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Norah says:

Love your honesty ❤️❤️❤️

Pretty Lina says:

Why is this vlog so panicy, chill out

Marie S says:

Would you ever consider making really cool keychains? I was shopping around for one yesterday and kept trying to find something that was an hrh vibe, no luck obvi

Toadz Time says:

Living for this line! I may have to definitely purchase!! Hair and makeup is to die for.. #killinIT

Nicole Novo says:

FAKE bag

Korean Em says:

I’ve never watched a more materialistic person. I’m so amazed at how little brain cells you have but have a good day:)

catslave says:

This bag still looks much much more better than that Céline Plastic Bag though. 🙂

Meesh says:

she hates the bag she loves the bag buy it don’t buy it this video is so confusing

“please insert name here” says:

I don’t care what anyone says, personally, I really love the bag! Even though it’s made out of plastic, it’s visually pleasing for me.

Jhel Valencia says:

I get your point girl. But it’s cute!!!

liebingf says:

I like the bag!!! … Unfortunately I am a poor artist. But If I would have the money I totally would buy it. If you don´t wanna have it anymore, please send it out to me . =)

Mybagoftheday says:

I do get it though. They all mess with us, not only Chanel, none of the prices are realistic, leather or not. And yet we keep wanting and buying their bags. But when you carry this bag, you know you know! Let them fool!

Kylie Tuter says:

$2,600 is 3 months rent for me..

Sophie T says:

love the bag but indeed it’s a dream for Chinese replica companies lol

Jessica S says:

I work with pvc, and it’s stiff because it’s a high gauge pvc, not because it’s “cheap.” I imagine they chose a higher gauge so that it could withstand the perforations caused by the sewing machine, and not tear over time. Softer vinyls may “feel” nicer, but they lack durability by comparison. Sewing with vinyls is tricky, and you have to find a fine balance between esthetic and function. But regardless, vinyl is not expensive and never will you find a vinyl product “nice enough” to justify a $2,000+ price tag. C’mon now.

holland_bri says:

lmao you’re cracking me up in this video!

Krista Roman says:

I had to buy a clear bag for concerts since we can’t even have a small purse in this world anymore. Mine is black and clear like this but from ebay. Wish mine was Chanel, lol!

Gigi Elaine says:

LOVE the video , you should get your hair long again .
love you

Josanne Phelps says:

Chanel needs to pay you for making the bag way more fly with the addition of your merch!

Lee Kwan Yong says:

Your talking is all over the place.

lori b says:

I feel the same way about the iPhone X. I would have rather have kept my 7 plus. I love the bag but.. lol.

Dan & his Books says:

I skipped my morning pastry with coffee and substituted it with this video. Thanks love! Ps That bag is nothing with out you holding it!

Mishma Lubabi says:

Wow youre so stupid and desperate enough to buy a $2600 plastic small bag. Fucking new money stupid show off. Wth this is just mad.

Jennifer Sarris says:

I don’t understand why would you pay so much money for a chanel a bag that you think it is cheap. Is it just because it is chanel? I guess you have money to burn. Chanel is laughing to the bank, obviously. Peace.

Sunshine Sparkle says:

For the first time i must admit.. I love your eye makeup look! the best so far

Rachel Gee says:

I thought this was a parody chanel.
Like Miss Swan pretty beauty nail. She buy the dress and Swan and Swaaannnnn.

Angela DJ says:

I’ve gotta have that bracelet! I’m a pharmacist and meds are my livelihood! Lol going to order now!!

Keayanna Davis says:

ooo girl i didn’t take you for a french tip girl

shan says:

Stop staring in the viewfinder wtfffffffffffFFFFF

Major Gahir says:

Such a first world problem isn’t it

Libby Hall says:


Landfantasia says:

Love that fucking bag

Rebecca Crider says:

Kjaer = keer 🙂 That is my maiden name

brownangel926 says:

Will you bring your bookbag back??

Gogotej1 says:

I admire u more now for being so true and honest

Donna Grant says:

i LOVE that bag, it’s so ridiculous but fabulous

angie curran says:

Gosh you’re really into “stuff” anyway it seems to make you happy .

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