Chanel Square Mini and WOC Comparison and Review

Hi everyone! I’m back with a comparison and review of the Chanel WOC and Square Mini. Dimensions for the two bags are as follows:

Chanel Square Mini: 17 x 13 x 6.5 cm
Chanel WOC: 12 x 19 x 3.5 cm
(all measurements are approximate)

Chanel Mini Review and What’s in my Bag:

Video where I hauled my Chanel WOC (as well as some other bits and pieces!):


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Fawn H says:

Hello! Do you have any plan to make a comparison video between the square mini and the rectangular mini? I have a rectangular mini and am contemplating if I should get a square one too……all the best xx

crystalforest says:

Great video!! I just recently got a rectangle mini and LOVE it! Mine is light gold though.

ThatsLuxe says:

I’ve stumbled on some of your videos before but then I recently got hooked on your channel again. Love your reviews and your collection.

Sandra Edwards says:

I look forward to all your reviews and find them very helpful. I am on the wait list for the mini…Did you have to wait to get your Mini?

Lize Berkman says:

Dear Amie, thanks for all the helpful info! xo from holland

DJColdCuts says:

Omg wow, look at you 3 years ago!! Do you think the Chanel square mini will ever come out again? If so, how would I know when it comes out? Thank you for amazing videos! Helpful and and well edited. Cheers!

Sherry CL says:

great advise, very helpful!

Alona Ballard says:

Thank you. This settled it for me. I’m gonna get the square mini.

hihellohellow says:

Thank you! I was debating which one to get for I love smaller bags on daily basis 🙂

nidynidy Min says:

Good review as always :)) Thank you so much !

Shermaine Lim says:

Hello! If u r selling ur mini square do contact me! I’m interested to purchase it as I can’t find this combination anywhere 🙂

RayNu Production says:

very useful video 🙂

Joy Seares says:

Hi Amie, thanks a lot for the brilliant review of the bags. I’ve been watching your VDOs on and on. I love it. I recently purchased my very first chanel classic flap black caviar leather in jumbo size, but it’s too big for me when I tried it on. I’m 158cm… I’m thinking of selling it and buy the mini square. Does Chanel still produce mini square , caviar leather in orange/ red color? Where do you normally shopping for pre-loved bag?
Many thanks and kind regards.

Halo Mackey / 文具口袋 says:

Amie dear, I love your top in this video! Where did you bought from?? 🙂

fuzzy T says:

Amie if I was buying only one channel bag what would you recommend? I want to be able to use everyday cross body as well as shoulder and evening?

xlylb4bydr3am3r says:

Question. When do seasonal products no longer become available usually? Like the spring/summer 2018 collection for example

Jenny Li says:

Those bags are gorgeous! Do you think an iPhone 6plus would fit in the mini?

Sayeeda Huq says:

Hi, please make a video on how to store Chanel purses in your closet . I would love to hear your tips

Sydney susu says:

The thing of woc is that you treat it as a wallet. There are so many card pockets inside. No need to put a coin purse extra

RoseEllina says:

Thanks for the video!
Do you know if the iPhone 6+ fits into the square mini?

JessieBanana says:

To me the point of having a WOC is that it’s already organized so you wouldn’t need a coin purse or a cardholder. I would use the zipper portion for wallet things and put the cards directly into the wallet. I just see so many people put wallets in wallets or pochettes in pochettes.

Susazeu says:

For quick touchups your phone’s front camera should be just fine. I do use it very often and don’t need a compact anymore. Great video!

nidynidy Min says:

Good review as always :)) Thank you so much !

bigfootlovely says:

Would you say the WOC fits the iPhone 6s Plus?

Gloria Qiu says:

Great review! I do like wear cross body and after watching this video, I lean more towards woc. The mini seems a little bit bulky if carries cross body, doesn’t it?

Thy Yu says:

Your reviews are awesome! Thanks!

JMin37 says:

Love how you put the drop in cm haha so handy for rest of world that doesn’t use inches

Msleo329 says:

I really want a mini. I hope my SA finds one for me. I have the woc. It does not fit much. It’s another one of those fun grab and go bags. Thanks again for the review.

Amz Amz says:

where do you buy your preloved bags?

dawnncummentary says:

Ya the keys are the problem!

blizzards2007 says:

what ur original nationality?

Riachi says:

I love the shape of the square mini but I love the silver embellishments on the wallet. The gold makes me think it looks tacky :(( I hope it isn’t like that in person

Luxissm says:

Such a great comparison video – I personally prefer the WOC cause it forces me to take just the essentials.

Michelle Dang says:

Hi Amie! I am thinking about buying my first Chanel classic flap mini, and wanted the square. I was wondering if it is currently difficult to find the square mini in the Chanel boutique? (I live in the US) ! Love your videos, so informative 🙂

Emily Ann Rose says:

Do you have to go abroad to go to the heathrow store?

silver9529 says:

Loved this review and your WOC! If you are ever thinking of selling her, I would love to have her! I am an American living in The Netherlands, not too far away. ;))

sourcow56 says:

Hello. I love your bag. Just curious what series is it? Thank you! Mine is the 10 series, but yours fits more I think.

ChanelLover5 says:

I love your channel, and thanks for sharing the “Chanel Mini and WOC Comparison”. The only thing is I would never put my bulky keys inside my Chanel bag, I want to protect the interior of my bag from being scratched.

allmyjm says:

Thanks for this vid, Amie. Love your collection! I just got a new Chanel boy lambskin woc and am kinda regretting it mainly because of size and leather. Now I want a caviar mini. I’m 5’7″ too and thought the woc chain is fine for me. Would love to hear your opinion – should I trade for a mini? Thanks dear. x

Trying newthings says:

Hi Amie, just came across your videos. Quick question pls, would you recomend the chanel mini square flap as a 1st chanel bag in view of maybe getting the meduim flap much later i.e a few yrs time for personal reasons. I never knew these existed until very recently & I suprisely can’t get it out of my head. Thanks for your anticipated input.

Emma McDonnell says:

Hmm I tried it in yesterday and thought the same. If you ever sell anything else please let me know I am a collector of pre loved. I love your channel btw.

Ashlee Vuong says:


Emma McDonnell says:

Aime would you consider selling your woc?

Royal Cupcakes says:

hey!! we do fashion and baking videos! really fun stuff! :))) we subscribed too! check us out!

Chanel Mommy says:

After using your WOC do you think it’s worth it? I have the mini and keep thinking I need a WOC in my life. It’s just so small….I’ve been watching every video on youtube trying to decide!

Andrea Castillo says:

Great video! Can you fit a zippy compact wallet in the square mini?

Eva Marie Pettersen says:

Hi, Amie, May i know where did yu bought your preloved mini? thanks! xox

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