Chanel Square Mini Review & What’s In My Bag

Hi everyone! Thank you for stopping by! I hope you enjoy this review & what’s in my bag with my square Chanel mini in black caviar with GHW 🙂


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Athena says:

I have the exact same mini bag in caviar and it is incredibly versatile. I would say if you are going to purchase anything from Chanel, pick this. It has all the elements of the classic iconic bag but has a unique shape.

Belle's style says:

Hey dear is it possible to hunt down one exactly the same as yours ?

Isabella Somnus says:

Amie!!!!! I love this one is much !!!!I really want to buy this one!!!! I went to old bond street yesterday, they still don’t have this one. I am so sad

Polly Zhang says:

What series is this mini amie? I noticed some of the newer minis don’t have the stitched edge on the front of the flap

Lost and Found Travellers says:

So so so glad you did a review on this. I am considering buying the mini and love that people like you help with the research process. 🙂

Amy Joyce says:

what condition was this in when you bought it preloved? also, where did you purchase from?  any advice on where to purchase legit preloved bags?

Aimee Jo says:

Love your videos! The square mini looks gorgeous. I’m debating between this mini, the GST and one of the classic flap bags (probably jumbo) as my first Chanel bag. I know I want black caviar leather with GHW. I’m one of those people that always likes to be prepared and likes to carry many items with me, but I do have some smaller bags and can reduce what I carry if needed. Probably more comfortable for my back if I do haha. Any suggestions for a first time buyer in terms of style to get? I don’t think I can afford to get more than one Chanel bag at the moment.

amv240388 says:

does a passport or a LV mini pochette fit in this mini bag?

Asoossi says:

Why do you choose caviar over lampskin

Missy Loves Luxe says:

can u fit a pair of shades in it ? thank u

Blanca Duarte says:

Great video!!!

californiablue9 says:

Great review! You convinced me to get it, I´m eyeing this in black lambskin with ghw and think I´m going to get it!

JaTuCiNTaA says:

Just wondering if you still love your mini square bag? I’m contemplating to buy it but not sure if this will be classic collection or just a trend. Thank you

larhonda burger says:

Question if you live in London how are you able to get the discount at Heathrow? Isn’t the VAT tax discount for foreigners? Just wondering.

Valeria says:

I am in love with this bag, I think one girl could only just have this bag fro going out at night or quick shopping trips and it would be -ok- perfect!

estefania00001 says:

hi, is it possible to wear this bag double-chained like the chanel 2.55?

Anu Idiculla says:

Thanks so much for your reply. Do you think a rich matte gold with black caviar leather would be just as versatile and can be dressed up or dressed down with jeans? the versatility of the bag is what appeals to me the most and i don’t want to lose that. But, black caviar/gold is a unicorn these days so I think you have to take it how you can get it lol

Mary Ceylan says:

hello! i love your videos! i watched your chanel collection video about 10 times already! I’m a big chanel fan, i just bought my first chanel bag and i love it! i love the square mini too i want to buy this or either the boy bag next! do you know where isa good place to find the square mini pre loved in the states? its quite difficult to find around here :/ also whats your opinion on the boy bag?!

Glacy Zapanta says:

I’m in looove with this bag!!!! You have to have an “Entire Bag Collection” <3333

ReplayItOneMoreTime says:

Such an informative video! I just purchased the chanel mini yesterday online and this video definitely helps reassure me I got a good one! Also, you have a lovely accent. 🙂 Subscribed. x

Alessia G says:

Does someone know how much it retails now in UK?

Karen Caballero says:

I am hoping to get that one

leatherforever01 says:

Wow it can fit more than I thought! Great review x

Shalomie Ratnaraja says:

Does anyone know the full product code for this bag please?

xzou says:

I just saw a preloved lambskin on fashionphile but there is no back pocket, could it be a fake or there are ones without the back pocket?

Anu Idiculla says:

Hi, I love your videos! Can you please tell me if your black caviar Chanel mini has matte gold hardware or shiny gold? Thanks so much.

Alice Ng says:

Hi, may I know whether the square mini can fit an iphone 6+ ? 😉

chuiping chong says:

Can I ask what the measurements are for this bag? Thanks!!

Suki Cheong says:

Love your video….. I found a brand new mini square black caviar with ruthenium hardware but can’t decide whether should I buy it. Have you seen this combo before? What do you think about it?

June Pham says:

I want to save for one so bad. Do anyone know how much it worth now??

Fahema R. says:

I finally got my hands on a Chanel mini square – literally the same as you!!!

I bought it pre loved and both of us love your videos

I love your content and most importantly your personality xx

Ingrid Ling says:

Can’t decide between a lambskin vs. caviar mini square. What do you think?

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