Chanel VS Dior Lambskin!

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Jbv65 says:

I totally agree I have the same lady dior in the same color and have usd it several times a week since June and absolutely no scratches. I was told at Dior that there is a protective coating over the lambskin. I was in Starbucks and a woman tossed her coffee cup into the trash and some coffee with cream splashed onto my bag and it rolled right off!!!After I bought mine my husband bought me the black one too . I really have enough black Chanels (jumbo, reissue, coco handle,M/L,small business affinity) so I am going to sell my new Lady dior which I hate to do but like you trying not to duplicate bags.

Styled4Life says:

great comparison.

CapeCodBelle says:

Both bags are beautiful! What size is your Lady Dior? I’m looking forward to seeing what lambskin bag you get next.

Designer Bag Lady says:

Pretty bags!

fashion junky says:

Great video! I have lambskin bags by both Chanel and Dior and I have found the same thing as you – the Dior lambskin holds up better than the Chanel. Both of your bags are gorgeous!!!

Barbara Brown says:

Thanks for sharing! I don’t own either one but it was very helpful information.

Tina Nguyen says:

Thank you for the helpful review! ❤

Kermit's teatime says:

Thanks for the review! I love how buttery soft lambskin is. Definitely need to add a Lady Dior in the future.

Miss Apples says:

Another great video, I agree lambskin is delicate! It is absolutely gorgeous and luxurious feeling but lambskin should come with a warning label. Be prepared for creases, scratches, dents, etc I am grateful I only have 1 bag…..I have learned my lesson. I will only purchase lambskin in slgs because the leather is so buttery soft! Btw, congrats on selling your Coco handle.

Chinyere Egbuta says:

Fantastic video as per usual…loooove your content. I 100% agree with your assessment of Chanel versus Dior lambskin. ❤❤❤❤❤

Suzanne Hall says:

This was a fantastic video, especially as a Lady Dior is on my wish list. I am one of those people who has a vintage Chanel lambskin bag. It’s 28 years old now and still looks fabulous. I do get scratches every time I wear it no matter how careful I am but in all the years I have had it I have never had one that I haven’t been able to eventually rub out. I also polish it once or twice a year with the cloth it comes with and never store it laying down. My advice before buying a lambskin bag is that they wear much better than their reputation suggests, but you have to be willing to commit to a certain amount of care and maintenance. If you are then it will repay you well and look beautiful for many years to come.

Kim Tanaka says:

Would you consider the original LV Speedy 25 in mono and Speedy B 25 in DE to be duplicating bags? I’ll be adding to my LV collection soon but am torn because I have an original 25 in mono and am considering getting the Speedy 25 B in DE, but don’t want to get something people consider to be the “same” bag. Love your Lady Dior btw; she’s gorgeous!

Sarina L says:

Prefer Dior! The new Chanel strap doesn’t has stitches like my old one, the hardware on Chanel is getting worse as well! I prefer Dior ! It’s just sosososo beautiful. Chanel lamb skin doesn’t wears as nice as Dior Lambskin. But your purchase is safe due to you got the most classic model and safe colors.

Jessica Su says:

Love youuu ❤️

YotaStyle says:

Thanks for doing this video Melinda, I have looked at the Lady Dior and I love it, am considering it as a future purchase. Your Lady Dior is just stunning, I love that color! Great video and review! Very helpful! YotaStyle

Leo Lion LV says:

Love this video so much! Great comparison and two beautiful bags ♥ Happy Tuesday!

Sarina L says:

I sold all my Chanel caviar skin bag I bought mid 2000, to buy more Dior. So many people has Chanel. I felt more special in my Dior!

Sabrina Shekofteh says:

Great review darling. I used to have Lady Dior in black, and I absolutely loved that bag. I didn’t baby it, but when I sold it, it still looked great. It was lambskin, but it kept its shape and looked fantastic. I really miss it. Maybe someday I will get a smaller size one. Have a good evening.xo

Kathy Gray says:

This is a very-very interesting video..! Good research too, sharing information given to you by a someone who has worked for both companies. Thank you!

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