Comparison – What Fits 💖LV Zoe . Dior . Prada💖


Zohra B says:

YOUR reviews are on POINT And I like your slg collection. I’m always on the hunt to find the perfect small wallet/card holder that is not to bulky and is very functional. I don’t lik to fold my money and I wear maximum 4 cards on me, most of the time I carry my coins in a separate coin holder but if I can take it in the same wallet/card holder it would be great. Something like the Zoe wallet from LV but I wold like another brand. Lv don’t ship to my country and there is no LV boutique wear I live so if you have any suggestion I’m all ear. I like leather card holder/wallet the most. The Prada was very nice but it’s a no no. The concept is not good at all. The Dior is a little to big. The Kate spade Thompson or adalyn street seems to be ok but but finding detailed review like you do is rare. You go to the point. Shows the product and gave very informative details. So thumbs up

lvluxdelight says:

great comparison video! Thank you!! Xoxo

oOhiLOo says:

Thanks for the detailed review. Can you do a comparison video of the LV Zoe and Victorine wallet? Thanks xx

Jaynive Obnimaga says:

Hi. How is the pink part leather material like? Do you think it will get scratched/damage easily?

Bohemian Girl says:

Hi dear, may I much is the Dior one, and do you have the model name/number for it? Thank you in advance

Africah Harrigan says:

Excellent comparison video!

Sheena/Clarence Lange says:

Darn good info. I actually bought the CD wallet based on your video. Lol. TQ

winnie gemini says:

I wanted the victorine/ zoe wallet earlier. Went to the store and didn’t like how it feels. In the end, I got the Dior wallet thanks to your review! Your video is the only review of the wallet I can find. Got it in the Revolution series though. Love it! Thanks again!


Very detailed comparison video. Thank you for sharing ❤️

Selina Dong says:

Does the coin compartment fits a credit card?
Very detailed video!!

Kat L says:

Very interesting – what’s the CD model? I am looking for a small wallet and came across your review. Love the comparison!

mrsadger99 says:

What is the name of the Prada?

happiness says:

Thanks for the detailed video! May I ask how much is the retail price for the Zoe wallet? 🙂

aloha.naomi says:

Thank you for this detailed review!

Georgia Kaounis says:

Wow! 400 subscribers already! And growing! Congratulations

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