Hello and a very warm welcome to my channel! Today’s video is a Dior handbag reveal video, woohooooo! I saved up my pennies and treated myself to this beautiful piece and I cannot even begin to explain how excited I am by this bag and how much I adore it! I do really hope that you enjoy the video and please don’t forget to subscribe…it makes my day! Do also check out my Instagram @the_wantlist I would love it if you would follow me on there too. Much love x

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Mini “Diorever” Bag in Black Leather

Dimensions: 21 x 17 x 17 cm

Price (at time of filming) £2,150

All of the products reviewed in this video were purchased with my own money. This video does not feature a paid product review.


April Jordan says:

I just love your videos. I’m feeling a bit crappy with a headache today, but just watching your videos is cheering me up so much! Your voice is so soothing and the aesthetic of your videos is just wonderful.

Silver Lips says:

The Diorever looks very beautiful in this size!

Jamie Lewis Artistry says:

Love this! I own 5 Dior handbags and they are my absolute favorite fashion house, not only because of the designs and quality, but the service is consistently amazing. Can’t wait to see your other bags!

napalmedpyjamas says:

Lovely bag

irene yvette Butler says:

You cut you hair! Oh I did like it long…but then I also liked it brown and grew into loving this color the more I saw it. 🙂 You take those deep breaths in when you talk, please don’t edit them out. It is those little things about you that add to making your videos so special. Thanks for sharing the bag…not my fav. personally, but I can’t wait to see the others! Really love your videos.

Between Naps On The Porch says:

Always love your reviews! Beautiful bag!

Sly3n says:

Lovely bag! I am a huge Dior fan. I think they not only have better customer service then Chanel but also better quality then Chanel for a better price. I have seen a decrease in Chanel quality and service over the last few years while the price tag is increasing by leaps and bounds. Dior has maintained impeccable service and quality without the enormous price hikes. Yes, their prices have also increased but no where near the increases that Chanel has been doing.

Karena Lowe says:

What a totally stunning bag – good for you. Dior is so iconic and you already have Chanel so why not mix it up a bit? It’s really beautiful 🙂

Abigail Hare says:

Beautiful bag! Can’t wait for the other reveals!!

Geraldine McCormack says:

Hi I just got the small size in grey,love it so much.enjoy ur new bag.

Alisha Ricki says:

You have such great taste in bags !!! You have a new subbie =)

Semsem Bryant says:

Totally agree about the difference in service between Chanel and Dior. I’m definitely considering a Dior bag for my next purchase as prefer the look of them anyway. Congratulations on this little beauty, it is gorgeous! Xx

Valery says:

There’s something about Dior bags. Classic but modern. Feminine but badass. Absolutely loving your choice.

Behnaz Parhizkari says:

I could not agree more about Dior’s top notch service. I have been to Dior boutiques on multiple occasions in different countries and their service is impeccable every time. They make you feel so welcomed, are extremely helpful and go out of their way to make you feel comfortable. It has become one of my all time favourite luxury brands for this reason alone. Love your new Diorever bag! Enjoy love!

Mia S. says:

Im so happy you nixed Chanel due to customer service! More youtubbers need to follow suit instead of posting complaints. The loss of revenue and responsible posts such as this one would hopefully make them change their practices.

nawara kh says:

you make great videos, and i would love to be able to watch all of your videos but unfortunately your videos are usually pretty long and not to the point so i get bored very fast and leave.

MSpanders10 says:

I just love Dior bags something so special about them. My Lady Dior is one of my favorite bags in my collection. A big congratulations on the bag I love it in the BB size.

Dr. Kathleen Ruddy says:

Brilliant.  So well done.  Cheers to you for walking away from poor service at Chanel.  Thanks!  Doc

skylilly1 says:

Love the bag!

anns1961 says:


kelli loves3 says:

Isn’t it a shame that when you’re ready and willing to drop a bunch of money, you get poor service! Their loss at Chanel, congrats on the beautiful Dior bag!

Mariana Ayerbe says:

wow!!! beautiful bag!!!! such a lucky girl!!! congratulations!!!!

ItsOnlyWarPaint says:

Gorgeous and Cute

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