MY BAG COLLECTION! | Chanel, Gucci, Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton

Long time no see my lovelies! I wanted to share the stories behind the bags in my collection and also give a little tour of my most recently acquired purse, the Chanel Boy Bag. Check out The Real Real here:

If you want to see more vids like this (a shoe collection maybe?) give this vid a thumbs up and comment to let me know!


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▶▶ MY BAGS ◀◀

Chanel Small Boy Bag

Gucci GG Marmont Backpack

Gucci GG Marmont Matelassé Bag

Gucci Disco Bag

Chanel Ruffled Clutch

Chanel Box Flap Bag

Chanel M/L Classic Flap Bag

Balenciaga City Bag

Louis Vuitton Trevi PM

Louis Vuitton Azur Speedy 25


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Disclaimer: Huge thank you to The Real Real for partnering on this video!


Janice Wong says:

I have never considered Gucci as a brand bc of of the association with being “old” and “pretentious” but the pieces you showed in your collection look absolutely beautiful and classy! Inspiring me to check out their selection, especially the Metalasse bag! Love you Jen! <3

Sylvia Jade says:

you have such cute chanel bags!! super unique 🙂

d3dawn says:

Diaper bags next please. I thought I’d see one in this video

accelworldfan says:

I think 10 luxury bags that individually have sentimental value to you are all you need. Really enjoyed your video. I don’t enjoy videos that showcase too many bags because I can’t even remember most of it but your decently sized collection was great to see.

Eliza Ly says:

LOVE LOVE LOVE UR HAIR JEN! You look amazingg!! YES! Please do a show collection hehe❤️

maria elvinia says:

love all your bag collection! ❤️

erika robinson says:

The fact her kids names are Aria and Ezra, makes me miss Pretty Little Liars even more.

natalie tucker says:

i love videos about bags 🙂 and i love that you’re talking about buying second hand luxury items! i love shopping second hand. PLEASE do a tutorial for how you did your hair, it looks so cute!!!!!

Aster Nelson says:

I just randomly found this video somehow. It was in My recommended. I’m so glad I found your channel. Definitely subscribed. There’s just something about your personality and the way you talk that’s very calming..idk. Is that weird?

Lattee Pumpkin says:

How is ur 2nd baby?

SplendidGlamour says:

Omg her kids names are Aria and Ezra like from pretty little liars lol

Samantha says:

Your collection is gorgeous. Id love to see a shoe collection

CuteSimpleThings says:

I think designer bags look really pretty, I just wish there was a way for designers to make them cruelty-free!

Wechat:topreplica4329 Wechat:topreplica4329 says:

Good video! 你好亲们,可以➕威信topreplica4329。我是做高端复刻奢侈品的,有包包,鞋子,衣服,饰品。

WaddlingWaddles says:

Loved watching this video. Would love to see your shoe collection too!

bludoggy503 says:

This was such a cute memory lane video! I was wondering if you had a collection of high street bags/not super luxury bags and if so, if you could do a collection video on them?!

Kristina Cal says:

i love ur bags. basic and classy

Yingshan Kong says:

Lucky me, I got the exactly same boy as you in calfskin preown too!

DaintyGoblin says:

You aren’t showing off at all! I loved seeing your collection, especially since you mentioned a lot of the items were pre-owned.

missmegs says:

ahh i just bought a chanel from the real real for about $900 and i love it!! i’ll be posting a review of mine on my chanel as well! thanks for sharing this video jenn <3

AMS JV says:

And here I am. I’ve used one handbag for 3 years and I cost 26$

Sweetheart Kittens Meow says:

Bring on the shoe collection!! Loved this video. You looked so happy talking about each of your bags. I felt the connection each time. ❤️

Jayne Nguyen says:

So happy by your comment about being conscious of your purchases and being up front about pre-owned and loved goodies!! With the current state and standard of the fashion industry “fast fashion” and high turnover rate of goods = waste, and the general attitude that is ‘new is better’ it’s such a great thing to hear you advocate!

Ariel Valenzuela says:

You’re gone for like months and you think we wanna see a purse video?! Girl no I wanna see your baby!!!!!!

noemi acevedo says:

Beautiful Louis Vuitton Trevi pm !! I have the same bag and I love it

All That Flutters says:

That hair color is so flattering on you, I think this is your best style to date

Mina Kim says:

where did you get your apple watch band????

Shireen says:

just bought myself a vintage chanel for my 25th birthday and I’ve never made a better purchase! It was so cool for me to able to by myself a bag I’ve lusted over for my entire life

Claudia Tan says:

where did you get your bracelet?

TheMiniKitKat says:

Really enjoyed this video! Love your style! ❤️

Courtney Amelia says:

Awesome video!!! Thanks for sharing:)

noemi acevedo says:

Beautiful handbag collection!!

nancy Ma says:

I missed you so much, Jen. Love to hear from you.

anja_olympics says:

Can you wear the white Gucci marmont with jeans? How do you prevent from staining

gamja dan_ says:

I would love to see a shoe collection!

BewareOfTheLamaworm says:

As a 19 year old in college I can’t really afford any luxury bags but when I get my associates next may I plan on buying an LV Speedy. It’ll most likely be second hand but I like second hand better because I feel like it has its own memories with another person and it’s almost like a good luck charm!

winterhappy25 says:

Love your collection!!! Can u also do an updated diaper bag vid?

Sabrina Shekofteh says:

Beautiful collection, xo

internetgirl100 says:

The real real sucks. Bought a fake pair of sunglasses from them (confirmed by an authenticator) and never returned my money in full even though they promised.

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