me much love from Phoenix Az ❤️

Sima Moozarmi says:

Dear Sophie, by chance I stumbled over your videos a couple of days ago…and I’m hooked!!! I’ve been literally watching them back to back on my spare time since then, and most of them I’ve loved!! I love your style and choice of topics plus I love how you are consistent with your remarks and things you mention as it sort of constitutes a red thread throughout your videos. Thank you so much for generously sharing your knowledge about luxury and being inspiring and giving useful tips!!! Ok this turned out to be a rather long comment 🙂 there’s only one thing I have in mind to ask you, I don’t know if you’ve already touched upon it but could you please do a video or comment upon luxury boutique etiquette (if there is such a thing)? Basically how to carry yourself, dos and don’ts or maybe any anecdotes from your own experience (I watched the Balmain fiasco video yesterday, major CRINGE). Thank you very much!!!

Shannon Wu says:

Love it! I actually just sold my chanel woc because it was SO annoyingly small. I bought before the increase and made some money when i sold it so Im looking into this in the dark blue glittery patent & a lady dior mini! I considered the med but decided its too large for me to carry at night…

Honestly, I would get this bag over the woc.. The woc just doesnt work for me. I dont like consolidating my keys and lipstick just to go out… so anyone debating, go dior!

Dwightinho56 says:

I find this bag to be a much better option than the Chanel WOC, which is overly hyped up in my opinion. The little scarf has great, fresh colors. Congrats on your new aquisition.

Sheerin Azhari says:

Could you please tell us which website you check the prices at? Thanks ❤️

Projeto Culturaliza says:

beautiful (favourite brand)

Melissa Nash says:

your my inspiration sophie.xx

Clare Xiang says:

Did you hear about the Chanel sale starting today!

julia caruso says:

I bought that bag in the silver metallic last August in Harrods, but I when I got back to my hotel it had a very subtle smudge on it. I took it right back and unfortunately that was the only one they had. I got the black patent with silver hardware instead. I love this bag though, great for a day of errands as well as evening. The chain is beautiful and I love that it’s removable. I use it on other bags as well. I love its versatility, like you showed. You can also cross the chain inside the bag to make it shorter. I love your graphite leather lining, too! I have that lining in my Diorama and it’s a beautiful touch. This bad is 1,000x more practical and well made than the Chanel WOC in my humble opinion, having compared the two. Not to say that the WOCs aren’t stunning, though, but it’s definitely more bag for your buck. Enjoy your new purchase! 🙂

nadiaemmalie says:

Would love to see a styling video!

Maidzz a says:

Hi Sophie I’m a new subscriber and been watching your videos and you mentioned that you work in digital marketing. I have always been interested in that but have never really met or spoken to anyone that works in that field. I was hoping to get some advice from you and Also how to start a career in it because I’m really lost and confused. I would really appreciate if you replied. Thank you I love your videos btw xx

Ella Monkman says:

Would you say the Bayswater mulberry bag was an investment piece?

necropho says:

Hey, could you tell me a good website in UK where I could buy YSL, Chanel and other lux brands? Thank you so much ahead 🙂

Go watch BTS Spring Day says:

love the bag!

3iMrEaDy3 says:

Love the new bag! Are you still going to be getting your Chanel jumbo flap bag? I’m looking forward to your next luxe bag purchase as I at this point in my life can’t afford one of my own so I like to live vicariously through you by watching your videos lol!

Sly3n says:

Is the Promenade bag? I have that bag on my wishlist. I really like it in the yellow color but worried about color transfer so might just go with black or the brown. The bag seems to be a cross between a Chanel WOC and a Chanel Mini. I personally like the style of this bag better then those two Chanels. It looks a bit dressier. I think the WOC/Mini (especially the Mini) can some off as a bit more casual, but this bag seems less casual…likely because of the structure. it also seems like everyone has the Chanel WOC/Mini so it would be nice having something just as nice but a bit different.

Michele Mitchell says:

What a gorgeous bag! Don’t shoot me, but I love the Dior bags so much more than the Chanel.

Eva in the City says:

That is a beautiful bag and colour! Going to have to go see this in person, gosh its gorgeous! Uhh Sophie what have you done now i want it lol, congratulations and it looks great with the scarf!

xoAngelicaF says:

Love Dior it’s really cute

MissSophieMaria says:

omg this bag is perfection i need it

Quietstorm91 says:

Thank you for this video! Cute bag and beautiful color!

Viviana LVlover says:

Gorgeous Stunning color!!!! You have a great taste Sophie…would like to know how much in the U.S.$?

Rachael Dennis says:

Do you use your YouTube money to help buy luxe aswell? As a second income

La_enthousiaste says:

Thank you so much for your review and what a perfect timing! I’ve been deciding between this one and WOC for a while now, but after watching your video I’m definitely set on Dior.

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