What’s in my Chanel Grand Shopping Tote & Review

What’s in my Chanel GST, including a full review and my tips to keep your handbag looking beautiful. Check out my Ebay sale: www.ebay.ca/usr/ghillside

My Chanel Grand Shopping Tote was purchased on Waikiki where the Sales Associate, Angie, ordered it from Las Vegas. I paid 2,650 dollars for it.
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angelbirdbb says:

I uploaded a what’s in my bag with Chanel GST video on my channel! Check it out if you are interested=) Thank you & See you!

Katia new age says:

6 minutos de intro. No sera mucho?

Maria Austria says:

Hi Elle!!! You seem so nice and a classy lady. I Love your review. Keep up the good work girl:)

Esinam Attivor says:

I have this bag in caviar with gold hardware and I love it….my first Chanel which I got earlier this year in January in Dubai

Daniele Beltran says:

Hi. I just noticed something. I’m not a hater and I don’t mean to be disrespectful in any way. It looks like you had your collagen enhanced. It kind of looks like you had plastic surgery done on your face or you did something to your cheeks.

solitudelove says:

I love your bag!! So pretty!

ScarDollify says:


Pam Snyder says:

Enjoyed your video….I have the same bag & love it!

britney love says:

super cute bag,, loved it..

iluvyou345 says:

Gorgeous bag! Love the idea of the handbag hook

andrea cherry says:

I love the Caviar with the gold hardware! My classic flap is that particular style and its very chic! I think the tote will probably be my next investment Chanel piece…its more spacious than the classic flap, its more practical for a mommy;)) TY babes! ♥

plelclalnls says:

I have a quick question. I kind of worried as I just bought pre-loved GST and I found that the leather seems different (Not as soft as)from Chanel bifold caviar skin. Do you think it is normal? Or it is just because Chanel change the leather for GST?

kelli loves3 says:

I paid $2900 for mine and I love it! Enjoy

Ada Solly Styling says:

Love this bag as I have it as well. Thanks for sharing.

hapaidol says:

Nice bag! I thought I was the only one that didn’t like the BBW hand sanitizer!

Daniele Beltran says:

I can also tell that you may have had plastic surgery on your lips. Your lips are collagen.

macwoodwinked says:

how old are you ?

Vicky Daza Butler says:

I need this bag like none other.

Susie Easton says:

LOVE it!!! What’s your new job title? A hot shot lawyer I bet! You’ve worked so hard I know. Been watching you for years! Also, where is your necklace from? 🙂

แอน อารยา says:

Hi Elle , my name is Ann From Thailand , I love bags

La Tasha Williams says:

Very nice

Style playground says:

Love the bag, I think it suits you perfectly! I am actually thinking of filming handbag reviews for my channel as well, I always find your unboxing videos so good that it inspired me! 

J WONG says:

need this bag!

Becky L says:

Love the bag! What lipstick are you wearing?

Supa Jupa says:

I wish we could see more of the contents. You’re pretty and all, but we’re here to see the bag and the goodies inside. 


Great video! I was wondering how the bag is holding up with use. 🙂  I would still like to do YouTube video’s but it’s taking longer than I thought because I’m working on  3 business ideas so they’re taking priority. The kitty mirror is so cute! 

Emma Jayne says:

That is a gorgeous bag!! I also make videos and would love it if you would like to check out my channel! 🙂 xx

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