Chanel Purse Unboxing | Jessica Clements

Chanel Purse Unboxing | Jessica Clements
It’s taken me forever to film this and I was so beyond nervous, but it’s finally up! I’m in love! Enjoy!
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juutje alazelfie says:

you look so pretty!

Amanda Nichols says:

Yes Jessica never apologize! You worked so hard for this! Congratulations!

Sammy b says:

I’m literally going to vomit. Jess, I love you so much and you inspire me. But this bag is made out of lambs. They make bags out of dogs and cats in China. What is the difference? Terrifying and devestating. I hope in the future you make smarter choices. Also to anyone that wants to argue about this, please go watch lambs being slaughtered and then try to defend it. It is not glamorous.

Alexandra M says:

How much was it?

Magda K says:

I love this purse!!! you can make a lookbook video with outfits and the purse 🙂 :*

MC Pranks says:

My favorite designer would be Michael Kores I have a medium sized bag in black and I recently just got a Tommy Hilfigure purse and wallet and I love it

Phoenix McLaughlin says:

Anyone else noticed the white thing in her hair ? overall love the bag!

Moods And Views says:

Do you still use/recommend it? I was thinking of getting the medium as a wedding present for my sister. Thanks!

Curious Mermaid says:

Yes girllll!!!! I did a Purse Unboxing and Review .. If you see fit , let me know what you think. Great Cant wait to see more from you in the future! Yay new YT friends ❌⭕

Keen Khalid says:


Sadie C says:

it is beautiful. Congratulations on your Chanel handbag. Use it, love it, enjoy it :O)

Miss Pretty13 says:

It’s also my dream to own a chanel bag.

Bee Rachael says:

Hi, it’s the ‘jumbo’ Hun, the smaller one is the med/large

Mhegan Ferguson says:

How much was the bag?

thegreen247cr says:

Congrats! I can only dream to have one of this bags

shailendra veerarajapura says:

Its so nice to see your vlogs Jessica……………..nice bag though …………..

anonymous anonymous says:

Jessica so beautiful.

Jennifer Feng says:

liked the video not only because it’s my favorite brand but when you say there’s nothing to apologies to.

Camille Rafael says:

So beautiful!

Diana C Lozano says:

this video was perfect love it jessica <3

melnbensmith says:

You are so beautiful!

Morley says:

My fav bag brand are.
Dior 🙂

jello says:


Dana Westre says:

Love it!!

Karol Laurent says:

Loveu Like your style

yara chammah says:

on you givenchy pandora does an ipad regular size fit?

Elle Marienas says:

how much does it cost?

Izabel N says:

Hell yeah girl! You don’t need to apologize. I loved this video. Also, very nice necklace

Gabriel Divina says:

You got the jumbo size which is an in between with the Medium and the Maxi

For someone not that into chanel bags, or designer bags in general, you did a pretty good job. Unlike other chanel unboxing videos where some people act so flippant or ignorant

Katja Vestergaard says:

obsessed! love it. Congrats on it! I got my first chanel purse 2 years ago and was such an exciting purchase 😉

Yasmine Belkadi says:

Hey, I really love your videos ! And i really appreciate to see a model dedicated to her Youtube channel 🙂 I was wondering where you got your choker and how much it costs ? Thanks !! #LoveFromBelgium

Ashley Marin says:

ahahah “i did it, mom”

Emily Romero says:

It’s so beautiful! I’m saving to get one and ughhh can’t wait to have it in my arms.

Shivali Raj says:

Jesus! You are so beautiful and honest. Congratulations!

Kirsty Kensington says:

i’m new to your channel and i love you already!

arri bya says:

how come a human being can look so perfect.

Lala D says:

although i have the chanel pondichery ( aka paris-bombay edition), chanel is one of my least favorite. i love givenchy, louboutin bags, LV, gucci, and jimmy choo:)

psycho says:

thanks for addressing the people who buy things with their OWN money and even if it isn’t their own money- its their life and they should be able to buy things w/o people bashing them I mean c’mon its ridiculous

KL Luis says:

What camera are you using? 🙂

EstherChee 晔馨 says:

i love chanel bags too. i wish i can get one for christmas 😀

Andrea Ryan says:

So beautiful. It’s a dream of mine too. Someday!

Sammy b says:

I just googled Lamb and I must say… They look much better alive than as a bag

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