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Tweed Coord Top – Zara
Tweed Coord Shorts – Zara

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Ruth Leslie says:

i think this is my favourite bag of yours! as much as i like the louis v bags, this is so chic & classic, looks amazing with your outfit here….. c’est parfait!

Wendy S The Loving Fifty says:

I became obsessed with this bag recently too and LOVE yours so much. It’s a classic, elegant, and understated bag. The color is perfection GOOD JOB!!! Do you think classic letter sized files would fit in this? xoxo Wendy

Jenny Lo says:

I love your videos! Do u pay any custom fees when u purchase your luxury goods thru eBay?

ThatsLuxe says:

we are seriously twinning. have the same exact color, hardware and style. using it tomorrow for school!

creebeebug1 says:

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Very nice, and such a classy neutral color!

nicoleadrias says:

hey girl! was just wondering if you could do a video all about your experience in medicine, tips for anyone starting out, and the best places to get scrubs from! I know you talked about possibly doing a video like that, i think I wouldn’t be the only one who would find it extremely helpful! 🙂

Barbied0llfashion says:

I love your videos <3 do you get all your preloved items from Ebay? I've been looking at some things to buy 😛 You are making me addicted to this hahahah

Lou'sBeautyBits says:

Can you please do a what’s in my bag with this bag 🙂 thanks

espice5 says:

gorgeous. gorgeous. gorgeous.

Jas Vance says:

I love your style

Maggy Lukmanjaya says:

Love watching your videos….do you mind if I ask for the website that provide authentication service ? Thanks,Dear

keepitserene655 says:

can you share your agenda collection??

tiff tango says:

Hi im planning get one too. can u do a whats in my bag video with this bag to see how much it can carry. thank u 🙂

twenty28 says:

Funny I was thinking about getting the GST for work, but this looks so much better…hmmmm…

rockdaboat158 says:

Thank you so much for the resources ! I have always been interested in buying pre-loved items but have been super overwhelmed and had no clue where to start 🙂

cantabileloves says:

Omg I love this color! I have the black one but this color definitely stands out and now I wish I have this too.

angelng492 says:

I really want to get the speedy 30b, what are your opinions on it? Do you think the canvas is too thin or if the coloring on the brass will eventually fade and tarnish into another color?

twenty28 says:

Ps: is it heavy?

Aina Lim says:

of all your chanel bags, which is your favorite.

coquetteloves says:

I love your cerf, especially the color. I have mine in black now for almost 4 years. I stuff the bag really well with the tissue paper it came in. It’s very dense. Then I store the bag in its dust bag and lay it in my closet on its side. I haven’t had any sagging!

Kaleigh MacAlpine says:

oh so happy for you! it’s gorgeous!

EduK8Beauty says:

How are you enjoying the bag? I just ordered it and would love your opinion!:). Congratulations and thank you!

sue lei says:

Is it heavy?

Patricia says:

Such a gorgeous bag!!!! That colour is sooooo classy!! By the way I keep wondering where are those round necklaces you wear from? They’re so beautiful! I keep looking at them ! Thx xxxxx

Lux- topia says:

Congratulations. It’s beautiful 🙂

Juiceeyguts says:

hi! do you still use your speedy 25????

Keely Thomsen says:

These bags are beautiful, i have two and i absolutely love them. congratulations !!!

Evelinne Lopes says:

Who is this private seller? I am looking for the same bag!

You Tube says:

It looks fake

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