Chanel Boy Bag vs. Dior Diorama – How To Choose Chanel or Dior -Cost, Capacity, Aesthetic, Quality +

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Dior & Chanel Resale Value for these 2 bags: Chanel vs Dior on resell – Chanel consistently has a higher resale value than Dior (and 9/10 times Chanel exceeds every other luxury brand except for Hermes and the rare exceptions such as highly sought after limited edition pieces) – so that’s definitely a positive for the Boy Bag. However another point I forgot to mention is that Chanel Boy Bags are the number one piece from Chanel that consistently has the highest resale value over their other seasonal bags and even their classic flaps with the exception of their mini square & rectangular flaps (they are on par) for resale value. The Diorama has a big positive too as the Diorama has the best resale value out of any of the Dior line up of bags – the resale value is far superior for the diorama vs the lady dior, the dior addict, the diorever, and other dior handbags 💕💙

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Jasminka D. says:

Loved this video. If I was on the market for a new bag, I’d go with Chanel. Just because the Boy was released first, which would make it the original ( shape ). If you know what I mean. Even though I love Dior as well.

Vicky Andrea says:

I knew the USA had a really recent price increase I didn’t realize Canada did too! I assume the classic flaps too? Do you happen to know the m/l and jumbo new prices? Btw as always fab video and I totally agree on your points I feel the same way about these two bags xoxo

Inq Sheen says:

It’s Le Boy for me as well. In lots of consignment stores, I’ve seen Le Boy sell over its retail value. It’s high in demand. Plus it’s Chanel. The brand does matter. Also, Le Boy is more versatile IMO. I had the GHW & it looked so elegant. You can dress it up & dress it down. The RHW look is more casual. The Diorama, IMO, only looks good with in Metallics like the one you are showing; however, this would be too flashy for day to day or weekend wear. I feel this look would be more for special occasion. I did not like the look of the matte calfskin Diorama…so, hands down Le Boy!

Cris Yorke says:

Dior looks so much better.

saknarongdech says:

The Dior alma especially in this leather and colour is stunning, I would love to have one! However, early this year I bought my chanel boy in similar color but in lamp skin. I went to the dior boutique to compare side by side and i have to admit the dior looks more expensive and looks more unique since not many people have it. It going to take me a year to save up again, but I think my next bag would be dior 🙂 I hate to say but i think i am enough with Chanel since i own both classic and boy. I can’t tolerate the price increase anymore, its insane!

Paula Thornton says:

Chanel all the why

blushngloss4ever says:

the dior is beyond stunning! but i heard it peels over time??

Kiarnii Miller says:

omg you remind me so much of busy phillips!! (also in love with that chanel bag!!) x

Ciliawillia says:

I don’t own a CHANEL but, I’ve always wondered, do the hardware to the chains have a metal smell to them after several months or years
Or any other high end handbags like the Dior
If you could reply it would really help me in my future purchase
Both look beautiful

RealLifeGlam says:

Great video!

CC Libre says:

What about resell value…great video!!

blackchickadee1 says:

I’m totally with you,
Chanel and a Dior are both gorgeous but the Double C wins all the time. Gorgeous bags and it’s so amazing you have both!!

Clorox Bleach says:

Personally,I think the Diorama looks much better and I like the quality of Dior over Chanel.

TheATeam 87 says:

in fabric versus leather lined, does this affect how you put things in the bag? Such as making sure items do not scratch the interior. Plus, I prefer the Chanel I feel like it holds its value more and that Chanel makes more timeless pieces

Kim Vu says:

For most bag styles, namely the classic flap, trendy cc, chanel wins hands down. The only exception for me is the boy bag, which I own and never reach for mainly because when worn cross body, I find that my hair repeatedly gets caught in the buttons on the leather part of the strap and rips my hair out so I have discontinued using it for that reason. It is also cumbersome to use as you cannot open the boy with one hand without the bag tipping over due to the uneven weight distribution. And being more expensive compared to the diorama, the boy bag is not leather lined/full leather bag.

Sylvia Irbib says:

Love your videos. Thank you for the review. I have to agree with you the boy bag is my favourite of all times. I just got my second one last week in the new medium Chevron caviar. My first is the old medium quilted calf. As you can tell the boy has stolen my heart time and time again!
Much love from Toronto
Stay sweet always

natalie says:

LOVEE BOTH! I do want a diorama, so stunning! ⭐️

Abeer Khalid says:

New subbie loved the video. I have the classic in m/l and was thinking of adding a more versatile everyday bag for all occasions hence I am seriously confused between diorama medium in iron grey with champagne gold or boy bag. Which would you say is a bag for everything?

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