Hi everyone! Today’s video is a guide to the Chanel Classic Flap. This is a long one so I’ve listed the different sections below in case you want to skip to a specific section.

Chanel Guide Blog Post:

Background: 2:00
Sizes: 3:52
What fits inside each bag: 8:25
Materials and Wear and Tear/ Durability: 12:41
Colours and Hardware: 18:37
Availability: 22:22
Modeling Shots: 25:48

5 Year Review of the Chanel Jumbo:

Comparison Video between Square and Rectangle Mini:


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Rachel Huang says:

This is the most informative Chanel flap guide ever, thank you Amie!

MaggyP Lukmanjaya says:

Definitely the most through chanel review and comparisons. Thankyou,dear

Inês Yebra says:

I really want the black classic flap bag but the price is ridiculous and it gets higher every year!! I just feel like I could buy so many other things with the same money

prhoductive says:

thank you for this detailed video. I found it very helpful. What is your view point of the patent leather chanel bags?

kima lakoju says:

soooo insightful!!! Many thanks Amie..

Vallauris 22 says:

Sliding and re-adjusting the chain is music to my ears.

King Dior says:

this video is very informative but it’s too damn long.

Irene M. says:

How much cost the mini and square now?

vanessaxoxo says:

Gabrielle created the turn lock I believe. I have a vintage flap from with the turn lock. 🙂 Great video Amie!

Anh Thach says:

Do u ever have any problems with the leather strap coming out of the chain?

Addrianna Alcantara says:

great video!! I am thinking of getting the timeless classic in chevron with calfskin leather. What is your opinion on the durability factor of calfskin???

Hilary810 says:

Hello Chase Amie:) What would you recommend If I buy one classic black caviar chanel bag, between medium and jumbo size for everyday?

El3yon El7azeneh says:

Amazing review honestly and smart as well , I was confused between medium and jumbo but I made up my mind after the video to go for jumbo

Skyler Scott says:

I’m looking into purchasing my first Chanel bag and this was SO helpful! Thank you for the beautiful video! 🙂

epiklab ambisyosa says:

Hi Amie! I love your Youtube channel! I’ve been watching for a year now and I must admit I’m addicted! Keep up the good work! I do have a question, if you don’t mind, I want to buy a vintage classic flap bag (in any size) but I do want it to be from 1980 specifically. Is there a way to find out what year the bag was released? thanks again for your in depth reviews and videos. I look forward to more!!! Cheers!

Brian & Lan says:

Love this video. I enjoy watching all your videos and find myself keep coming back to already-watched ones just because how clear and engaging your presentation is.

Jennifer Klimas says:

Could watch your videos all day. I love my Chanel’s, each of them. Thank you.


Thx for sharing. I doubt on which size is good

Alba González says:

Hello Amie. I really love your videos. I am thinking to buy my first Chanel. I found a nice Chanel Vintage Classic “Diana” in lambskin, black. I am between that one or a Chanel mini square… what do u recommend? I have not seen any of these in person.

Googlegirl says:

What do you think of the Chanel Coco Handle bags?

Inq Sheen says:

Hi Amie – can you please do a video on how you care for your Chanel handlbags & if you use any conditioning products on them at all? Thank you

vivian guo says:

Hi Amie, I enjoyed your videos!!! You always look so elegant and gorgeous. Right now, I am looking for my first chanel bag. I was thinking about Caviar mini square. However, I saw one vintage mini square online with excellent condition and the price is $2250. How do you think of this deal?

tyler Frank says:

they actually never call you on the waiting list i was first on one for six months the bag came in my credit card was even their and they ended up giving it to someone who came in the store a few days after…. the us waiting lists dont really work 90% of the time

Lauren Whalan says:

Your collection is amazing!!
This was a great video! So helpful.

HugsNKisses says:

this is so informational! thank yo so much for putting in the hard work, it’s greatly appreciated!

Mom of3 says:

Fantastic and thorough. Thanks for the info and help

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