BEST BARGAIN FIND EVER!!! LADY DIOR REVEAL! (And what it fits + mod shots)

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Hey guys as requested here’s a video on my latest purchase the lady dior! Its my first lady dior bag and let me tell you I have been absolutely in love with her!


Bag: Vintage Christian Dior Lady Dior Cannage Medium Black Lambskin leather Gold Hardware
Ebay Seller:

Other recommended sellers that I’ve used in the past:
Gallery Rare:
Brand JFA:

Rachiella’s Dior review video:


Halliedaily –
Galmeetsglam –


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Mel in Melbourne says:

What a score! You find the best deals! I can’t believe it’s 20 years old it look sooooo good! Well done hun and congrats on your beautiful new vintage beauty! xx

EddaElid says:

Instead of cleaning your Lady Dior yourself you should consider taking it to a Dior boutique and let them clean it for you. They offer complimentary cleanings on Dior bags and will inspect it for you and let you know if there are any issues you should take care of now before the bag gets damaged. They really take great care of their customers.

I’ve seen many of the Japanese sellers on eBay and one thing I notice is that many describe item as “sticky feeling. I’m not sure what it is they are referencing. By any chance do you?

Enjoy your Lady. You will get so much joy knowing not too many people carry her. It’s what I love the most about this bag.

Ambot Lng Saimo says:

hi, how will you know its a real dior? i’ve heard japanese resellers are very good on super fake stuff. That is one of the reason i don’t like to trust ebay and always use trusted consignment stores.

Rosemary Cang says:

This vintage bag’s gold hardware is stunning!

Julieana Sitty says:

heyy june!you are my inspiration.xoxo

Rachel Potter says:

do you know the dimensions of this bag? is it the medium size?

angeline phan says:

As I watched the bag in the video I think you got a replica Lady Dior. Dont trust ebay sellers. Btw You should take the bag for authentication or use it you will see the gold on the hardwear start to fade out over few times

WW Jackie says:

Yes, yes….looking for a personal shopper in Europe….happy to give you my email address…please.

Donna Mantellato says:

would love to see how I clean your bag video.

elle be says:

absolutely stunnnnnning!!!!! xoxo love it!

marietejero says:

This Lady Dior & the dark red Chanel flap are my faves of all your pre-loved finds! Just curious, how long is the shoulder strap in inches?

Liezl Joie says:

You’re surrounded by people who get you and your obsession 🙂

Cherrylimeade0235 says:

She is absolutely gorgeous; I eventually want one in patent leather possibly in the large size. I’d love to buy pre-owned. Is this ebay store pretty thorough and authentic? Have you made other purchases from them before?

Kieu-Linh Caroline Valverde says:

I subscribed to feed your addition.

jasmintch says:

I always love this bag but never took the plunge but after this video I’ll def reconsider it. Thanks June x

Jeannette Adanza-Robinson says:

Well done June for your excellent purchase

Mary loveforbeautyproducts says:

Love your bag!it is beautiful.enjoy!

Kourtney Putman says:

please do a video on cleaning all of your different types of handbags! i would love to see how you clean different materials!

Sandra C. says:

Finally someone who loves handbags as much as I do!!! You always get such great pre loved bags!

val 1 says:

heyyyjune love your channel…have already stalked lady diors on those Japanese ebay stores! would love a selection like yours…its amazing you have great taste!!

Chicgeek 85 says:

she’s a beauty babe! glad you did the video. congrats on the purchase!

elise c says:

idk but your bangs make u look like J.Lo. SO FAB

Jan Victor Andasan says:

Sorry to bug! I wanted to find out what company you used to authenticate your bag. I have been hunting one since I saw your video and there are a few prospects, or one, and it’s vintage piece but I don’t want to bite the bullet without confirmation of its authenticity. Thanks for all the help and bag inspiration. Jajaja


How do you get a 10% discount off an eBay purchase?

meiltoo says:

Yes to a cleaning video!

Elle Newman says:

The lining of the bag matches your lipstick exactly!!! It’s gorgeous

mrstlc68 says:

Love the bag it is gorgeous!! Also, your necklace that is blue always catches my eye!! What is it??

Haf Sa says:

the way you were manhandling your new bag !!!

Flamingo Cheung says:

I love your new hairstyle!!

Criela Fragante says:

“Oh nooooo. I don’t think so.” LMAO

Norizan Shahabudin says:

Hi. Just wondering whether you had the bag professionally authenticated?

Denise ONeal says:

LOOOOOVVVEEEE handbag videos. I have a collection also.

chen_kuting Fernandez says:

You inspired me my dear.. chk out my travel VLOG too♥♥♥♥♥

Ruth Anzalone says:

NEVER apologize for your handbag obsession. It’s TOTES my cuppa as well. <3

Jill Varas says:

Hi June, where did you get your necklaces? Love them!

Brittany G says:

Please please please do a cleaning video!

maria mous says:

awesome find! and for a 20 year old bag the quality is amazing! thanks for sharing! xo

alpacino's babygirl says:

omg no not the water bottle in your dior

Jill F says:

Congrats on your great find! Youve mentioned before your love for ebay, and japanese sellers particularly. I am in US and I love ebay as well but have been hesitant to buy from non-US based sellers, due to my ignorance on any tax and fee implications. Would you do a video educating us on rules and regulations on high priced items purchased on ebay? Thanx and you are the best!

distressink says:

congrats!!!! My daughter and I love your channel

smilerainandshine says:

congrats! That’s an awesome price you got it for 🙂

shoppingwithapassion says:

Awesome find girl! What do you think of the new My Lady Dior bags ?

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