Super fakes – is your chanel bag real?

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Alicia love says:

Everything looks good but the code in the bag is not in the center…

Neuron plastic says:

Fake accent

Adele says:

amazingly helpful! thank you for your hard work! xoxo

Lecya0505 says:

Hi Winnie, your informative videos saved me from buying a very expensive super fake bag for my 30th birthday. Thank you very much. You are the best! 🙂

LaylaLuxe says:

I disagree on markings on the cc closure there a lot of authentic Chanel bags this days that don’t have the markings on the cc closure lock and still marked as made in France without the mark on the cc also the foil mark inside the distance from the cc stitched logo is no longer like this they varies in placement and distance Chanel must have change that….partial inaccurate info can make u think the safest way to buy a bag is at the store it self…. or reputable luxury resale company I guess

Gulgun Sardarova says:

Fake one where do u buy?

Connie Pe says:

Thank you for this information . It can help a lot.

Patrix542 says:

that small bag is so freaking ugly

Fictonal Cosmos says:

I don’t understand rich people, but informative.

2008MrsKim says:

Now they know exactly what they need to improve…and it wasn’t….holy cow

awies 007 says:

whether its fake or the real one they’ll became ashes when fire consume them

Redza Abdulah says:

Who fucking cares if it’s real or fake? I buy Chanel replica bags and nobody even notice. With that thousands of dollars I would use that money to travel, going for cruises and eat junk food. When you die, would you bring your Chanel bag into your casket? Luxury and material wealth doesn’t lasts. What lasts is your confidence and personality. Just saying bitch.

Cupcakeprincess says:

I bought a classic Chanel from a reputable EBay store in Japan. Everything about it seems real. Im 95% sure it’s real.

Kim De leon says:

Some original vintage chanel bags have been to a bag restorer . The stitching might be different as they were trying to restore the bag.

Anna Banana says:

Very good Video! Do you still have this super fake Vintage Bag? If yes, would you sell it, it would be interessed in it ? I think it’s always good to have a bag like this, so you can compaire it when you buy “authentic” bags and check if they are really authentic. I would appreciate it, it you would write me back.

A-Wear-Ness says:

Get that pencil away from the butter leather!

Diane Lieu says:

Every where all handbags is fake, they copied exactly. Unless you buy in real retail stores. Is can be true.

Sunshyne239 says:

Hello there Winnie. I recently purchased a Chanel chevron denim boy bag. I would really like to authenticate it. Can you give me any tips to look for. I need it authenticated ASAP before my 10days are up to send it back. The Chanel boutiques don’t authenticate and really need help. Please


Okay so I’m freaking out right now. I bought a Chanel Classic Double Flap from a Neiman Marcus Chanel boutique. The CC hardware does not have the little hallmark stamp on it so I would expect it to be made in Italy. It is stating made in France. All other key points meet that it is authentic. Is this a fake then?

Sksj ksjsn says:

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Melissa Bulqis says:

Thanks for the info. Cuz so many people have put their bags on sale on even a trustworthy app and I’ll never carry fake bag, ever. I prefer to buy my bags on the brand’s boutique.

Nina Jen says:

Hi! Winnie
I saw a CC jumbo on Fashionphile and it have a Hallmark on CC logo but it’s made in Italy! Regarded from your explanation .. that Jumbo bag is Fake ?
Fashionphile is a Trusted site, Are they selling fake? I’m confused 🙁
Could you or anyone could help for more info?

Stephanie Antoine says:

with the super fakes so spot on, if i cant buy it at a chanel store, it doesn’t make sense to take the risk

Becky Tusing says:

hi, i have a jumbo lambskin version. which has the “made in Italy” just below the logo. and the logo is flat laid. do you mean all the jumbo bags are fake??

pro pro says:

Hi winnie,
Thanks for the nice video and it’s really informative! I enjoyed watching your videos so much! You have mentioned in the video, the only bag that Chanel do machine stitch down the interlacing is with vintage jumbo flaps, how about modern jumbo flaps (those selling in store now)? If I see machine stitch on the interlace of styles other than jumbo flaps, I Can be sure that it is a fake bag, right? Correct me if I am wrong, thank you!

Morgan Olfursson says:

Gabrielle Chanel used fake gold fake pearls fake diamonds all the time , she couldn’t care less. She thought that style was not a matter of money , only fashion is a matter of money and Coco hated fashion . She said fashion was for stupid people, while style was for intelligent people . If you like the style of the fake bag then get the fake bag . Fake means nothing, it only means that you refuse , like Gabrielle, to spend a million on jewelry because you can appear just as stylish wearing fake jewelry ,
A bad imitation which does not respect the style of chanel is a stupid purchase but a super fake which respect every detail except the ones nobody is going to notice , is a terrific purchase especially if it didn’t cost you 1/100 of the real deal.
Fake doesn’t necessarily mean , lack of quality , it only means made by a different person . And if you knew how terrible the quality is in France this days in the little atelier , you might think twice before spending 4000 dollars on a bag .

Nina Jen says:

Hi Winnie
you claimed that the hallmark is supposed to be “made in france” and some Authenticate site says that the hallmark means the hardware is gold plated
regarded it’s made in France or Italy. even some website claim to sell
authentic bags has the hallmark with “made in italy” so which is the
real answer? Please reply,Thx.

Ricky Sunaryo says:

Winnie, my mom swears by the authenticity of her 2.55 lambskin Chanel flap bag, but according to your explanation, hers is not authentic: there’s a marking on the CC logo, but it says “made in italy”. The serial number is 3001393. That’s the only thing off from this bag. What do you think? Thanks

Len Street says:

So what if it’s a fake.

Sasha A says:

The fake looks just as good. I wouldn’t care. Save me thousands ☺️

Anluxe M says:

Just get to the point without the rambling

Nikola Lindenberg says:

One sure-fire way not to get a fake – get the bag at a CHANEL boutique.

Ik Khan says:

Will a 1996/1997 classic Chanel jumbo have a black or burgundy interior?

lee huiwen says:

Hi can you do a video about identifying Chanel mini rectangular fur flap series?

krazzysu says:

Also the font on the box is a bit bolder than the authentic box.

allmyjm says:

My recently purchased classic medium flap in gold hardware doesn’t have the hallmark on the cc logo. It’s made in France. Is this a change for new bags? Thanks.

TheNeverendingStory says:

I’ve seen fake cards which are plastic and looking professional

Jenny Ho says:

Hi, you mentioned that a authentic Chanel chain stitching should not be machine stitch and it should be stitched inside not along the outside. I have recently purchased a vintage patent leather camellia flower mini which the chain stitching is on the outside. Would this rule applies as well, how do you authentic non classic seasonal Chanel bag ?

Sixpack Young says:

Would you do a video for Bottega Veneta please.

Minh Phung says:

I bought a chanel bag from the store, and my leather con the chain has stiches.  its a seasonal mini

SatineMoisant says:

Wait what?!! At first she said the Super Fake Lambskin Leather had a real sheen and high stitch count and called it authentic vintage! Now it’s fake?!! I’m soooooooo confused which one is REAL!! Did she switch bags?

Hoang Dang says:

This is not super fake sorry, this is only good fake

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