What’s in my Purse?? Chanel Classic Flap ♥ MakeupMAYhem Day 6 ♥

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The bag shown in this video was limited edition and no longer in most stores. You can contact a Chanel store if you want to see if there are anymore for sale. This is the Medium Classic Double Flap Lambskin in a light pink color, and was purchased in November of last year at the Chanel boutique in Beverly Hills (the timing might help them track the exact pink, as they have released several shades over the years).

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ninoko123 says:

4,900 dollar bag no wonder she doesn’t want to ruin it

Shaheen Shaikh says:

wooooooooow its great but you forgot an emergency medicines if you will need  

ariana delgado says:

love ur purse but u talk
too much

eliza gomez says:

Y you look like a man ……………………………. I love you though

Marissa Fay says:

my starbucks has after coffee breathe mints.

Vicky Sts says:

Chanel ♥

Stephanie C says:

I’m actually In love you. :*
Your so pretty 🙂
Keep making videos. Ignore the people that are rude. DO YO THANG GURL. 😉

Alessandra85 says:

Do you think jumbo is heavy?

Charlie F says:

she look busted

GalemaB says:

why can’t you just get to the point?!?!

ariana delgado says:

love ur purse but u talk
too much

Hannah McLochlin says:

Wow !! This purse is expensive!! I love it!!

Stef Rosas says:

Why the fuck would anyone pay 4,000 for a cheap ass purse. Poor quality my friend had one and that shit got dirty quick and ripped

TifFani Fox B says:

Really want to see your handbags collection! Xoxo

Yuxuan Huang says:

I love classic flaps! I am a luxury dealer, contact: we chat: sorockk, whatsapp: +1 352-318-0942

Kyleen Boyd says:

Please do an updated what’s on my iPhone

xJennifx says:

HAHA i have that too i also don’t like the aftertaste of coffee

Sarah Demiri says:

U just told everyone where ur cash is and u said that u think its safe but now it’s REALY not safe

Sharon Daniella says:

Aww you’re so lucky to have Chanel handbags.

RedRedRadish says:

The zippy pocket would be perfect for love letters! 😉

Wendy Schaller says:

I like your purse

theresevf says:

QUESTION: So I totally watched this last year, but it didn’t mean as much to me at the time (though still a great video). I’m graduating magna cum laude next Saturday, so I just ordered a small pink vintage Chanel Classic flap bag as a present to myself for meeting my academic goals. This brings me to my question.

I know that small and medium have changed over the years. The dimensions of the bag I ordered are 9″ L x 2.5″ W x 5.5″ H. However, the “small” size on the Chanel website is different. **********Do you happen to know the dimensions of this particular Chanel bag?**********  I’m trying to plan and figure out what will and won’t fit in terms of makeup bags and mini-wallets, so I’ll be ready to enjoy my Chanel once it arrives (in case I have to order something).

Thanks sooooo much! I’ve definitely enjoyed your videos for years- especially the sorority recruitment one as I’m a Kappa Delta. P.S. Your videos are seriously getting me through finals!

Suk MaDiq says:

Rich people smh.

Wynn H says:

Can you please do a review of you J12? Thanks!

Emilnananaxo says:

love the southern accent lol!

Catie O'Donnell says:

I have the iPhone SE. What iPhone do you have now?

angelbirdbb says:

love your videos!! I just got a chanel medium flap, video on my channel:)

doxieloverRN says:

Wow you’re just like Reese Witherspoon on Legally Blonde. Love it. lol her name is Elle too 🙂

makeup forever! cos says:

love this

Sara Layla says:

Hello! I just started my own channel & posted a Chanel bag unboxing video, it would mean a lot for you to check it out if you’re interested 🙂 Thank you!

Bridget Stone says:


Eva Levine says:

Get to the creaking purse!!!

Barbara Melville says:

Love the chanel bag.

astridverastegui says:

Yesterday’s bomb in Syria killed 100 people but sorry about your sunglasses. Our society is too isolated. Anyway, your videos give me good organizing tips, the agenda one was great.

Audery C says:

It must be hard to see a lot of criticizing comments.

maria belba says:

My aunt is like that haha she’s not that much older then you! She loves coffee but hates the aftertaste lol she always has her mints!

Melody Sackett says:

I love love LOVE coffee, but hate the aftertaste too! Oh well. I’m still drinkin it.

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