👉🏽 Which backpack should I keep??

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Tian Tsui says:

Omg babe keep!!!! They are both so beautiful !

TaraEndTheFed says:

I love your black nails. I think you should keep both since they have different hardware.

Ekram Mohammed says:

I like the older one better, it has a lot of character and would last forever. Also the new one seems like a great investment to sell but I don’t see it being an everyday bag especially if you have the LV back packs ( its supper cute still)

Sylvia Brown says:


Kloves3lvandcc Kelli says:

Both are stunning! I would seriously want both but I’m in love with Gabrielle bp it’s so edgy

Sprut6 says:

I feel like the old seems more casual and I do think it looks bigger. maybe try your items in the new bag to make sure it will work but yeah I kind of like the old one better but you’re right you don’t want to over stuff so if you think you can’t make it work then sell it.

Pilar Gutierrez says:

keep both chanel bags

deerosas1 says:

Omg I love the new one keep that one and I love your pink bag beautiful thanks for sharing

Alliah MaC says:

Both are beautiful but different bags, it’s a hard choice. If I could, I’d keep both. I have the same black Gabrielle and I love her. But, if I had to, I’d sell the Urban Spirit because of its lambskin material. It’s way more delicate than the Gabrielle. Good luck!

Away From The Blue says:

Your pochette metis is so cute, I’m sure it will sell quickly! 🙂 I really like the newer backpack you got, but I love your older Chanel too. I think both are nice bags! 🙂

Pumpkin says:

Keep the one that make feel comfortable Carrying it.

Lucy Chapman says:

just choose which one you truly love more, I absolutely love both but i think if it was me I would keep the classic backpack although the lambskin does make me nervous especially giving its a backpack so hmm its a tough one! mind you lambskin isn’t AS delicate as we make out especially in black.. its a tough one!

Lindsey R says:

First, loving your black nails. I say keep both backpacks! They are both so different even though they are black. It’s like black leather jackets. They all look similar but are never just alike. Xoxo

Tempestt Storm says:

classic backpack!!!

The Brunette Press says:

I think you should sell the Original one you got. I am LOVING the backpack with the flap. It looks like it would work out for you better.

Allthingsjewels says:

Oh my gosh the pink Louis bag is my dream how much are you selling it for ?

MissEmani 7 says:

Keep the classic backpack

With Style says:

Keep both! Chanel bags are becoming more expensive every year so keep both and enjoy wearing them! Use each bag for a different occasion !

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