I have finally lived out my childhood dream of owning the Dior Saddle bag. I used to be obsessed with this bag and now I’m the proud mother of one – here’s a review/unboxing but mainly me fan-girling over the dior saddle bag 2018 edition. Enjoy!

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Ms Alfaro says:

Baby girl how much was this US dollars

Janet Roberson says:

Haha bless your heart ❤️

slitz85 says:

you’re like the female version of paul pluta

Lilly Rose says:

Love how honest you are!!! So funny. I wanted to be an early 2000s IT girl so bad

Han X says:

My mum just revealed to me that she has one!!!! A FIRST EDITION PONY HAIR DIOR SADDLE BAG!!! you can only imagine my reaction.

Sandra Edwards says:

you are very funny. Congrats on the bag!

Pamila Sharma says:

Can you do a updated review of this bag.? How is the wear and tare? Love your vid btw

AllPiecesOfAmber says:

Loved watching your reaction when you pulled that stunning bag out. I remember wanting a saddle so bad back in the early 2000s when I was in college but couldn’t afford one. Purchased a vintage navy trotter several months ago and LOVE IT. Congrats on your new purchase and good luck on searching for the perfect strap. TFS

BeautyGirl136 says:

Getting mine Thursday and couldn’t be more excited!!! You just hyped it up even more! Can’t wait :))

247snob says:

S o ooooo happy for you!
Theirs 100 great bags…but like you, the saddle oddly gets me Right in the heart!
I got my hands on an oddly xxxl saddle. Looove it. But, its not the signature original.
Congratulations! Xoxo

Ronald Garcia says:

Your reaction is PRICELESS. Congratulations!

DebbyWong says:

Love this bag!! Please do a what’s in my bag/ what fits video. xoxo

SonR R says:

Wow love her! What did you think about the mini size?

“please insert name here” says:

Let’s not forget to credit and thank the legendary John Galliano for creating the most iconic bag in history!

Michelle Ackerson says:

Cassie is out of her ever lovin’ mind to pay that kind of money for a freaking PURSE. It’s a PURSE for pities sake. UGH.

Kimia says:

BAHAHAHAHAHA, you’re hilarious! Congrats 🙂

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