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Tabby Violet says:

Thanks Mel for sharing this! When I saw your Dior clutch on your other video, I was SOLD. I immediately looked on Ebay to see what I could find and didn’t find anything that stole my heart. But I’m still on the look out! I totally agree with you..with this print blowing up soon. oxoxox

designerdiva1103 says:

I have the pink Diorissimo saddle bag. And I rock that thing!!

Sha sut says:

Girrrl thank you, fab as always

KarenBritChick says:

I agree. Imagine this print blowing up??!!

C Jules says:

12 years ago when I first moved to Vancouver I wanted the Dior saddlebag. Couldn’t afford it. I bought Coach everything. I just purchased the Dior Boston bag for a great price. Pretty much the same price as coach!

Alana Stroker says:

I have a dior trotter Boston bag and haven’t used it in so long! I need to break her back out!

Linda Shaffer says:

Tips on knowing if the Dior piece is authentic??

forespec says:

totally agree with you

Abigail Cua says:

This is why I am a subscriber who turns on notification on your channel (and on Instagram too)….because I love your style!!!

Natalia C says:

you are taking me back! love the collection.

Dawn Loves Couture says:

Found a vintage Troter at the flea market last week. 🙂

Style Me Shauna says:

Mel you are def on the money with this one!!!

Mybagoftheday says:

I love vintage Dior! I think these things hold their dignity and aesthetics no matter if they are on trend or not.

Pretty Facet says:

what are good sites where I can find real vintage dior? I find ebay to be really unreliable.

heartsmelody189 says:

This print is on the rise! Rihanna has already pulled it out and she’s such a trendsetter. I bought a vintage Dior in this print in December and it cost me $100, and now the same bag is going for $160 – buy now buy now!!!

A G says:

i have that pouch too! do u know that removable ‘D’ itself is a hook clasp, u can open and snap close it, hang it on ur bags.

Wiccan witch says:

I still have my 2 Dior saddlebags and love them. That mini bag is so freaking cute!!

Barb B says:

any trustedseller recommendations to purchase from ? which one did you buy from? TIA:)

claudpat11 says:

What shirt are you wearing? Very boho.. love your look in this video

Lo Lo says:

Love this kind of video from you Mel! You made me want to start looking into those Dior bags. Beyonce with the Rails shirt and Saddle bag, yes yes yes! btw you look radiant mama! xo

Jordan Ciera Williamson says:

I knew my Boston trotter would be “cool” again. I do need to get the side piping fixed, so I better hurry up!

Hilda Barboza says:

I have a question do you buy from only the USA?

nosleeeeptilbrooklyn says:

noooooo lmao you gave away the secret now they’ll all be gone

Kieu-Linh Caroline Valverde says:

Please name and link all your great purchases. Thanks!

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