Luxury review and close-up (including price and wear and tear) on Diorama metallic clutch bag / WOC (wallet on a chain) & Miss Dior Promenade bag. Includes try-on, what’s in my bag.
As of February 2017: Diorama clutch £1,050. Miss Dior £1,150.





Boots with Butterfly on the Heel

Diorama & Miss Dior

YSL Card Holder


Lipstick “Uninterrupted”

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1. “The Hills Instrumental”

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hansen optenberg says:

New viewer and I’m so glad I stumbled across your channel! Absolutely stunning top! Heading to Paris in a week and I think the Diorama is on my list! ❤️❤️❤️

lightstar says:

I enjoy all your videos so much you are the full package!i wish you would start daily vlogs!❤

Dinara Burkit says:

Hey, Sophie! I was wondering if you think the diorama is a classic and a timeless bag? I currently have a Chanel WOC in lamb with silver hardware and I absolutely love it for its convenience, look and for the fact that it golds its value very well, but sometimes it does not fit everything I want to carry, so I was thinking about getting a YSL or a Dior. The only thing is that I really want the bag to not go out of style for a very long time (not like Celine bags).
By the way, I love your videos, they are very informative and interesting!

ivana Gama says:

do you know if there is been a price increase im intrested in one is a better price then chanel and very stylish …im between woc and medium

Hayley Ng says:

How do you like the diorama in the metallic micro-cannage? Is it the material durable? Does it stain easily? Does it show wearing around the corners quickly with use? I’m considering it in a WOC/clutch version. Your thoughts would be great! Thanks! 🙂

Lauren says:

the diorama is the most beautiful bag I’ve ever seen. I’ve never felt I NEEDED a bag in my life before. I can’t decide which color though: metallic or bleu de minuit.

H K says:

I spy a blush Birkin on your board! I’ll be looking forward to seeing that when you finally snag one!

Janet Roberson says:

Love both the bags, and love your necklace also.

Cherry Tung says:

I was never a fan of Dior but I really want to get one now after seeing your video 😛 Sophie, your videos are dangerous!

Nabiha F says:

Totally agree with the hollow chain thing! It completely put me off the bag because the chain felt really cheap!

Kali Halverson says:

You are beautiful

V_ N says:

love your outfit!

L Jeffers says:

Love them both, thanks for the review

Alma Lopez says:

Hey Sophie! love watching your videos. You should do more story time videos! i loved you paranormal video

Ramona Dorobantu says:

Those butterfly shoes <3 are amaziing. What brand ?? your videos are bomb 😀

Eloise Dean says:

I would love to know your opinions on Prada, on the quality of the bags and if you think they are good investments? I love them and I am looking to buy one but I don’t know if they are just overhyped and not actually worth the money…? Thank you xx

louise cochrane says:

dont mean to be mean truely x

Ine D says:

Hei Sophie, I am going to buy a wallet on chain bag, and I’m currently looking at the GG marmont wallet on chain in red. Do you have any other suggestions you could recommend?
I love your style! <3

Saswathy Nikhil says:

Hi, Sophie thank u very much for such an informative video. Love xoxo.

selina 1 says:

love love love

Tracence Mullings says:

Thank you Sophie for this very detailed review. This review is really helpful to me

Rita-Marie Hartford says:

Thank you so much for sharing! <3 You inspire me so!

Ashleigh Blanc says:

That diorama is beautiful!!

Debra says:

Hey Sophie new subbie here
What do you think about Burberry I was thinking on buying the small banner bag. Thanks!

Issy Q says:

You are my inspiration! Just loooove your videos!

louise cochrane says:

Sophie.. Tati is copying you. Or maybe taking inspiration xx xx

Freya Carrington Walker says:

Would you do a luxury bedding video? Would love to see that xx

Niña Sinmas says:

That Diorama is LUSH!!! <3 xxx

Zeemaya 247 says:

Hi there… Do you know when the diorama wallet on chain was introduced and do you have any idea when they increase their price? I am planning to buy this weekend in the nude if I like it….

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